LAF Lines Photography: Blog en-us (C)Lidija A. Fremeau, 2023 [email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Mon, 02 Oct 2023 23:49:00 GMT Mon, 02 Oct 2023 23:49:00 GMT LAF Lines Photography: Blog 90 120 2024: Godson I witnessed the birth of this human. I was there as his name was chosen. I am his feisty godmother. It was my honor to photograph him as he walks through his senior year! He's smart, athletic, thoughtful, playful, and kind. I wanted to capture all of that and I think we did. My favorite thing to do as a photographer is to put my subject at ease. There's usually been some planning, coordinating, ironing, and worrying before the session. Once we've made it to photo time, let's just have some fun! I hope that he and his family enjoy the photos as much as I do of my very special senior!

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[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) LAF Lines Photography Michigan portraits senior portraits seniors Mon, 02 Oct 2023 23:48:55 GMT
2024: All Over So, this is weird. This is my first senior shoot during which I have no kids in high school! What an exciting phase. My first 2024 Senior had a few spots she wanted to hit, and I dug all her ideas. We visited Marshall Motors which has such an awesome vintage vibe, continuing that trend we hit the historical Jackson Train Station. Then it was closer to home to snap up nods to golf and softball. This senior came into the session a little nervous (fairly typical) but once I showed her how the process works, she got right into it, and ultimately, we had fun! I love her results and I'm so glad she was my first senior of the summer! 

LAF_5750LAF_5750 LAF_5854LAF_5854 LAF_6023LAF_6023 LAF_6113LAF_6113


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The Graduate I know, it's been a minute. I am thrilled to kick off senior season with this recent graduate! We thought about doing senior photos during the traditional moments of senior year, but injuries and illnesses kept us waiting until post-graduation. Then, we rescheduled a couple of times for heat, humidity, and air quality alerts. But bam! We got it done. I'm thrilled with the results as we celebrate this graduate, the last of five in the family! Brava!

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[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Ella Sharp Park Jackson LAF Lines Photography Michigan portraits senior portraits seniors Mon, 03 Jul 2023 23:27:44 GMT
This is Me Whenever I bump into someone I haven't seen for a while, I am typically asked "are you still doing photography?" I never quite know how to answer that. Because of course I will, but I'm also not pursuing it 100%. Let's go to the very beginning, so that we all end up on the same page.

LAF Logo 2019LAF Logo 2019 LAF Lines Photography was born in 2008 when a few really encouraging people suggested I ought to do "something" with my photography. I was going to wait until my youngest was in kindergarten, but there was enough interest to start a couple of years sooner.

My first challenge was coming up with the name for my business. I didn't want to use my name, because that didn't mean anything. I'm not Ansel Adams or Annie Leibowitz. Luckily, my initials are L.A.F. and laughing happens to be my favorite thing to do. I'm super into life, and living it boldly and proudly. Laugh lines are not something that need to be removed from one's face, they ought to be celebrated, because it means that you were here. So LAF Lines came to be, the perfect name for my new company. 

We had a spare room in the basement of my ranch house that I dedicated as my office. I grew my business cautiously, only taking on the types of jobs that I felt that I could do well. I didn't do weddings for a while. I spent a couple of seasons working as a photographer's assistant while Elizabeth Walker Photography was booming, learning all that I could about how to carry myself, what equipment to use, how to deal with clients, etc. 

My business grew each year, thus allowing me to move into a studio space in the Blake Building in downtown Jackson. I kept true to my philosophy of embracing life, capturing people as they are, and offering a professional service with rigid post-production timelines so that my clients knew exactly what to expect from me. I got to travel to San Francisco, imageimage Chicago, Traverse City, and Florida, to pursue jobs with clients who really believed in me. Besides the standard at-home uses, my images have been on the backs of books, used for obituaries, featured in a poetry book, used in brochures, on websites, on billboards, on business cards, on countless holiday and graduation cards, on restaurant walls, shown on TV, and printed in magazines. I even got to photograph the then Vice President of the United States Joe Biden, and separately SLOTUS, Dr. Jill Biden in 2012.

In 2019, after my family had moved to a larger house, I decided to move LAF Lines out of the Blake Building and bring home my equipment since there was ample space. I was pretty sad about the decision, and I remember thinking to myself, "I don't know why this is the right move, but the answer will reveal itself." In March of 2020, and for months after, I was so thankful not to have the expenses associated with my studio space. COVID destroyed a lot of social norms, people, and families. It certainly took the wind out of my sails. I shifted focus to making sure my family was grounded, and then we got our own bad news. Photography took a back burner in my life. 

As my youngest has now gone through all the grades, I figured it was time for me to step out for myself. I started a new job in the fall of 2022. I'm a teacher's assistant at the Kit Young Young Adult Program here in Jackson. It is the coolest job with the coolest population. It checks so many boxes and fills my proverbial bucket. I have the traditional school schedule, so my summers will be open to continue photographing. But, as I've not done any marketing for LAF Lines, I also recognize that that might not happen. And I'm entirely at peace. 

I know I have a few shoots coming up that are close to home and close to my heart. Over the years, I have had so many people say "I would love to hire you" only to never work with them. And I've wondered if I should have pursued them more? But then I never wanted to be seen as an ever-salesperson who is constantly encouraging people to buy. I figured people could change their minds. Too passive? I'm sorry if you were ever waiting for me to lay on a thick sales job. That was never going to happen.

I have spent too much time in the last 15 years, as I imagine most creatives do, wondering if the phone would ring, wondering if the clients like their images, and wondering if I can recreate the "magic." I am ever grateful to the people who put their trust in me and my art to capture moments of their lives that they will hopefully treasure for a lifetime. I've been lucky to work with incredible partners who have wanted to collaborate with me to create images. What an extraordinary journey this has been. Just a human with a good eye, and enough tenacity to figure out how to do "something" with it. Thank you.


[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) future History LAF Lines Photography photographer photography Sun, 05 Mar 2023 21:59:58 GMT
2023: Familiar Face This senior wanted to capture some autumnal colors in her photos. Her mom and I carefully studied the weather forecast and pinned down a time to meet the morning of our scheduled session day. We had to contend with some wind, but you know, sometimes it adds some nice drama to the image. I enjoyed spending time with this senior and getting caught up as I've not seen her in a few years. 

                         LAF_4035LAF_4035 LAF_4188LAF_4188 LAF_4373LAF_4373

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) autumn Ella Sharp Park Jackson LAF Lines Photography Michigan portraits senior portraits seniors Fri, 21 Oct 2022 22:45:32 GMT
2023: McCourtie Park It was raining - nay, pouring when I left my house. It was drizzling when I arrived at McCourtie Park. And then, in perfect Michigan Autumn form, the sun came out. And we were able to get some stunning captures of this senior! 

LAF_2843LAF_2843 LAF_2869LAF_2869 LAF_2934LAF_2934 LAF_3173LAF_3173

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) jackson McCourtie Park Michigan portraits senior portraits seniors Tue, 27 Sep 2022 23:40:57 GMT
2023: Twins When I was in high school, I had friends who were identical twins. I could tell them apart from from the backs of their head, down the hallway, around the corner, in another room... They were sisters, so they were similar, but they were also completely different from one another. Now, this set of twins has a special place in my world, as they're buds with my senior. My son has always said that these twins don't look that much alike, that it's easy to tell them apart. I'm a bad friend mom, in that I have to ask them to identify themselves. HOWEVER, after studying their images after their session, I can totally see that they have differences. Can you tell them apart? Do you know who is who? I will likely wait for cues and clues before calling them by a name, because I'd rather be quiet then be wrong, but I feel like I'm much more prepared to guess than I ever was before! Better late than never?

LAF_2220LAF_2220 LAF_2541LAF_2541 LAF_2445LAF_2445 LAF_2595LAF_2595

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Jackson LAF Lines Photography Michigan portraits senior portraits seniors twins Mon, 26 Sep 2022 21:32:12 GMT
2023: Flowers in Her Hair We had plans for this photo shoot, but then at the last possible moment, we changed them. And I'm so glad we did. We stayed local - around Cascades Park to capture these stunning images of this senior. She's the youngest in the family, so it was a pleasure to snap her up after having captured her siblings in years past. She had one single idea that she wanted to capture, and it was flowers; she wanted to be among them. I love the dazzle of the light in addition to the natural surroundings. 

LAF_1275LAF_1275 LAF_1552LAF_1552 LAF_1496LAF_1496 LAF_1619LAF_1619

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) cascades Jackson Michigan portraits senior portraits seniors Sun, 21 Aug 2022 00:43:06 GMT
2023: Old Enough to be Your Mama The class of 2023 will have a special place in my heart, as I have a senior, too. I love when my work crosses into the personal realm. I've known this senior for years. It was a delight to capture him. As a thespian, he took instruction easily. As a runner, he got to his mark quickly. As a well rounded kid, the future is bright. During our session we reminisced and looked ahead. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to have snapped him up!

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[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Jackson LAF Lines Photography Michigan portraits senior portraits seniors Wed, 17 Aug 2022 23:57:59 GMT
2023: VIP The class of 2023 senior portrait season has begun with a VIP. This senior squeezed in our session before heading off to a party. She didn't really love the idea of having her photos taken. The first moment I raised my camera to my eye, I really couldn't figure out why. She naturally, gave sincere face, and I know her parents will treasure these images once she sets out to take on the world! 

Some people describe themselves as unphotogenic. But I wonder what that means to them. There are people who blink or look away from the camera at every photo opp. I would say that that falls under the category of difficult to photograph. But someone like this senior? Nailed it! She did a great job working with me, taking my ideas and making them her own. I'm excited to work up the rest of her photos!

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[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Class of 2023 LAF Lines Photography Michigan portraits senior portraits seniors Sun, 19 Jun 2022 17:20:05 GMT
The Value of an Image Recently one of my photos was used with an obituary. It wasn't the first time, and I suspect, it won't be the last. Every time this happens, I am struck. I have grief. Even if I knew the subject for just a short moment, we crossed paths, and the decedent is worthy of reflection. I think about the loved ones who are coping with life sans their sibling/spouse/partner/friend/parent/relative/coworker/classmate. I think this is when I feel the most sorrow.

How do we move forward when someone we care for is no longer with us? Even if they had many years upon this earth, we only know our own lives intertwined with theirs. And if they were here briefly, we lament that we didn't have more time together. There is hardly ever a "right time" to lose someone.

I snap photographs. I meet people with insecurities and show them how beautiful they are. I don't alter their photos to achieve this, I show them by holding up a mirror and saying, "Look, this is you and what you've created. Isn't it incredible?" 

And then, when someone passes away, and the photo that is used to represent the deceased is one that I took? I know that I've done something right. I've captured the essence of the person.

For me, photography isn't about having you pose the way I've instructed the 300 clients before you to pose. It's more about you showing me who you are. Are you comfortable? Is this natural to you? Will this image make your parents and grandparents say, "That's my kid!" 

Capturing portraits is more than a click and a shutter. It's a connection. It's proof that you are here. We all want to see you as you are in this moment. Because it is fleeting. In a few years, you will have changed your hair and your style. Your circumstance will be different. But we will have today captured. And that makes the images truly priceless.

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) family portraits Jackson LAF Lines Photography Michigan obituary portraits senior portraits seniors Wed, 23 Feb 2022 16:16:08 GMT
Family on the Go I have been honored to capture this family since before these little ones existed! This time around we explored the Dahlem Center. Once we took the full family photo, we let the kids play at the playground. The posed family photos are always a goal, but the fun is in the spontaneous little moments that happen when everyone is at play!

LAF_6949LAF_6949 LAF_6843LAF_6843 LAF_6839LAF_6839 LAF_7183LAF_7183 LAF_7077LAF_7077

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) autumn Dahlem Center family portraits Jackson LAF Lines Photography Michigan portraits Mon, 25 Oct 2021 20:18:41 GMT
Class of 2022: The Last Nice Day Is today the last nice day of this epically long Michigan summer? If so, I'm glad I got to spend it with this guy. He's my nephew. The skies were overcast when we started, but then the clouds broke up and gave us that beautiful blue sky with bright poofy clouds to close with. From some angles I could totally see his older brother. From others, his mom's side of the family was coming through strong. (I mean, makes sense, they're all related.) From some angles, I saw the little guy he used to be. And from others, the man he has grown to be. It was a touch surreal. And 100% awesome.

