The Detroit Parade Company

May 23, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Some people were inspired and motivated during the quiet months of the pandemic. I was mostly paralyzed. I'm slowly working my way back into life. I'm thankful for my vaccinated status and feel a little bit freer to move beyond my home and the grocery stores. So, I ventured to Detroit for a tour of The Parade Company. It was so surreal to see floats and costumes resting, awaiting their next parade. Of course, if you're familiar with my photography for sport - I was drawn to the details. Specifically, the tools the artists use to create the wonders we see traveling for two miles every Thanksgiving Day Parade.

I poked around behind the floats into where the supplies are kept. There was such a creative energy in the space, and I felt a little of that creative energy flowing through me. I can't say when life will return to normal and when the time to worry will be up, but I do hope I can continue to seek a little adventure, a little sport, and a whole slew of new photos to enjoy.

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