LAF Lines Photography

by lidija A. Fremeau
Proof of a life well lived is always in style.
Now is exactly the right time for portraits. If you're looking to create images that represent where you are on this incredible journey, then lidija (Lydia) is your photographer. Enjoy ordinary moments, turned into extraordinary images, to celebrate your life - as you live it every single day. No make-over required.

Since 2008, lidija has been capturing treasured moments and rite-of-passage photos for her clients. She is best known for her flexibility, patience, and professionalism. She loves to tell a story. She does so with words when sans camera. She creates compelling and authentic images when geared up. It is in her very nature to see the world differently than most. In photography, this works in her favor. If you're in the market for a photographer, reach out and discover the LAF Lines Photography experience. 


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