LAF_6773 copyLAF_6773 copy LAF_6735LAF_6735 LAF_6653LAF_6653

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) autumn LAF Lines Photography Michigan portraits senior portraits seniors Wed, 13 Oct 2021 22:04:26 GMT
A Whole New World This couple is adjusting to their new digs. They traded in a city lifestyle to enjoy a greener experience. Oh, and they just got married last week! It was my absolute pleasure to spend some time capturing the love of this duo. As happens often in my line of work, one person just isn't that into having a photo session. The solution in that case is to pose the couple, and then let them just be together, with each other. Their movements and expressions are completely natural, which I really appreciate. This style of posing allows for their love and the dynamics of their relationship to shine through. Congratulations to the newlyweds!

LAF_3216 copyLAF_3216 copy LAF_3205LAF_3205 LAF_3383 copyLAF_3383 copy LAF_3159 copyLAF_3159 copy LAF_3288 copyLAF_3288 copy


[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Couples Engagements family portraits Jackson Michigan portraits Tue, 07 Sep 2021 23:20:54 GMT
Class of 2022: Into the Woods I've photographed members of this family in varying combinations over the years. Thus, it was fitting to return to the Dahlem Center to snap up the first senior of the "kids" generation. I don't even know how this guy managed to look so amazing during the entire shoot. We were combatting the crazy summer heat/humidity and the savage mosquitoes. In one of the photos, I had to digitally eliminate a mosquito that was about to bite! He certainly kept his cool, and we were able to take some great portraits in this family's favorite location!






[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Dahlem Center Jackson LAF Lines Photography Michigan portraits senior portraits Mon, 30 Aug 2021 19:02:14 GMT
Class of 2022 I have taken summer vacation to heart this year and have not been updating my blog. Oops! Let's see if I remember how to do this...

This session kicked off my local senior portraits. I learned a lot asking questions about cars and engine noise. Most of what he said was over my head, but I was impressed by his vast knowledge. I can't wait to see where his future takes him- surely he won't get there quietly! :) 

LAF_0462LAF_0462 LAF_0561LAF_0561 LAF_0534LAF_0534 LAF_0638LAF_0638


[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Class of 2022 Ella Sharp Park Jackson LAF Lines Photography Michigan portraits senior portraits seniors Fri, 06 Aug 2021 14:04:39 GMT
Family Photos It was so great catching up with this fam squad. This boy is a math and space whiz. When asked if he'd rather command a space ship from the earth or go up in it, he replied he'd rather stay on the ground, because of solar flares. I had to google that. Dude is smart and fun to hang out with. They've added a faithful companion in the adorable Knuckles who did a great job participating in the shoot. Looking at these beautifully sunlit photos, you'd never know that hours before it was down pouring rain. Goes to show you never can quit on a Michigan day! 

LAF_8407LAF_8407 LAF_8442LAF_8442 LAF_8517LAF_8517 LAF_8467LAF_8467

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) family portraits Jackson Michigan portraits Thu, 27 May 2021 17:52:42 GMT
The Detroit Parade Company Some people were inspired and motivated during the quiet months of the pandemic. I was mostly paralyzed. I'm slowly working my way back into life. I'm thankful for my vaccinated status and feel a little bit freer to move beyond my home and the grocery stores. So, I ventured to Detroit for a tour of The Parade Company. It was so surreal to see floats and costumes resting, awaiting their next parade. Of course, if you're familiar with my photography for sport - I was drawn to the details. Specifically, the tools the artists use to create the wonders we see traveling for two miles every Thanksgiving Day Parade.

I poked around behind the floats into where the supplies are kept. There was such a creative energy in the space, and I felt a little of that creative energy flowing through me. I can't say when life will return to normal and when the time to worry will be up, but I do hope I can continue to seek a little adventure, a little sport, and a whole slew of new photos to enjoy.

  LAF_9584LAF_9584 LAF_9598LAF_9598 LAF_9603LAF_9603 LAF_9600LAF_9600 LAF_9617LAF_9617 LAF_9608LAF_9608 LAF_9639LAF_9639 LAF_9687LAF_9687

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Detroit Michigan Still Life The Parade Company Sun, 23 May 2021 22:18:07 GMT
Quarantined Before I moved to Jackson in 2003, I sent an email to the Center Stage Jackson expressing my interest in participating in the community theatre program once I landed. Ann replied and got me involved. Over the past fourteen years, Ann and I have collaborated on many-a-project. She introduced my family to the ClarkLake Beach & Boat Club. She stood in the water and caught my kids as they jumped off the dock with me. We share a love of theatre, reading, writing, and following up on people we've known in our pasts. 

Just before the pandemic, Ann had a life saving kidney transplant. She had to be very cautious about seeing people because of her recipient status, and then when COVID-19 hit, there was no taking chances. Knowing that I'm now vaccinated, Ann reached out to schedule some portraits to document this new phase: her Act III, as she calls it.

We talked more than we photographed and it made me realize how much I had missed her input in my life. We all go through phases wherein we have to simplify in order to survive. I was so happy to give Ann a hug, and I'm so eager to get back and visit with her again. Though so little has changed because we've been home-bound as of late, yet our perspectives have changed drastically. There remains much to catch up on!

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[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) headshots jackson michigan portraits Wed, 12 May 2021 13:59:12 GMT
Refresh The greatest compliments in this business are referrals and returning clients. This last week I got to do a couple of refresh shoots for established clients who needed to update their headshots. Thank you for returning to LAF Lines Photo! 

My second refresh shoot was in my client's home, which also serves as her workspace. She's worked from home since long before the pandemic tripped people to consider a different way to get work done. Now that I am vaccinated, I don't worry quite as much about doing my job since I'm typically within six feet of my clients. I wore a mask out of respect, as that is the CDC guideline. 

Many of our photos were pre-planned, in that the website will dictate which images go where. Some needed to be vertical, some horizontal. Then afterward, we got to have fun and take some personal profile images with a less formal feel. I believe this was our third in-home session. There was a classic image that we wanted to replicate (with the typewriter), and we also wanted to mix things up. I'm eager to complete working on the series, but here are a few fun peeks at what we created together. 

Who wouldn't want to work with this fun, friendly, and hip writer? 

LAF_3303 copyLAF_3303 copy

LAF_3355LAF_3355 LAF_3037LAF_3037 LAF_3407LAF_3407  

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Detroit Headshots LAF Lines Photography Michigan portraits Tue, 30 Mar 2021 18:22:20 GMT
PRINT. YOUR. PHOTOS I hope that you are the master of backing up your digital images. I hope that as technology has changed, that you've upgraded your photo storage from floppy discs, to CDs, to flash drives. I have a complicated back up system since, well, photos are what I do. Just last night in preparing to purge an old computer I discovered an entire year's worth of personal photos that were not properly backed up. I can see thumbnails of the images, but because the program cannot link to the original file- because the original file is gone, I can't do more than to take a screen shot. 

My professional photos are secure, but I wasn't as vigilant with my personal photos. And I could kick myself. The truth is: digital files are overwhelming. There are thousands of them. Why? Who needs that many? Nobody does. Really. And yet, in seeing the tiny faces of my now adult sized children, I want them all.

I'm thankful that along the way I've printed super faves. At least I will have those. The reality is, we live in a physical world. As much as digital files are convenient for sharing on social media platforms, they aren't truly tangible. And because they are digital, they can be more delicate and fragile than their paper counterparts. Take care to back up your digital files at least twice. And for the love of everyone around you, print your pictures. 

As we go through loves and losses, the image of a loved one increases in value. To have prints you can touch, show off, and share is truly priceless.

Screen Shot 2021-02-03 at 9.53.44 PMScreen Shot 2021-02-03 at 9.53.44 PM Screen Shot 2021-02-03 at 9.32.24 PMScreen Shot 2021-02-03 at 9.32.24 PM Screen Shot 2021-02-03 at 9.48.38 PMScreen Shot 2021-02-03 at 9.48.38 PM  


[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) back up be careful Jackson memories Michigan portraits Thu, 04 Feb 2021 16:03:51 GMT
On The Road Again Driving home from dropping our oldest at college after an extended winter break, I spied with my little eye an abandoned gas station. I mentioned to my spouse that I was trying to think of places to go to take some photographs. I decided that the station would be a great first stop. I didn't photograph for sport very much in 2020. We've all had differing responses to the COVID-19 pandemic. Some people were inspired to renovate their entire houses. Others composed music or wrote books. I actually froze creatively. But with the flip of the calendar, and knowing that I have renovations of my home office scheduled, I knew it would be important for me to make a concerted effort this year to get out and see the world through the lens.

I didn't go far, the pandemic isn't over. The day I decided to go, it was sunny and warm-ish for January in Michigan. I zipped around Parma, starting at the abandoned gas station and then going downtown. I discovered the Parma Feed & Grain store and it spoke to my love of old buildings. There is something truly beautiful about the building and the crumb covered equipment. Have you noticed the gargoyle before? I love the images I was able to snap and I know that the fresh air and sunlight was as good for the soul as the creative process. 

LAF_3422LAF_3422 LAF_3429LAF_3429 LAF_3440LAF_3440 LAF_3450LAF_3450 LAF_3457LAF_3457 LAF_3473LAF_3473 LAF_3482LAF_3482 LAF_3509LAF_3509 LAF_3478LAF_3478 LAF_3497LAF_3497


[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Michigan Parma Photo Safari Photography for Sport Fri, 22 Jan 2021 17:13:41 GMT
Through The Years 04-10-03 Colin04-10-03 Colin

In 2003, I put on an adult sized sweater on my one year old son. I pulled out my film camera and snapped a roll of photos of him wearing this gown-like vest, thinking this would be an annual tradition. We moved a few times, and the sweater always moved with us. I never forgot the sweater, but life happened and I didn't put it back on my son. This-then toddler is now in college. Even though I didn't do an annual photo with this garment, I did want to close out the expectation I had created and photograph my adult son in this now vintage sweater.

I had a yearbook portrait shoot to set up for, so I told my oldest we'd finally snap a photo with the vest and close the case. He complained about the length of it and the sizing. It's not stylish to today's standards, I suppose. But it doesn't offend me. Though I didn't keep up with an annual tradition as I had once thought, I'm certainly glad I have a then and now side by side to admire. What seems to have passed in a blink, is his lifetime. And this sweater will just have to wait to be worn again.

LAF_1595LAF_1595 LAF_1658LAF_1658


[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Jackson LAF Lines Photography Michigan portraits Tue, 12 Jan 2021 01:48:53 GMT
2021: Happy New Year! LAF Lines Photo 2020LAF Lines Photo 2020

Welcome 2021. Sometimes a flip in the calendar is more than it seems. 2020 was a dramatic year. If it had been a horror movie, it had something for every level of thrill. That's not really my jam. I found that the moments of 2020 that I forgot about time and place were the ones during which I was behind the lens. As always, I am grateful to those who opted in to the LAF Lines Photography experience. 

In the last quarter of 2019, I ended up leaving my beloved studio. It was a difficult decision, but the space was not serving me as I had hoped it would. I remember saying aloud, "I don't know why, but the answer will be revealed to me." When the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, I was so relieved not to have to worry about the studio maintenance. The lack of studio did push me to get creative in providing solutions, which I was glad to do. 

I think we learned last year that the best laid plans are cute concepts, but sometimes we are not in control. Typically, the first quarter of any year is quiet for LAF Lines Photo. I spend time archiving and backing up the previous year's work and planning for my "busy season" as I lovingly call it. Due to a renovation in my current workspace, I will be be working even more selectively for the first four months of the year. If you have portraits in your 2021 plans, please feel welcome to get in touch so that we can secure our dates and times; the sooner, the better. 

I hope that 2021 brings us all some calm and peace. Let us not forget how fleeting everything is. Life moves swiftly. Don't forget to stop and capture the love. xo, lidija.

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) family portraits Jackson LAF Lines Photography Michigan portraits senior portraits seniors Fri, 01 Jan 2021 22:27:32 GMT
Gathered It's a great time for portraits when everyone is gathered. I tossed out the Rotunda at Ella Sharp Park as a spot, because at least we'd be able to take shelter, if needed. We didn't end up needing it for protection from the elements, but did use it to help with the lighting. As I was snapping away, I mentioned that this was indeed a great location, for the family is one of runners. Ella Sharp Park is their home course for middle and high school meets. This family has been running the course for years. Then, I found out that the parents became engaged here at Ella Sharp Park in 1992! Location can be significant. Places have meaning. I'm glad we were able to fulfill this long standing request for family portraits with everyone home!

