Here is just a sample of my non-people noun photographs. I love getting out and around and seeing the world through my camera. I am especially attracted to the neglected, forgotten and unnoticed. These are samples of the images I show at art fairs. Some of these images can be found published in Chemistry, Not Science by Caroline Wright.

DSCN0003DSCN0003   DSCN7349DSCN7349 DSCN9404DSCN9404   DSCN9818DSCN9818 DSCN9874DSCN9874 LAF_2775LAF_2775 LAF_0653LAF_0653 LAF_3244LAF_3244it would take some getting used to, as my hosts explained, but the roads were just too much for this flat-land girl. photo copy 9photo copy 9Keeping prisoners warm in the library on Alcatraz. LAF_8689LAF_8689 LAF_9091 (1)LAF_9091 (1) Curves in the CityCurves in the City   DSCN0469 - Version 2DSCN0469 - Version 2 DSCN9790DSCN9790 LAF_2059LAF_2059   LAF_4275LAF_4275 LAF_8613LAF_8613 LAF_6823 - Version 2LAF_6823 - Version 2   LAF_8430 - Version 8LAF_8430 - Version 8 LAF_0564LAF_0564 LAF_8664LAF_8664