Frequently Asked Questions...

Why should we hire YOU versus someone else?

I want to meet you where you're at on this journey. I don't believe you need to modify yourself first. As you are is just great. Together, we'll tell the story of your life. What sets me apart is my professionalism during and after the shoot. I have strict timelines I follow so that my clients don't have to wonder or wait too long. I have over ten years of experience dealing with all ages and am most often thanked for my patience and flexibility. 

How far will you travel?

I am based in Jackson, MI with family in Metro-Detroit. I am willing to travel in any direction. I have travelled to San Francisco, Vero Beach, Chicago, and Traverse City to capture great moments. It's all negotiable. Please inquire.

How many poses can we expect?

Our session is based on time. You can change your clothing as often as you'd like. We will walk about and talk and find spots to "pose" in. Then we let life take over. The proofs that you will see are a combined effort. They are your best moments and my best work combined. I will edit out the blinks, the blurry shots, and the ones nobody needs to see for any reason. 

What should we wear?

Regardless of what you choose, be sure your garments are pressed and photo ready! Then: consider where you'd like to hang your photos- and what might match the decor? Solid colors work, so the emphasis remains on the subject. Coordinated colors that complement one another look great. They don't have to be matchy-matchy. However, the portraits are for YOU. So, wear what best represents you and yours. It is recommended to avoid orange and neon colors. The more reflective, the more they will taint skin tones.

How much retouching do you do? Can you take off 15 pounds?

Your images will remain reflective of your here and now. I will eliminate scratches, runny noses, drool drops, and red bumps. Your final images will be rather close to what was originally captured. That being said, understand that I see you differently than you see you. I am probably less critical. So, when you see your proofs, trust me; you look fantastic! You might notice your double chin or a stray gray hair, but nobody else will. The charisma in your eyes and smile is what captivates people and holds their attention.

Do you shoot in black and white or color?

The photos are taken in color but can be adjusted. Your proofs will be a combination of color applications that best tell the story.

What time of day should we schedule our appointment?

Consider naps/meals/snacks etc. When will your youngest family member be in the best mood? That's when we should get together. During the summer I like to avoid afternoon, preferring the morning or evening for outdoor shoots.

Do you do events/weddings?

I am quite selective about what events I will take on. Within large scale events, it is typically more challenging to maintain the personal connection that brings the subject's character into the images. Pricing for events is customized based on meeting your needs.

How do we book a session?

Email me, or call me as soon as you know it's time for portraits. I'm happy to answer questions in person or on the phone to ensure that the results of the shoot meet your expectations.

What happens after our session?

Allow ten business days for me to work up your (finished) images. Your images will be sent to you in an on-line album to review.


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