LAF_0735LAF_0735 LAF_0834LAF_0834 LAF_0813LAF_0813 LAF_0746LAF_0746 LAF_0787LAF_0787

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Ella Sharp Park family portraits Jackson LAF Lines Photography Michigan portraits Mon, 30 Nov 2020 00:37:21 GMT
Believe I have a friend who has four grown children, two children-in-law, and two grand babies. She recently did a life review and realized she wasn't in many family photos. She called me up one day, determined, and said "I want to do a photo session so I can give the kids some photos of me." I was so excited. My ideas were flowing. A few weeks later she said, "I've thought about it, and I don't want to be the only one in the photos. I want to include my family." Which is really quite typical of my friend. Her family is at the front of every thought and every decision she makes. It was fitting that everyone should gather for some photos! 

Lately my focus has been on seniors, so it was delightful to capture a family with many levels. "Uncle Beard" dressed as Santa to help his niece overcome her fear of the guy, but it didn't exactly work. The littlest one had no qualm about hanging out in the velvety arms of the world's most notorious gift giver.

While my friend declined to be in the center of every photo, it was a great tribute to her family, just the same. Memories were made in the process of capturing moments. As always with LAF Lines Photo, we do our best to capture the "perfect" photo, but always allow for real life to dictate the outcomes. It was a beautiful evening.

LAF_9857LAF_9857 LAF_9921LAF_9921

LAF_0133 copyLAF_0133 copy

LAF_9873LAF_9873 LAF_9982LAF_9982 LAF_0048LAF_0048 LAF_0291LAF_0291 LAF_0350LAF_0350

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) family portraits Jackson Lake Columbia Michigan portraits Mon, 09 Nov 2020 18:48:30 GMT
2021: Applying All Over This senior is sending college applications all over the country. She's already landed her number one pick, but why stop there? Fluently bilingual, her dream job would be in the State Department. (Um, not to be confused with working AT the Secretary of State's office... I may have made that mistake!) We found a wonderful naturesque location to capture the autumn spirit. She was a joy to photograph and I'm delighted with these first sneak peeks!

LAF_9064LAF_9064 LAF_9072LAF_9072 LAF_8873 copyLAF_8873 copy

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) LAF Lines Photography Michigan portraits senior portraits seniors Mon, 19 Oct 2020 14:30:33 GMT
2021: Baby Girl I remember seeing this {now} senior when she was a newborn. As with us all, the aging process is happening, regardless of how tuned in we are. So, bam! Here she is as a senior! Her mother is one of the people who very frankly said, "you should do something with your photography." That nudge helped to inspire LAF Lines Photography.

I was honored to capture these right-of-passage portraits. We found a wooded area and it looked like a painted backdrop, it was just so perfect for the peak of fall. (I assure you, it was very real!) We then found a horse trailer and played with the juxtaposition of formal wear and horse trailer with flat tires. She has much to decide as she figures out what she wants to do "with her life." A gifted artist, the sky is the limit!

LAF_9124 copyLAF_9124 copy LAF_9280LAF_9280 LAF_9655 copyLAF_9655 copy

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) laf lines photography michigan portraits senior portraits seniors Mon, 19 Oct 2020 14:25:03 GMT
2021: Fall Colors This senior had a session in downtown Jackson during the summer. We simultaneously booked a fall inspired shoot. It seemed so far away- and bam! It happened this past weekend. I love that this senior got a chance to look at her proofs, and let me know what she liked/didn't like from the first set. This gave me an idea of how to proceed. We didn't get too far from home, there was plenty surrounding that we could use as backdrops. It was a beautiful night for making portraits!


LAF_8418 copyLAF_8418 copy



[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) autumn jackson laf lines photography michigan portraits senior portraits seniors Mon, 12 Oct 2020 19:32:37 GMT
2021: Ballerinas in the Back This active nature and water lover picked the perfect spot for her portraits. So much so, that it almost even looks fake! Autumn really is a beautiful season to use as a backdrop! I enjoyed meeting this smart, calm, and passionate student. We tiptoed around Sharon Mills County Park as the Ballet Chelsea Company were recording The Nutcracker for a special drive-in event for their dance school. It was quite exciting to see the behind-the-scenes of their creative solution to the traditional winter recital during COVID-19.

I was impressed that my senior has already been to Alaska (during the summer solstice, no less) and is vying for a valedictorian spot in her class. Her future is promising and I'm excited to find out how she takes on the world!

LAF_7970LAF_7970 LAF_8157LAF_8157 LAF_8083 copyLAF_8083 copy LAF_8212LAF_8212

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) autumn Ballet Chelsea LAF Lines Photography manchester Michigan portraits senior portraits seniors Sharon Mills County Park Mon, 05 Oct 2020 14:17:22 GMT
Images Are Not Eternal About three years ago I went to the closing wherein I was the purchaser. I recognized the sellers, since we had gotten friendly in the transferring of the property. Obviously I recognized my real estate agent. The closer identified herself. And then there was a person in the room who never identified herself. She looked vaguely familiar, but never granted me the benefit of introduction.

Upon leaving with the keys and garage door openers in hand, I inquired to my agent who was at the table. Turns out, it was the seller's real estate agent. As much as her image is on her signs and business cards, she didn't look a thing like that photograph anymore. You may not think about updating your photos, but you should. And I know, I'm guilty of dragging my feet on this, too.

Today I had the help of my budding videographer son who snapped up an updated headshot for me. I picked the spot and set the dials, and then did what is the hardest for me to do: got in front of the lens. He did a great job of breaking the ice by saying things like "I love you" and "Show me your
tiger face." Haha! (Things I do not say when shooting, but might have to start!)  Screen Shot 2020-09-29 at 2.49.28 PMScreen Shot 2020-09-29 at 2.49.28 PM

Here is my retired website image. It's a fine photo, just 100% outdated. Vintage, you might say. The thing is, you have to take an image out of circulation for a while in order for it to become vintage. Using it while your weight, hairstyle, glasses, and hair color change fools no-one. 

My website has been updated with my new image. Now when people see me, they'll be able to easily connect me to my image! If you're in need of updated photos, show me your tiger face! 517.917.4302

LAF_7851LAF_7851 LAF_7862LAF_7862 LAF_7891LAF_7891 LAF_7880LAF_7880 LAF_7904LAF_7904


[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Headshot Jackson LAF Lines Photography Michigan portraits Tue, 29 Sep 2020 19:25:22 GMT
2021: Poolside High school is an exciting time of exploration: playing multiple sports, trying out for the school play, and joining various clubs & activities. Thankfully this senior found swimming his freshman year. By the encouragement of his sister, he joined the team. This was a gateway to teammates from other schools and a true sense of camaraderie. So, we had to include the pool in his session. Which put us in a race pace to get a few photos taken at Ella Sharp Park and then zip over to the Jackson High pool before the warm ups of a meet. 

I am often heard saying "I'm not a sports photographer." And I'm not. But we took photos to pay tribute to his sport, and a few nice nature ones for the record books. We hustled and hurried, and had time for some laughs, too.

LAF_7591LAF_7591 LAF_7568LAF_7568 LAF_7678LAF_7678 LAF_7694LAF_7694 LAF_7766LAF_7766

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) autumn Ella Sharp Park Jackson LAF Lines Photography Michigan portraits senior portraits seniors Fri, 25 Sep 2020 15:05:34 GMT
2021: Access We had to jump through some hoops, but we got a very limited access for the duration of our shoot to our beloved {closed for COVID} summer camp. And it did not disappoint. As with everyone, the global pandemic has modified how we've been living our lives in 2020. We missed our week of Lithuanian Heritage Camp. Though bummed, we totally understand. Some years strep snags a few campers, simply because we're all living in close proximity. Catching the corona virus would not have been a good time.

So, with joy in our hearts, we carefully and quietly made the best of our surroundings. It was nice to be back at camp. This senior has big plans and is in the process of visiting colleges to figure out where she wants to go. She says her hybrid senior year is going okay. She's thankful for the days that she can be on campus to see her classmates. The class of 2021 will be impacted by the pandemic. We're all hopeful that spread will settle down for the second semester and the kids can close out their high school days in a more traditional manner. 

It was a true delight to snap up this senior whom I've watched grow up as a camper. We had fun creating her senior portrait portfolio. She absolutely crushed it!

LAF_6977LAF_6977 LAF_7346LAF_7346



[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Dainava LAF Lines Photography Michigan portraits senior portraits seniors summer camp Mon, 21 Sep 2020 14:25:05 GMT
2021: Cross Country I really do enjoy photographing at Ella Sharp Park campus. There is so much available in terms of interesting backdrops. For this senior, though, it was more about the cross country course. It isn't an easy one- it has plenty of hill to challenge even the most talented runner. And this guy, is just that! Since joining the team, he has been steadily shaving seconds from his time. We paid homage to his sport by taking photos along the course. Our tribute is subtle, as is this senior. He's got big plans for the future and I can't wait to cheer on his successes! I was honored to snap up this senior, and teammate of my own son.

LAF_6719LAF_6719 LAF_6789LAF_6789 LAF_6847LAF_6847 LAF_6870LAF_6870

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Cross Country Ella Sharp Park Jackson LAF Lines Photography Michigan portraits senior portraits seniors Mon, 14 Sep 2020 13:54:41 GMT
Understanding Light I truly believe there is no replacement for a professional portrait. A cell phone camera, regardless of how good it is, is just a cell phone camera. The photos are blotchy and not entirely clear. I once read a caption to a photo on social media that said “With portrait mode, who needs professional portraits?” I made a funny face and thought to myself, you do. The photo was taken by someone else; the subject was square shouldered and the lighting was terrible. These are subtle nuances, that perhaps an untrained eye would not notice. If you've been watching any news programming these last months, people who are not in-studio and managing their own panelist appearances could benefit from this, too!

I had to get my driver’s license renewed today. So, for the first time in about five months, I put on some make-up. This motivated me to forge ahead with this blog, which I’ve been planning for a while. If you’ve read my previous posts you know I’m not a fan of selfies as replacements for professional portraits.  BUT- for purposes of this blog, I did take these photos myself. The point isn’t the selfie, it’s the light and angle. There are many other considerations when photographing like how to frame a photo and at what points to cut a subject's body parts. But let's focus on light for now. 

(I used an iPhone X, front camera, portrait mode. No flash, filters, or additional accessories.)

The reason people are inspired to selfie in the car isn't the seatbelt. It is because there are so many points of light, the strongest being the front windshield. Facing light is the most flattering. It smoothes out skin. When the camera is directly in front of the subject, however, look at the chin line. It is not the most flattering. The stronger the chin line, the more flattering the portrait. 

IMG_3363IMG_3363 IMG_3359IMG_3359 IMG_3360IMG_3360Facing light- face to follow the camera

When the camera is lifted slightly over the subject, the chin line improves. As does the catchlight in the eyes. Catchlight is so important! It’s the little sparkle in the eyes that reflects life and vibrancy. Without it, the subject looks morose. When the subject’s face follows the camera, with a little tilt, we see a softening of the subject. The subtle smile also helps. (Be careful of shadows from the phone at this point. And for the love of everyone around you, do not make a duck face.)

IMG_3364IMG_3364 When the light source comes from the side, look what happens to the skin. It’s bumpy. The complexion has seemingly deteriorated. I love this angle and would experiment further. I’m guessing most people taking selfies aren’t looking for drama- they’re seeking flattery. There is also a difference in a portrait, say for the yearbook, and a dramatic portrait.  IMG_3371IMG_3371

Which brings us to laying down on the floor, and now the light source is below the subject. Laying down is an instant face lift. Gravity does its work. There’s a lot to play with here. The chin line is fantastic! Nice and crisp. The double chin has receded! It's just not a really natural way to be photographed.

Often it is said that photographers like cloudy days. That is somewhat accurate, but you still have to understand the light. Cloud cover  works as a ginormous diffuser, sending equal light around the subject. While this ought to be good, there are a few things to consider. Even on a cloudy day, it is preferable to keep your face toward the light. 

