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Before I moved to Jackson in 2003, I sent an email to the Center Stage Jackson expressing my interest in participating in the community theatre program once I landed. Ann replied and got me involved. Over the past fourteen years, Ann and I have collaborated on many-a-project. She introduced my family to the ClarkLake Beach & Boat Club. She stood in the water and caught my kids as they jumped off the dock with me. We share a love of theatre, reading, writing, and following up on people we've known in our pasts. 

Just before the pandemic, Ann had a life saving kidney transplant. She had to be very cautious about seeing people because of her recipient status, and then when COVID-19 hit, there was no taking chances. Knowing that I'm now vaccinated, Ann reached out to schedule some portraits to document this new phase: her Act III, as she calls it.

We talked more than we photographed and it made me realize how much I had missed her input in my life. We all go through phases wherein we have to simplify in order to survive. I was so happy to give Ann a hug, and I'm so eager to get back and visit with her again. Though so little has changed because we've been home-bound as of late, yet our perspectives have changed drastically. There remains much to catch up on!

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