IMG_3377IMG_3377 IMG_3378IMG_3378 IMG_3379IMG_3379

In the first photo, with the subject’s back to the light, look at the details in the face. The under eye bags are quite pronounced as they hadn’t been previously. The eyes are shrouded in shadow. (This is potentially what your date sees when you sit with your back to the window. If aiming to impress, sit facing the window!) Once turned toward the light, there is significant improvement and then when the camera was raised the catchlight was finally present and the chin line improved!

Why am I teaching you this? As a consumer of social media, I’d prefer to look at good photos. :) These tips and rules can be applied when you’re taking back to school photos of the kids, group photos, or yes, even the selfie to show off your newest haircut. Understanding why something works well will invariably help you to know how to repeat it and continue to have success with your portraits; selfie or otherwise. 

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Jackson LAF Lines Photography Michigan portraits selfies understanding light Wed, 02 Sep 2020 13:49:27 GMT
2021: Downtown I meet my clients where they're at. Some love to be photographed and will go on posing for days. Others are doing it because they're expected to. Either way, and anywhere in between, I'm there for them. This guy was somewhere in the middle. It was a hot evening, but thankfully a breeze met us downtown. He handled the heat like a champ, even while putting on thicker layers. He was glad to get the photo session checked off the list before school starts. I asked him in the end if he felt tortured, and was thankful when he replied, "no." A PC gamer and a rap music enthusiast, we had a lot to talk about as these themes float around in my house, too. Here's a peek into his session, on the eve of the first day of his senior year.

LAF_6449LAF_6449 LAF_6599LAF_6599 LAF_6508LAF_6508 LAF_6552LAF_6552

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) 2021 Bright Walls Downtown Jackson LAF Lines Photography Michigan portraits senior portraits seniors Tue, 25 Aug 2020 14:11:52 GMT
2021: Play Me a Melody This past weekend I took a trip to Island Park in Eaton Rapids. I met up with a senior who chose the spot and a nearby church for his session. It was entirely new to me, and I'm glad I got to scope it out. We did a lot of chatting, and oh, I snapped some photos, too. That's just the way I like it. I want my subjects to feel at ease, so that comfort shows through in the images. He did want a photo with his alto sax. I told him that he'd have to play for me. So, there we were in the middle of the park on a Saturday evening, entertaining onlookers. It was a great session!

LAF_6208LAF_6208 LAF_6233LAF_6233 LAF_6248LAF_6248 LAF_6359LAF_6359  

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) laf lines photography Michigan portraits saxaphone senior portraits seniors Mon, 24 Aug 2020 13:52:47 GMT
2021: Jackson Town After an initial streak of girls, we've got a few boys on the schedule to mix things up! Though he doesn't remember me, I photographed this {now} senior when he was a little kid. His parents had me over to photograph the family when I was just getting started! It was so cool to snap him up in his now high school self! We met downtown and took in the sights. Though I snap portraits downtown frequently, I'm always looking for different spots, so I don't repeat myself too much. I enjoyed exploring new backdrops and some of my faves. Can you tell where we were?

LAF_5976LAF_5976 LAF_6011LAF_6011

LAF_5876LAF_5876 LAF_5926LAF_5926

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Bright Walls Downtown Jackson LAF Lines Photography Michigan portraits senior portraits seniors Thu, 20 Aug 2020 00:28:34 GMT
2021: Sunflowers Though not the norm, it is not unusual for a senior to have two sessions. Sometimes they are spread over different seasons, to capture the changes in Michigan. Other times it's a matter of getting braces off or something of the sort. This senior's two sessions were close together in time, but distant in location. We went from a vintage car lot to a semi-rural field of sunflowers. Both backdrops lended themselves to capture this senior's creative spirit. She even dressed accordingly to location, which I enjoyed! I appreciate breaking up the sessions, because it gives the subject a chance to rest and refresh. Unless you're a professional model, it's kind of tough to be camera ready for multiple hours. I'm thrilled I got to snap up this girl and follow her creativity to such fab locations! I'm excited for her to take on senior year!



LAF_5654LAF_5654 LAF_5742LAF_5742

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Jackson laf lines photography Michigan portraits senior portraits seniors Spring Arbor sunflowers Sat, 15 Aug 2020 18:57:02 GMT
2021: Racing to the Finish This senior came up with a pretty fun location for her senior portraits. She suggested Marshall Motors. I have driven past it, and seen other photo shoot results from there, but until Sunday, I didn't realize what a fantastic and interesting spot it is! I loved the vibrant colors and vintage artifacts. The music playing was pumping out of drive-in movie theatre speakers. It was just so cool. After we had some fun at Marshall Motors, we headed to Ella Sharp Park, a favorite spot of mine. It was really hot on Sunday. This senior was cool in personality, and in body. She aced her session and I'm so thankful I got to spend the time with her. We have another session planned and I'm looking forward to working with her again!

LAF_4805LAF_4805 LAF_4868LAF_4868 LAF_4933LAF_4933 LAF_5157LAF_5157

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) 2021 Ella Sharp Park Jackson Marshall Motors Michigan portraits senior portraits Mon, 27 Jul 2020 18:41:36 GMT
2021: Downtown Lights If you've not yet worked with me, you might not know that I am constantly checking the weather for our shoots. The weather for this day was seemingly iffy, but promised to clear up. I don't know if the meteorologists got lucky, or if I just so happen to have a reliable app., but we had great air and light for our shoot! I amplified with some flash and gels, just to mix things up a bit.

I enjoyed working with this senior. She knows who she is, and I find that quite admirable. She's considering my alma mater for college, so we had plenty to discuss! My knowledge of Saint Mary's College is dated, but I think there are some qualities that stand up to the test of time. I have my fingers crossed that she'll like it when she visits. She's planning to become a nurse and is entertaining the option of being a traveling nurse which would combine her love of travel and her profession. How cool is that!?

LAF_4369LAF_4369 LAF_4589LAF_4589 LAF_4650LAF_4650 LAF_4565LAF_4565

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Downtown Jackson Jackson LAF Lines Photography Michigan portraits senior portraits seniors Thu, 23 Jul 2020 17:55:47 GMT
2021: Downtown We have kicked off senior portraits for the class of 2021! After a necessary cheer celebrating the new "season" we ventured around downtown Jackson. This girl is smart, cool, and stylish. She easily took my concepts and made them her own. I photographed her brother a couple of years ago, and it's wild to think that my friend (the mom) is practically "done" with parenthood. I mean, I know it never really ends- but you know what I mean. 

This one is a girl of my own heart who listed reading as a hobby. YES! So, we had to swing by the library to take a few photos, and actually, that was one of my favorite stops. What a cool library branch we have downtown! We didn't go in as it was closed, but the building, the way it's nestled in between two other buildings really lends itself for great light. We ended our tour on St. Mary's campus where we paid tribute to this senior's roots. She's a fifth generation St. Mary's grad! I'll be cheering for her as she finishes up her high school days and then pursues civics as a field of study!

LAF_4040LAF_4040 LAF_4169LAF_4169 LAF_4194LAF_4194 LAF_4303LAF_4303

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Bright Walls Jackson LAF Lines Photography Michigan portraits senior portraits seniors Sat, 27 Jun 2020 16:04:26 GMT
Turning One It's such a pleasure for me to catch up with my LAF Lines Photography families! I love to see how the little ones are growing! I haven't seen this little guy since his newborn shoot. Now he's walking around like it's no big deal! His big sister still dotes on him and cares for him. I let the kids wander and play, and snapped them when the time was right. Of course, we're always on the hunt for that "perfect" family photo. One lesson I've learned over the course of my years behind the lens is that the more interesting and easier photos to capture are when the kids are doing their own thing. I chased a speeding car, ducked under a table, and counted down for a flower petal toss! We ended our playtime with a cake smash which was equal parts adorable and messy!

LAF_3223LAF_3223 LAF_3288LAF_3288 LAF_3297LAF_3297 LAF_3409LAF_3409 LAF_3398LAF_3398 LAF_3441LAF_3441 LAF_3516LAF_3516

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) family portraits LAF Lines Photography Michigan portraits toddler Mon, 15 Jun 2020 00:56:41 GMT
Senioritis: 2020 My final senior of the class of 2020 is a special one. He's been a part of our lives since his first grade. He and my son have been tight all the way through, and they will both be going to college in the same city- so they'll be able to keep up with each other. He's recently been published in a local rural paper, and it has him thinking about what he wants to pursue as a field of study. Having recently finished my temporary position at U-M, I told him that there are jobs for people like us: people who dig photography and writing. I have so enjoyed watching this child grow into his own personhood. I'm so excited for his future, no matter what he chooses to study!

LAF_2897LAF_2897 LAF_3143LAF_3143 LAF_3050LAF_3050 LAF_3185LAF_3185

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Jackson Michigan portraits senior portraits seniors Sat, 13 Jun 2020 21:06:38 GMT
Wedding Plans I've had this wedding on my calendar for several months. When the global pandemic hit the United States, we weren't certain what would come of the day. This couple really wanted to keep their date. I'm not exactly sure how many versions of a wedding plan they went through. Talk of moving the ceremony to a different state floated around. As it turned out, they were able to maintain their date and ceremony venue (which I appreciated so much when I saw the bride's wedding band), with some pretty stringent restrictions. We were allowed onto the woodsy property with just enough time to put out some flowers. While the outdoor chapel was adorned, I got to snap a photo of the couple reading exchanged letters before they wed. Only immediate family was allowed to attend, and they were separated based on living arrangements. We had just enough time to snap a celebratory photo on the way out as the decorations were gathered.

We went from having a detailed shot list (months ago) to absolutely winging it. I know the couple suffered enough uncertainty getting to this day. My goal was to meet them where they were at and keep my camera ready.

The ceremony was beautiful, and though not rushed, it lacked live music which would have extended the mass. Their original guest list was held up and referred to a couple of times, as if welcoming the love and support of those whose physical presence was restricted. The applause for the new Mr. & Mrs. was as lively as though every seat was full. There was a sigh of relief that they pulled it off after months of worry. It wasn't exactly the day they dreamed of. Their wedding was simple and quiet, however, in the end, they made each other's dreams come true simply by saying "I do."

LAF_1926LAF_1926 LAF_26271LAF_26271 LAF_26921LAF_26921 LAF_27321LAF_27321 LAF_27481LAF_27481 LAF_2133LAF_2133 LAF_2272LAF_2272 LAF_2564LAF_2564 LAF_2771LAF_2771


[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) LAF Lines Photography Michigan portraits Wedding Sun, 07 Jun 2020 14:53:34 GMT
Senioritis: 2020 Strong These portraits were supposed to happen a while back. But you know, a pandemic hit. And life got shut down. We're slowly coming back around here in Michigan. On my way to the shoot I saw a few other subjects and photographers taking advantage of the day. We practiced safe distancing while snapping up these photos. I had to resist my natural inclination to fix his shirt, and instead asked his mom to pop in and make the adjustment for me. It was a privilege to snap him up for his graduation photos. I've known him since he was in the same Pre-K class as my own senior. Congrats!

LAF_1293LAF_1293 LAF_1349LAF_1349 LAF_1425LAF_1425 LAF_1562LAF_1562


[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) ART 634 Jackson LAF Lines Photography Michigan portraits senior portraits seniors Tue, 26 May 2020 01:09:50 GMT
Electronic Weeding For those of you who know the LAF Lines Photography story, you can skip this first paragraph. For those who are new to LAF Lines, here's a quick recap: I studied photography when I was sixteen at Interlochen Arts Camp. Those were the days when we had to learn about cameras, processing film, and developing photos all in eight fast weeks. I'm a much slower learner than that. My father handed down a DSLR when my kids were little and I was able to refresh my love of taking interesting photos by using the back panel to teach myself the settings I needed. I took a few classes through Ella Sharp and in 2008 I started to get really serious.

How do you get to Carnegie Hall? PRACTICE!

LAF_0277LAF_0277 I'm now looking through photos to prepare for my son's high school graduation. I've pulled out old hard drives that are full of images. Culling them is a tedious task. Especially in 2008. I. Took. So. Many. Photos. In. 2008. While I am enjoying the trip down memory lane, I am mad at my past self for not going through these before. It's an overwhelming task to do now- whereas monthly or annually it would have been easier to take on.

What I have learned in my eleven years as a photographer is that my most discriminating tastes are immediately after a shoot. When I photograph for a client, I typically choose the images I'm going to process on the very same day. The reason is, I can still smell and hear the shoot. I remember what we were talking about during each frame. I make quick decisions on which photos will make the cut. My instincts are sharp, because I've been doing this for a while. That's not to say there aren't other great images, but the best-of are easily and quickly chosen.

Now, I'm looking through countless images from 2008 and I'm emotionally tied to the little kids in them. My babies! How could I possibly delete any of these precious moments? 

But really, why would I ever want anyone to have to sift through all of these ever again? 

If you have the luxury of time during this pandemic-life-pause, look through your photos. Weed out the rejects. Make a folder with your all time favorites. And select the images that deserve to be printed. Hard drives fail. Technology evolves and your memory medium might become obsolete. Print more images. Display them. Or put them in a box to give to your graduate for when he moves out and let him choose his favorites.

There's a value lesson in this: quantity does not beat quality. You don't need 25 digital files of the best salad you ever ate. You need a few of your loved ones faces.

Here are a few unedited shots taken in 2008 as I was practicing my craft. 

IMG_4066IMG_4066 DSC_7712DSC_7712 DSC_7763DSC_7763 LAF_0173LAF_0173 LAF_0217LAF_0217

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) family portraits Jackson LAF Lines Photography Michigan portraits Wed, 15 Apr 2020 14:11:08 GMT
Class of Covid 2020 In honor of my son's 18th birthday, we planned a photo shoot. (What else do we have to do?) We listed our props: mortarboard, mask, bathrobe, guitar, and TP. All of these items represent what's presently going on in his life. Of course I wasn't alone in the concept because I've seen it done a few times in the last weeks since Michigan schools were closed for the rest of the year. That almost caused me to skip it. But this is part of our story, too.

As a portrait photographer, I work to capture my subjects as they are. I don't want to modify reality or costume them up beyond their own comforts. So, this was a fun exercise to put a vision together. While processing, I was giddy because as morose as the concept is, we nailed it. I wanted these images to evoke a lasting feeling. When my son looks back on this birthday and botched graduation, I want him to remember why it was this way.

LAF_0137LAF_0137 LAF_0152LAF_0152 LAF_0187LAF_0187 LAF_0245LAF_0245

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Corona Virus COVID-19 Jackson LAF Lines Photography Michigan Pandemic portraits senior portraits seniors Fri, 10 Apr 2020 19:42:12 GMT
Messaging This Corona Virus Pandemic is tough for business. Even hospitals, inundated with patients, are experiencing financial trouble. We are all worried that our favorite boutiques, shops, restaurants, and cafes might not be around when we are set free from our stay-at-home order. During my recent bike ride downtown, I snapped some pictures of signs left out for any walk-up patrons. Some businesses had no signage. My question to you is, how do you want to be communicated with? I'm assuming that this wasn't the only attempt these businesses made at contacting their client base. They likely left messages on social media, perhaps sent a direct email campaign. 

Whether or not you frequent any of these places, what do you think about the messaging? How much information do you want to be given when walking up to a shuttered business? Some of these aren't identified - which makes sense, because if you're standing in the doorway, you know where you are. But what about branding? Does that matter anymore? 

Let's hope we never live through another pandemic that requires this kind of mass shut down. But for the purposes of either occupying a few moments of your time, or to get you thinking, take a look at these and let me know your opinions. Which is your favorite message? Which one(s) exude(s) care to their clients? Which exude calm and which exude fear? Can a sign in a window do that?

DSCN2100DSCN2100 DSCN2101DSCN2101 DSCN2118DSCN2118 DSCN2127DSCN2127 DSCN2131DSCN2131 DSCN2132DSCN2132 DSCN2157DSCN2157 DSCN2172DSCN2172 DSCN2175DSCN2175


[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) business corona virus Jackson LAF Lines Photography messaging Michigan pandemic Mon, 06 Apr 2020 17:51:29 GMT
Story Telling: Desolation I biked downtown on Sunday. It started off as a sunny morning (which I was originally hoping to capture). By the time I gathered my gear and arrived, thick clouds had blown in with an intense cold wind. I wanted to see for myself what the heart of Jackson looked like. Granted, on Sundays, downtown has traditionally been a ghost town. But now with the Corona Virus shelter-in-place restrictions, I felt compelled to investigate. 

There were still a few cars driving through. And a few people walking about. I didn't touch anything other than my bicycle and camera. I didn't get near anyone.

The wooden sign above Rustic Market, Co. creaked as it danced with the wind. Leaves swirled at the entrance door of the Blue Julep.

As I was photographing, it occurred to me that with the flip of a filter, I could make the images look desolate. When you remove any healthy and fashionable people and add in ominous clouds, you have the perfect recipe to create haunting images. This got me thinking... If you focus on any one thing- you're neglecting something else. Whether it be choosing one task over another, one career path over another, or one political view over another- once you choose the narrative, others go by the wayside.

So, here I present "A Depressed, Severely Impacted Downtown in Mid-America."

DSCN2096DSCN2096 DSCN2103DSCN2103 DSCN2105DSCN2105 DSCN2107DSCN2107 DSCN2110DSCN2110 DSCN2117DSCN2117 DSCN2124DSCN2124

This exercise has reminded me of my responsibility as a photographer, a storyteller. Here I've hi-lighted the "Impacted" concept by isolating scenes to portray a predetermined theme. There are always two sides to every story. The truth is typically somewhere in the middle. I'll go back on a sunny day and portrait downtown in a completely different way.

What do you think?

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Corona Virus Downtown Jackson LAF Lines Photography Michigan Storytelling Mon, 30 Mar 2020 14:59:25 GMT
Back and Forth Whew. How about that curveball in our beautifully laid plans for 2020? I'm sure I'm not alone in my surprise at how swiftly life has shifted for us in Michigan. Parks are closed. Schools. Dine-in. Sandy, the penny horse at Meijer is gone. I was supposed to fly out for spring break today. It was supposed to be a joyful and exciting day- with me stressing about whether or not I forgot something. I had plans to photograph palm trees and take senior portraits on location in Charleston, SC.

And now this. 

I've seen on social media that some of you are using this isolation time to cull and organize photos. Fantastic! Approved! Whether digital or in print, it is a good time, if you have spare time, to edit your photos. I see comedians and funny memes about people showing their photos in the future and there are 17 photos of their dinner one night. Who needs that? Select the best image if you need to keep those at all. Or if it takes 25 selfies to land the one you'll post- get rid of the other 24. Cloud storage is "cheap" but extra photos that you'll never need are still clutter.

Attachment-1-1Attachment-1-1A grammar ticket book! How fun! I love words, writing, and grammar.

I quietly moved out of my studio last fall. This opened me up to the temporary opportunity that I took at the University of Michigan. What was to be a two month assignment kept me busy for five. While at U-M, I worked in the Pathology Communications Department. I took photos, but did more writing. It was very interesting and I was constantly learning more. It was a huge joy for me to see my skill set applied in an existing institution. I do have marketable skills! ;) I called it quits just before these social distancing rules were put into place, knowing that I wanted to return to freelance photography.

It's difficult to make plans when we don't know how long these limitations on our lives will last. I'm sure, we're all making sacrifices for the greater good. Yet, I see that small businesses all around are grappling with lay offs and closures etc. The good news is: because I significantly reduced my expenses last fall, I'm doing okay. LAF Lines Photography will exist when this all blows over and we resume our lives. 

While you're confined to your couch, please make a list of what you want to do when the protections are lifted. Create a list of people you'd like to see, restaurants you'd like to visit, small businesses you wish to support, and projects you want to tackle. And when this is all over, check off that to-do list with hearts and smiley faces. Because this will end. And we will live freely once more. Until then, stay safe. Keep creative. xo.

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Jackson LAF Lines Photography michigan portraits Thu, 26 Mar 2020 14:33:09 GMT
Family First Back when LAF Lines Photo was fresh and new, I booked my first senior. She was an ambitious, theatrical, and smart cookie. She proved me right again eight and a half years later when she wanted to schedule a family session as a Christmas surprise. Everyone was in town, so we took advantage! The last time this family had a portrait done was when these (adult) kids were tiny tots. We braved the falling temperatures and captured some great moments. Because this family is comprised of adults, I didn't necessarily want to pose them too much. I wanted them to interact; create their own story, because that's how their love would best be on display. It was a joy to capture them all.

LAF_7482LAF_7482 LAF_7565LAF_7565 LAF_7435LAF_7435 LAF_7509LAF_7509

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) family portraits Jackson LAF Lines Photography Michigan portraits Mon, 30 Dec 2019 19:11:32 GMT
Love Is In The Air This weekend I got to snap up this lovely couple as they prepare for their 2020 wedding. I was excited to hear the plans they've made. We enjoyed the serenity of our location and the beautiful sun. Just as we had one more shot to go, a blanket of clouds was rolling in. I mean, a thick, down comforter. (You can see it moving in in the black & white photo.) We quickly snapped up our pics and called it. The temperature dropped suddenly and the brilliance of the day was gone. Thankfully we have these images to remember the day by. Best wishes to this special couple!


LAF_6178LAF_6178 LAF_6256LAF_6256 LAF_6396LAF_6396

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) engagement photos engagements Michigan portraits Tue, 15 Oct 2019 14:15:51 GMT
Senioritis: Mine I feel a connection to most of my subjects. We are a little vulnerable together as we create images. But this one in particular... Well, he's mine. I'm about to set him free, out into the world, but for a few more months, he's my senior. He had selected his location for portraits years ago. It was a bit of a no-brainer. His beloved summer camp. We had a brilliantly sunny day to snap him up as some of the leaves had begun to change.

On the drive over I asked if he brought a guitar or uke. Nope, forgot. I asked if he packed a speaker so we could listen to music. Nope. I forgot to mention it when I thought of it earlier in the week. You'd think the photographer's child would be entirely prepared with props and concepts. But isn't there a fable or something about a cobbler's kid not having shoes? Yea, I think that's how it goes. 

This was probably my fastest photoshoot. I could very easily and comfortably say "no, turn this way" without having to give much explanation or worry about upsetting him. He's used to me and my process. I'm thrilled with the results, and the fact that I got this special time with my guy. These photos are just so "him."

LAF_5728LAF_5728 LAF_5800LAF_5800 LAF_5988LAF_5988 LAF_5656LAF_5656

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) autumn LAF Lines Photography Michigan portraits senior portraits seniors Mon, 14 Oct 2019 14:42:36 GMT
Senioritis: Camp Life It was a pleasure to return to Camp Dainava for another session. It's difficult to comprehend that two months have passed since our time there this summer. Life looks and feels entirely different now. This senior is playing soccer and was on the homecoming court of his school. He's currently considering his collegiate options. There's a lot going on. So, it was a nice break from it all to snap some photos. A bonus to the portrait experience was that he invited my senior to tag along so they'd have some time to hang out. I put my son to work and he was equally helpful and amusing. We were able to get some great shots in our time together. It's always nice to visit home.

(Here's a quick throwback to when these now-seniors were little campers ten years ago.)

(Here's a quick throw back to when these now-seniors were little campers ten years ago.) LAF_5049LAF_5049

LAF_5012LAF_5012 LAF_5210LAF_5210 LAF_5229LAF_5229 LAF_5073LAF_5073


[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) LAF Lines Photography Michigan portraits senior portraits seniors Mon, 07 Oct 2019 19:26:44 GMT
Senioritis: Baseball and Guitar This senior is all about the jams and baseball. (Wait, am I dating myself? Does anyone say "jams" anymore?) We were scheduled to meet Saturday evening. Saturday, if you recall, was non-stop misting and raining. I'd check the weather app incessantly. It would report that there was to be zero precipitation for the next hour, while my phone screen was getting wet. I texted this guy's mom and said that while in Michigan we cannot make plans for 6:00pm at 2:00pm, I wanted her to be on alert.

I arrived to the studio with a dark gray cloud hanging over the Blake Building. But to the north I could see a lighter shade of gray. The wind was blowing in the right direction... And what do you know? Within the hour we had the most beautiful light for the session! The blue sky showed herself and we were able to capture some great photos celebrating this senior: a little bit of guitar, a little bit of baseball.

LAF_4633LAF_4633 LAF_4677LAF_4677 LAF_4812LAF_4812 LAF_4907LAF_4907

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) baseball bright walls ella sharp park jackson laf lines photography michigan portraits senior portraits seniors Mon, 30 Sep 2019 20:10:59 GMT
Senioritis: Cousins These two cousins weren't really into having their pictures done, but their moms were certain they wanted some photos to commemorate senior year. I suggested that they do their photos together. There are a couple of reasons to my rationale: 1. Take the pressure off of them individually to fill the time. 2. They could entertain each other. I let them know that I understood that this wasn't going to be their favorite hour. And you know what? They crushed it. I'm not a high pressure person. I meet my clients where they're at in terms of enthusiasm levels.

So, these guys are cousins. And I didn't know that they are only one day apart in birth order! Wow! What an exciting time for this family that must have been! We chatted about future plans and a guinea pig named Chunk Baby. Or was it Baby Chunk? Try as I might, I could not get that name right.

LAF_4329LAF_4329 LAF_4138LAF_4138 LAF_4394LAF_4394 LAF_4168LAF_4168 LAF_4204LAF_4204

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Bright Walls Downtown Jackson LAF Lines Photography Michigan portraits senior portraits seniors Tue, 17 Sep 2019 13:48:58 GMT
Senioritis: It I had so much fun photographing this senior. She brought a few props to incorporate into her session and it sparked a lot of creativity. We had some laughs. Probably my favorite laugh was when I asked her to read from the book she brought. (Which was Stephen King's IT, by the way.) She looked up and laughed because the sentence she had started to read had a bad word in it. Typically you might think IT would be very scary, but at that moment, it was particularly funny. Come to find out we share a Lithuanian ancestry which of course endeared this senior to me even more!

LAF_3778LAF_3778 LAF_3831LAF_3831 LAF_3861LAF_3861 LAF_3945LAF_3945

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Bright Walls IT Jackson LAF Lines Photography Michigan portraits senior portraits seniors Mon, 16 Sep 2019 13:03:24 GMT
Senioritis: Soccer This guy has been playing soccer since kindergarten. He's had a rough start to his senior year with an injury. Hopefully he'll be back in action this week! We had some laughs about dance moves in preparation for homecoming next week! All in all, a super session with a great young man I've known since he was a little guy, just starting out in his academic career. He's never loved having his photos taken, but he's always been such a good sport!

LAF_3490LAF_3490 LAF_3540LAF_3540 LAF_3584LAF_3584 LAF_3638LAF_3638



[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Ella Sharp Park Jackson LAF Lines Photography Michigan portraits senior portraits seniors Mon, 09 Sep 2019 00:52:31 GMT
Senioritis: Baseball This guy. He's funny and chill. And someday he might have a Golden Retriever and name it Henry. And baseball is his thing. He came to life in a new way when we landed on his home baseball field. He did great posing downtown, but something certainly clicked for him. Maybe it was the jersey or the brand new white baseball he brought. It was a pleasure to capture him as the sun set on our session.

LAF_3253LAF_3253 LAF_3196LAF_3196 LAF_3284LAF_3284 LAF_3263LAF_3263

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Jackson LAF Lines Photography Michigan senior portraits seniors Fri, 06 Sep 2019 01:21:11 GMT
Senioritis: 18 I got to be among the first to wish this guy a very happy 18th birthday! In case you were wondering, having your senior portraits done on your birthday isn't a bad way to go! We bummed around downtown, picking spots to best utilize the light and coordinate with clothing. I learned a lot about this gent's routine, goals and aspirations. I think he's got a lot of it figured out- which is way impressive. I'm wishing him the best of luck as he leaps into senior year!

LAF_2462LAF_2462 LAF_2530LAF_2530 LAF_2602LAF_2602

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) downtown jackson laf lines photography michigan portraits senior portraits seniors Fri, 09 Aug 2019 16:11:35 GMT
Senioritis: Amber Eyes My last session of our week at Dainava was with this girl. I asked about her youth and I was rewarded with a fascinating story of being born in Lithuania and coming to America at eight years old. She speaks perfectly unaccented English, so you'd never even know. She posed effortlessly and we had fun trying a few different things. I asked her what color eyes she says she has, and she said brown. I told her that I have brown eyes. Her eyes are something else. "I think you should say you have Amber colored eyes." I suggested. It's so fitting, after all, considering her birth in the Baltic states. 

LAF_1865LAF_1865 LAF_2139LAF_2139 LAF_2061LAF_2061 LAF_2025LAF_2025

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Dainava LAF Lines Photography Michigan portraits senior portraits seniors Thu, 08 Aug 2019 16:01:04 GMT
Senioritis: Non-Lith So, this camp I was at last week is a Lithuanian Heritage Camp. I attended as a child, and I've brought my kids up attending, too. The best thing is, sometimes kids who aren't even Lithuanian descendants stumble upon the magic of Dainava and stick around. Remember yesterday's blog post? This kid here was that kid's bud when they were tiny. They moved apart geographically, so this kid asked if he could go to Dainava to hang out with that kid. Guess what? Nine years later, he's still loving camp life. He's just as enthusiastic as any other camper, and now kitchen worker. They've created ties to one another and to the place. And even though they live miles- cities- states apart- for one week a year, they're all home together.

This was my only evening shoot of the week. I enjoyed photographing "in reverse" as the sun set instead of rose. I love that this kid loves the camp spot so much, that he wanted his senior portraits taken there.

LAF_1844LAF_1844 LAF_1529LAF_1529 LAF_1636LAF_1636

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) LAF Lines Photography Michigan portraits senior portraits seniors Tue, 06 Aug 2019 23:38:55 GMT
Senioritis: Little Brother I snapped up this guy's older sister a few years ago for her senior portraits. It was fun to revisit the same location, yet it was a completely different experience! When my son was five, this was his first friend at Lithuanian Heritage Camp. There were three little kids, too tiny to camp, officially. So, they slept in the teacher's house with their moms and hung around camp with a teenager while the moms taught. This year, this guy (and my son) worked in the kitchen. They've graduated from being campers, and the kitchen is the first step before becoming a teaching assistant or counselor. They share a love of music and with technology are able to stay in touch all year long. It was a true delight to snap up this senior, whose mom has also become a wonderful friend to me. 

LAF_1173LAF_1173 LAF_1276LAF_1276 LAF_1291LAF_1291


[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Dainava LAF Lines Photography Michigan portraits senior portraits seniors Mon, 05 Aug 2019 22:47:00 GMT
Senioritis: Double Dose I had the privilege of photographing these two upcoming seniors. We were hanging out at a lush camp in Manchester for the week, and because the location is so meaningful, the girls opted to use it as their backdrop. These sisters are indeed twins. And while they share a common sense of kindness, and mindfulness,  they are different in terms of career goals. etc. I loved starting my day with them as we took in the sights of our beloved camp. 

When photographing twins, it's important for me to pick up on the nuances- of what differentiates the siblings. I need this insight to better approach them for their portraits. It helps to draw out their personalities and best showcase them in their images. They are collectively and individually beautiful and bright! I'm so glad I got to know them better during our session.

LAF_0629LAF_0629 LAF_07662LAF_07662 LAF_0870LAF_0870 LAF_1064LAF_1064 LAF_1088LAF_1088

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) LAF Lines Photography Michigan portraits senior portraits seniors twins Mon, 05 Aug 2019 15:52:00 GMT
Senioritis: Bounce This kid's mom was one of my first friends when I moved to Jackson over fifteen years ago! I've had the honor of photographing special events for the family, so it was so great to capture him for his senior portraits as well. We bounced from downtown to Ella Sharp Park and ended up at his home. We covered it all. He's got an exciting year ahead and big goals for the future! I can’t wait to see where he goes from here!

LAF_0333LAF_0333 LAF_0354LAF_0354 LAF_0475LAF_0475 LAF_0612LAF_0612

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) jackson laf lines photography michigan portraits senior portraits seniors Sun, 28 Jul 2019 11:19:51 GMT
Senioritis: Puppy Love I've known this senior since his Pre-K days. He was always taller than my son. He's a solid 6'2" now. A football player on Western's team, he wasn't all that into having his photos taken. His mom made him do it. (I hear that a lot, not a problem.) We chatted about his plans to become an engineer. The nice thing about doing photos at home, is you can always go and snag the puppy for a photo. Which is precisely what he did. 


LAF_9579LAF_9579 LAF_9547LAF_9547 LAF_9705LAF_9705

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Jackson Michigan portraits senior portraits seniors Tue, 23 Jul 2019 14:02:36 GMT
Welcome, Little Peanut This little guy... He's not a peanut. His big sister corrected me. He's her boyfriend. I took that to mean that she loves him so very much. This family of four moved and had a baby within a month's time. All whilst the expecting mom was on bed rest!! You would never know it by looking around their house. The charming details are adorned with family mementos and keepsakes. It's like they were always meant to live there. And now this little guy has a solid home base to begin his journey within. He's so love-able and squeeze-able, I can see that everyone will want him to be their boyfriend. ;)

LAF_9127LAF_9127 LAF_9089LAF_9089 LAF_9328LAF_9328 LAF_9367LAF_9367



[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) family portraits Jackson LAF Lines Photography Michigan portraits Mon, 22 Jul 2019 16:50:58 GMT
Senioritis: So it Begins I'm so excited to be back in Senioritis Season! I got the chance to hang out with this class of 2020 member and her mom at Hidden Lake Gardens. It was an overcast day, and the air was heavy. I'm just so grateful it didn't rain! This is the beginning of an emotional season for me. I'll be photographing classmates and friends in my son's class. I am (quite exactly) old enough to be their mama! This beauty happened to be in my son's pre-K class in 2006-2007. She's come a long way since then! I'll be keeping tabs on her as she ventures into the world and follows her passion in law. But first, here's to a wonderful senior year!

LAF_8892LAF_8892 LAF_8815LAF_8815 LAF_8967LAF_8967 LAF_8630LAF_8630

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) LAF Lines Photography Michigan portraits senior portraits seniors Tue, 18 Jun 2019 14:09:49 GMT
Senioritis: Braces Off One of my dearest friends was prepared for me to say no. Her son was getting his braces off April 29th. He has a photo submission deadline of May 8. She didn't expect me to be able to accommodate that tight timeline. No problem. We were set to snap some photos on Tuesday the 30th. But it was cold. I knew my subject wouldn't love to have his photos taken to begin with, so I couldn't afford to add inclement weather to his experience. As it turns out, Saturday, May 4 had a good forecast. It would put the pressure on me to hurry up and get some photos ready quickly, but that's no problem. In fact, I'm taking a little break from processing to write this blog.

I think waiting for the weather was a great idea. This braces-less senior was willing to smile. Because he wasn't frozen, he was willing to walk about downtown Jackson with me so we could have some fun! He was a champ of a sport. I'd love to write more, but I have a deadline to meet! ;)

LAF_8160LAF_8160 LAF_8234LAF_8234 LAF_8326LAF_8326


[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) downtown jackson Jackson LAF Lines Photography Michigan portraits senior portraits seniors Tue, 07 May 2019 15:30:37 GMT
Union/Reunion I stood in a store with tears welling up in my eyes, listening to a woman I'd not met before tell of her upcoming family reunion. She was going to meet a sister she hadn't even known about until a few months ago. Her parents, together since they were sixteen, had lovingly given up a daughter for adoption. After high school and college, they married and had three more daughters. The mom kept her secret for several decades, afraid to reveal the broken heart she carried for so long.

I said, "You must video tape this reunion! It's going to be something extraordinary." My new friend nodded and said, "We were thinking about hiring a photographer for family portraits, too." It was serendipitous that we were standing in the same place at the same time, and that she choose to reveal her story. "I've only told two other people about this." She admitted. 

I happened to have a wide open day in my weekend, so on Sunday, I got a full access pass to a wonderful family Union/Reunion. The mom held on tightly to her adult daughter, joyfully exclaiming that she never dreamed this moment would come. The newly discovered sister blended in so perfectly with her siblings. She had always said, "I look like me." Then she met a sister at the airport and said, "Wow, I look like you." 

It was my greatest delight to Capture the Love of  this United/Reunited family.  

LAF_7435LAF_7435 LAF_7628LAF_7628 LAF_7508LAF_7508 LAF_7614LAF_7614

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) family portraits LAF Lines Photography long lost sister Michigan portraits sisters Sun, 28 Apr 2019 19:15:16 GMT
Upon Loss LAF_6370LAF_6370

(My Uncle Joe with his sons, one year before he passed away.

He was a photographer and taught me much)

I watched my social media flood with images of friends visiting Notre Dame Cathedral. Some visits were recent, some from the nineties. Those who grieved that historically significant building burning needed to express their concern with evidence that they had once been there. 

When a loved one passes away, we look for images to show them in their best light, or in their most natural state. We post them online and arrange them for visitors to see at the funeral. We celebrate a person's legacy through the images we have to show successes and tender moments.

Do not dismiss the value of an image. Perhaps their significance cannot be understood until a time of sorrow. But, do not wait until then to realize the images were never created.

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) images photographs value Thu, 18 Apr 2019 14:36:32 GMT
Turning 14 My youngest turned 14 just before the New Year. We took some photos to commemorate. He is now the tallest member of our family. And I think he grew another inch the day after these photos. No joke. I was looking at him, sitting with his brand new jeans on, and they looked a little short. We measured him. He's six feet tall. Which is great, because he hopes to be 6'6". He's certainly working up to that goal!

Though blonde and blue eyed, this child takes after me. He has many of my shapes, tendencies and personality quirks. Oh poor baby. He's very creative and has an entrepreneurial spirit. I have no doubt he'll come up with a creative endeavor for himself. But for now, he's fourteen. And taller than all of his friends. 

LAF_5036LAF_5036 LAF_5096LAF_5096 LAF_5122LAF_5122

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Bright Walls family portraits Jackson LAF Lines Photography Michigan Murals portraits Fri, 04 Jan 2019 16:38:24 GMT
5 Ways to Help Small Businesses Just before the end of the year, our local news posted a listing of businesses that opened in Jackson in 2018. Separately, they published a list of businesses that closed. We often grieve businesses only at the time of their deaths, but say little while they're still trying. I often read comments that say "Oh, I didn't even know they existed" or "They seemed busy." The next thing you know, they're closed. 

Why do small businesses matter, you might ask. You can find everything you need at the big box stores. Why shop small? While it is reassuring to have standardized offerings in town, so that we, as consumers, know we can get copy paper, Tikka Masala simmer sauce and a pair of jeans, small businesses are what individualize our town. What sets Jackson apart from other small-ish cities in Michigan are our offerings that aren't from the big-box catalogue. 

Enter, my five suggestions to help out small businesses. I'm not above saying, please do apply this to LAF Lines Photography as well. I certainly am not interested in making the news as a closed business.

How to Help Small BusinessHow to Help Small Business

1. If you know of a company that offers services, hire them. They actually don't make money when you say "I'll call you" and then never follow through. It is fair to compare pricing and quality of service and make educated decisions. Likewise, if you have an event coming up, and would like to include a business, but aren't sure what services they offer that could work into your event, talk to them. Experienced small business owners have possibly done something similar for someone else. A newbie might just be willing to dive into a new idea!

2. If the small business you want to support sells things, buy them. I often go into places and purchase an inexpensive item simply to show my support. I hope that others do the same, and that collectively our little purchases amount to something good. I have to say, it's such a great feeling when someone I meet finds out that I am LAF Lines and tells me they love my notecards! 

3. If you're cruising on social media and see something from a business you enjoy, share it- like it- comment on it. It's not a commitment to spend money, but it helps the business immensely. Facebook, for example, won't spread a post, until it has received a few likes or comments. Thus, news of a sale, promotion or special offer can get cut off at the pass. It takes a village to get things moving, and it helps spread the word of a small shop.

4. The best compliment I've ever received is a referral. It's also the best marketing tool I have. Tell your friends about your positive experiences with a small business. I've taken business cards from places to share with my friends when I want them to know how great something is. I'm a huge advocate for businesses I love. I'll bring friends from out of town so that they, too, can enjoy the service or product. 

5. In this era, we spend a lot of time trusting other people's opinions on Yelp or Google. When it comes to a small business, one bad review can scar their ranking for a long time. When you like something or someone, talk them up. Write a review. I'd also say, if you have a concern, talk to the owner. Often times the owner will do what it takes to correct a problem. Reputation is paramount, and when a small business is learning its way, the best resource they have for information is you, the consumer. 

If you didn't have "helping a small business" on your list of 2019 New Year's Resolutions, I hope that you'll consider it now. The decisions you make with your money dictate and drive our economy and our selections here in town. If you hope to see a business bloom and grow, sprinkle some water their way. 

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Michigan Shop small Small business Tue, 01 Jan 2019 19:32:19 GMT
A Decade of Memories It's been ten years since I hung out my shingle as a photographer. The very day I filed my paperwork and opened a bank account, Matt Davis of Bon Ton Room fame called and asked if I'd be house photographer for his upcoming production of "Sweeney Todd." I remember I was just pulling into my garage with an early version of a cell phone. Maybe a flip phone? And we chatted about the project. I couldn't believe I was seen as a photographer by others. I was in the throes of stay-at-home-momhood. My baby was three. I hadn't planned to go back to work until he was in kindergarten. 

Before taking myself seriously enough to go into business, I had people encouraging me to "do something" with my photography. I just didn't know what that meant or what that would look like. I practiced. A LOT. I remember at a bookclub meeting a friend saying that she had a thousand digital images from the previous year to file. I almost choked. I had a thousand each month. I spent a couple of seasons assisting Elizabeth Walker Photography. I learned so much from Liz on how to handle clients and myself as a photographer. I still refer to what she taught me.


Once I got going, it was all about finding my voice. I've always loved business and customer service. I'm meticulously organized, so it's been really easy for me to stay on top of my work load and deliver what I've promised. But how would I distinguish myself from other photographers? In the digital age, so many people claim photography as their passion. Trends morph and change, even in photography. The popularity of filters surged and suddenly everyone was a master. There have been a few times that I've thought that perhaps it was quitting time.

I've stayed true to my brand. I named my company LAF Lines because it actually says a lot about me. 1) I have awesome initials: LAF. So appropriate because: 2) I love to laugh. 3) I believe that aging is a privilege to be celebrated. 4) You, as you are, are the absolute best version of you, laugh lines and all.

I like to tell stories in my images. But I want to tell your story. Not mine. (I'll save those for personal projects.) As a photographer for hire, I'm interested in knowing the essence of you and showcasing that in the photos. I don't feel that you need glamming up or airbrushing so hard that your face is unrecognizable. It's a tough road to take and I know I've not earned some clients because of it. I also find that the clients that come to me, get me.   

I've been fortunate in the past ten years to travel with my camera. I've had clients bring me to Tiburon, California, Vero Beach, Florida, Traverse City, Michigan and a few places around Chicago-land. I got to photograph VP Joe Biden and his wife Jill Biden when they were in Detroit campaigning in 2012. I helped a friend realize a dream by providing all the photography in her book. My images are on websites and in brochures and on the backs of books. 


It's been an incredible journey. I'm so honored to be present in the lives of my clients for just a little while; the time we share immortalized by the images that I can only hope are hung and cherished for a lifetime. I don't take my job lightly, but I approach it with a casual and easy attitude to help keep clients at ease since for some, being photographed isn't a favorite activity.

Thank you for ten years of memories, opportunities and encouragement. When you take your business as personally as I take mine, there are days that it feels entirely overwhelming. Then I'll get an email of gratitude or see someone on the street who recognizes me and says nice things, and I'm back on track again. (PSA- Be kind, you never know when someone really needs a dose of it!) I wouldn't have made it this long if it weren't for you. I never forget this.

I remain, humbly,

your photographer. xo


[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Anniversary Decade family portraits jackson LAF Lines Photography Michigan portraits senior portraits Ten years Thu, 15 Nov 2018 15:56:22 GMT
Senioritis: Hail Remember Saturday? There was an hour and a half delay for the Michigan vs. Michigan State game? Then for the rest of the day we had rain, thunder, wind, hail, snow, sun... It was a Pure Michigan kind of day. As I approached our location for this senior's session, I noticed a big dark cloud. In the opposite direction, we had blue skies. We chose this spot because of the significance of the Rotunda at Ella Sharp Park for this Cross Country runner. We worked swiftly to snap up a few photos, and parted ways quickly as enormous wet drops fell from the sky. Here's a peek at what we captured.

LAF_3117LAF_3117 LAF_3152LAF_3152 LAF_3165LAF_3165

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Ella Sharp Park Jackson LAF Lines Photography Michigan portraits senior portraits seniors Tue, 23 Oct 2018 20:05:10 GMT
Senioritis: Murals Right outside my studio are the gifts to Jackson from the recent Bright Walls Jackson Mural Festival. It's become a go-to for senior portraits. All good in my book. I got to photograph this senior after bumping into his mom a few times around town. He's got amazing hair, a fantastic smile and a bright future ahead. Here is a peek from our results as we walked around downtown on a beautiful afternoon!

LAF_3678LAF_3678 LAF_3716LAF_3716 LAF_3844LAF_3844 LAF_3823LAF_3823

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Bright Walls Jackson LAF Lines Photography Michigan portraits senior portraits seniors Tue, 23 Oct 2018 14:56:56 GMT
Senioritis: Ella Style As autumn blooms in Michigan, our weather is never guaranteed. We got mega lucky on this girls' photo day! We made a couple of stops downtown after her in-studio yearbook photo before we headed to Ella Sharp Park. We walked and talked and I got some good advice as my oldest is one year behind in school. Sounds like senior year is a bit hectic! I'll be seeing this one around as we wrap up cross country season and begin work on the school play! :)

LAF_2720LAF_2720 LAF_2743LAF_2743 LAF_2915LAF_2915 LAF_3026LAF_3026

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) autumn Ella Sharp Park Jackson Michigan portraits senior portraits seniors Mon, 15 Oct 2018 14:39:04 GMT
Six Helpful Hints In about a month, I'll be celebrating a decade as a photographer. Through my years, I've come across a few things on the repeat. I thought I'd share with you six personal helpful hints to successful portraits. 


1. Bring lip care. Even for guys. If we're hanging out for an hour or so, we'll be gabbing and smiling and laughing. Your lips might get dry, and when you smile, they might not look so luscious. Bring with you your favorite gloss, lip balm or the like. A touch up midway through our session is a great idea.

2. Floss your teeth. Don't eat a burrito on your way over here unless you're ready to floss upon arrival. Trust me.

3. If you're bringing wardrobe changes, consider a lint brush or lint roller. Goodness knows we all love to snuggle with our fur babies, but their hair in your portraits isn't necessarily the look you might be going for.

4. Bring extra haircare products with you, especially if we're heading outside. A little wind can do a lot of damage to a perfectly coiffed head of hair. 


5. Avoid the shine. I love this Up & Up (Target brand) oil absorbing product. If you're wearing powder, it helps. But if the day is humid, or you were in a hurry to get to our session, eliminate the glow with these handy things. I carry them in my purse always! Even when not in front of the lens, I find these to really help save face!

6. If you're not sure if you should, bring it! I am often inspired by the props, clothes and concepts my clients bring to me. Even if you think it's silly or impossible, try me. You might be right- or we might just create some magic. If you're not a prop kind of person, that's totally cool, too. I roll with them all.

If you have any questions, ever, of course feel welcome to reach out. Your photographer should be open to the possibilities that you bring to the table, even unscripted. It's impossible to know exactly what to expect, and by the time your session is over, it's too late to consider something else. So, plan accordingly and let's have some fun! 



[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) dental floss jackson lip balm michigan target up & up Sun, 14 Oct 2018 19:17:04 GMT
Senioritis: Meeting in Milford I met this senior in Milford where there is a nice park and a cute downtown all tightly packed together. This girl has a bubbly and energetic spirit that kept us creative and amused during our two hour session. We had some good chuckles about how to pose. I encourage my seniors to go ahead and chat with their parent off camera. I say that they shouldn't talk through a smile, just go ahead and converse like normal. It's then that we capture natural and easy expressions that are familiar to the family. This girl nailed it!


LAF_2346LAF_2346 LAF_2503LAF_2503 LAF_2575LAF_2575

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) autumn LAF Lines Photography Michigan Milford portraits senior portraits seniors Thu, 11 Oct 2018 13:02:33 GMT
Senioritis: Bright Walls and Gray Skies We’ve had some rain lately. I wondered what the weather would do for my session with this lady. We dodged some drizzle to get some great shots. I threw out a challenge, and she rose to the occasion. The Bright Walls Jackson Mural Festival is still going strong, and though people were out enjoying the progress, I suggested it as a stop on our photo tour. It’s not easy to have your photos taken with an audience. This girl totally nailed it. 

We took just a couple of shots in front of Jackson’s beautiful new murals, then headed to more private spaces. We shared some laughs and I enjoyed our chats about music, college and bears. Oh my!

LAF_1910LAF_1910 LAF_1886LAF_1886 LAF_1934LAF_1934 LAF_2006LAF_2006 LAF_2062LAF_2062

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Bright Jackson LAF Lines Photography Michigan portraits senior portraits Walls Mon, 08 Oct 2018 00:18:06 GMT
Senioritis: Dual Sports I got to meet this guy this weekend. He had me at hello as a cross country runner. Add to it that he's playing soccer as well! I'm impressed with his time management skills! We were a bit cold during the start of the shoot. I added some fingerless gloves to my ensemble while he got into his various uniforms. Brr! As a determined athlete, it's no wonder that he endured the cold to pose for the photos. We headed downtown to snap his yearbook photo in-studio and then walk about. It was warmer then, and I was no longer worried he'd fatigue his muscles shivering. I'll for sure be looking for him at the next I-8 CC meet!

LAF_1366LAF_1366 LAF_1395LAF_1395 LAF_1311LAF_1311 LAF_1672LAF_1672

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Jackson LAF Lines Photography Michigan portraits senior portraits seniors Mon, 01 Oct 2018 16:37:42 GMT
Senioritis: Nephew I was so glad to have the opportunity to photograph my nephew. My son is just seven months younger, so I've always viewed my nephew's milestones as what's to come next for my kid. He's blazed an incredible trail! He's wicked smart and crazy fast. He has musical talents and is a pretty well rounded kid! (Nope, not proud at all, am I?)

We met at our beloved Lithuanian Youth Camp and had fun sharing stories while striking poses. I wasn't terribly emotional about the shoot because it naturally feels like it's time. He's a senior, he needs photos- yea. We got this. It wasn't until I was alone at the studio looking through his photos that I noticed my partiality. I have a pretty good system in place for paring down photos. I'm efficient and I know what to look for. I struggled with pics of my nephew. They were all winners in my book! I'll have to do a second pruning because I really loved.them.all! For now, here are a few faves. 

LAF_0800LAF_0800 LAF_0844LAF_0844 LAF_0980LAF_0980 LAF_1160LAF_1160

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) LAF Lines Photography Michigan portraits senior portraits seniors Mon, 01 Oct 2018 14:08:59 GMT
Senioritis: Taking Flight Throughout high school, this kid has been in the band and aviation club. We paid homage to both during his session. He's been building an airplane for the past few years. Eventually, he hopes to take flight. WHAT?! AN AIRPLANE? That's awesome. He's got a love of classic rock when he's not busy tooting on his trumpet. He's known to his peers as funny and sarcastic and I enjoyed our time together.

LAF_8273-2LAF_8273-2 LAF_8377LAF_8377 LAF_8235LAF_8235 LAF_8180LAF_8180

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Jackson LAF Lines Photography Michigan portraits senior portraits seniors Tue, 28 Aug 2018 12:15:15 GMT
Little Tiny One I forget each time how little babies start out. I mean, tiny. This little peanut is enjoying her fourth week in the world. She was a trooper during our session (just as mom was). I'm guessing she just wanted to drink and snuggle, but we kept mixing it up on her. Hopefully a tired baby and tired mom got a great meal and snooze in after we wrapped up! 

LAF_9395LAF_9395 LAF_9560LAF_9560 LAF_9674LAF_9674 LAF_9789LAF_9789 LAF_9744LAF_9744

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) family portraits Jackson LAF Lines Photography Michigan Newborn portraits Mon, 20 Aug 2018 20:25:07 GMT
Senioritis: All That Jazz This kid. Smart, handsome, creative and talented. Such a threat! I enjoyed hanging out with him downtown and then in front of his high school. He's got so much going for him. He's hoping to go to college to study computers and continue playing in the marching band. The coolest thing that I learned about him? He works at one of my fave ice cream stops! And he confirmed, he can eat ice cream any time he wants! (I forgot to ask if he gets sick of it, but who could ever get sick of it? Just change the flavor!) ;) 





[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Jackson LAF Lines Photography Michigan portraits senior portraits seniors Tue, 14 Aug 2018 14:35:01 GMT
Senioritis: Third of Three This is the third of three visits I made to Dainava for early morning shoots. I got to hang out with this kid who has been a camper alongside my oldest. I've watched him grow up each year and this will be his last year as a camper. Heading into senior year, he has a few post graduation options. There are a few colleges interested in him playing basketball for them. It will be exciting to see where he lands!

LAF_7354LAF_7354 LAF_7286LAF_7286 LAF_7471LAF_7471

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) LAF Lines Photography Michigan portraits senior portraits seniors Wed, 01 Aug 2018 14:36:59 GMT
Senioritis: Camp Continued In order to capture these seniors at camp, we meet around 6:30 am to enjoy the freshest morning light, and to be on the property before everyone shakes awake. We practically have the place to ourselves. This senior is actually going on a college visit during camp this week. She's got her eyes on a small liberal arts college where she can pursue writing, art or arguing. ;) I learned about her interest in social justice among other things. She has a beautiful smile and the soul to match. I can't wait to follow her pursuits.

LAF_7030LAF_7030 LAF_7159LAF_7159 LAF_7060LAF_7060

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) LAF Lines Photography Michigan portraits senior portraits seniors Tue, 31 Jul 2018 15:38:23 GMT
Senioritis: Summer Camp This is the first of three seniors in the same location. We all have a shared experience, one generation removed. We all love our summer camp. We spend a week here, a bit removed from the world, surrounded by nature with a few basic amenities. Though not sleeping in tents, I would call this "roughing" it. And yet, it is here that so many kids want to be photographed. Dainava is a happy place. A safe place. A place we all long to return to. We think about it during the winter, and count down the days until our next visit. 

This senior is working kitchen duty. She's transitioning from camper to staff. In a couple of years she might aspire to be a counselor to give back to those younger than her. In the meantime, she's got volleyball tryouts next week and what is sure to be an action-packed senior year!

LAF_6453LAF_6453 LAF_6547-2LAF_6547-2 LAF_6595LAF_6595

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) LAF Lines Photography Michigan portraits senior portraits seniors Tue, 31 Jul 2018 15:08:05 GMT
Senioritis: Little Brother This senior has an older brother who was one of my seniors last year. I was careful not to repeat the same shots or spots. However, I did ask if there was anything he would like to mimic. Once we got rolling, I quickly realized this gent's style is a bit different from his brother's. So, it was easy to snap him up in a different way. We had a beautiful blue-skied, puffy-clouded day. We gabbed about football and college and the future. We're thinking about another shoot come basketball season which would be fun to do!

LAF_6025LAF_6025 LAF_6047LAF_6047 LAF_6138LAF_6138 LAF_6282LAF_6282

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Jackson LAF Lines Photography Michigan portraits senior portraits seniors Fri, 27 Jul 2018 19:00:28 GMT
Senioritis: Football in the City I secured my spot as this senior's photographer after a family session last summer. He doesn't love having his photos taken, but once he experienced my super casual style, he agreed to sign up for the rite-of-passage pics with me. Super cool! Really, we just hung out, and every once in a while I'd snap a photo. We talked about football (Can Lumen pull a three-peat?) and his other major activities: the school play and the annual mission trip to Jamaica. I learned a lot to help nudge my own kids in the right direction, and can't wait to see this guy shine in his senior year!

LAF_5630LAF_5630 LAF_5798LAF_5798 LAF_5698LAF_5698 LAF_5562LAF_5562

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Jackson LAF Lines Photography Michigan portraits senior portraits seniors Thu, 19 Jul 2018 12:09:11 GMT
Senioritis: First Dose Ah! My first dose of Senioritis for the class of 2019! Felt so good! We had rescheduled to avoid the mega heat of the weekend previous, and I'm so glad. Look, I can shoot in all kinds of weather. But, when my subject will be uncomfortable, what's the point? I texted mom and asked if they were available when the weather broke. We were all relieved not to have to combat the heat. I'm glad because I think this beauty was relaxed and able to concentrate on the experience rather than staying cool. I've photographed her before for school plays, so it was fun to go a little deeper. She's busy with the band, flags, cross country and plays among other things. It was a great way to celebrate the midway point of summer. She's got so much to look forward to coming up during senior year, but she's still got plenty of summer to enjoy!

LAF_4950LAF_4950 LAF_5332LAF_5332 LAF_4846LAF_4846 LAF_4996LAF_4996

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Jackson LAF Lines Photography Michigan portraits senior portraits seniors Mon, 09 Jul 2018 16:59:58 GMT
Social Media for Small Business 05129E7C-7666-42CA-957B-08FF2D5F889F05129E7C-7666-42CA-957B-08FF2D5F889F

If you’re a small business and don’t have the time to tackle social media, call me. If you’re a small business and can’t afford to hire a part or full time employee to manage your social media, call me. If you take a photo of your product and it lacks pizazz or turns out blurry, call me.

I can lend my skill set by taking photos for you, coming up with clever posts and even manage your customer engagement. I enjoy blending my passion for images and words to create social media posts that attract and lead to customer interaction. You may have the best thing going in town, but unless you get that information before your intended audience, you may be hearing crickets instead of phone calls. Meet your customers on the venues where they scroll. Allow LAF Lines Photography to help you.

LAF Lines Photography was born out of a love for business and art. You may expect that same level of professionalism and creativity when hiring LAF Lines Photography to help you move your business forward. Call today to schedule a consultation and to learn how LAF Lines Photography can help you market your brand. 517-917-4302

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) jackson laf lines photography michigan social media Sun, 17 Jun 2018 23:12:35 GMT
Printing PSA LAF_8248LAF_8248

Who remembers exchanging photos with friends? Who had plastic photo sleeves in their wallets to quickly and easily show off family and friends? There was a tradition when I was in high school of signing the backs of photos. Many were thoughtfully inscribed with comments, compliments and memories. I recently found my little wallet sized album and delighted in the images of my friends and the words they dedicated to me. It’s funny to look back and see how I was perceived and certain memories have been triggered with the combination of images and words.


I have many parents ask me now, “Do the kids exchange photos anymore?” The answer seems to be a no. Kids these days live in digital images. They like to keep their memories in their phones or in social media. I just wonder where those will be in a few years. We live in a physical world.

The current crew of young ones likely don’t remember floppy disks. They barely know about CDs. With the advancement of technology, things are changing at a fast pace. Do kids back up their phones? Do they have hard drives of images? (Frankly, do they really need to keep them all?) And what happens when the hard drives are no longer adaptable?

What about the classics? Shouldn’t some images be brought into the light of day and hung on the wall or kept in a physical album that has proven to withstand the test of time? In an age when we take too many snaps of ourselves, series and multiples of the same thing because it’s digital and “free,” I suggest taking the time to print those which are significant. Select a wall in your home and put up reminders of those relevant and wonderful moments. 

When the kids insist on digital files, so that they can easily broadcast their images, it makes sense to grant that. But, be sure to print some photos as well. After all, when they’re out exploring the world, wouldn’t you, yourself like some momentos of their time at home? Perhaps a wall full of memories that can be added to as the kids begin families of their own?

The struggle is real when having to search through old phones, computers or flash drives to find the images that represent our lives. Print them out. Date the back. Hang them up. Photos are moments of perfection. Those moments deserve to be on display and cherished. They're conversation starters and memory holders. Don't let your precious captures get lost in the digital abyss.

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) family portraits portraits prints senior portraits Wed, 06 Jun 2018 23:45:12 GMT
Senioritis: Spring in the City My son was always quiet. He ran cross country and played the saxophone, and planned to do so in high school. Before freshman year started, he met this kid. This kid tapped into my son's young mind and opened it up a little. He encouraged my son to join choir and later audition for the spring musical. My husband and I scratched our heads. Our quiet, behind the scenes kid was going to try out for a play? Like, to be on stage? Yup. He did.

This blog post isn't about my son. It's about this cool kid who's preparing to graduate from high school and start his collegiate career at U of M in August. There comes a point in adolescence when peers have more influence than parents. I never could have convinced my son to do what this senior did. He taught my son about surrounding himself with a great group of friends and trying new things.

It was a privilege to snap up this senior and get to spend a beautiful spring evening with him. I asked about his future plans and what he'll miss most about high school. It was insightful and affirming. He's got a bright future ahead of him. I remain thankful for his positive influence in my family's life. It is critical to recognize the impact one person can make. The ripple effect pulses onward. With such influence, comes great responsibility. Use it wisely.

LAF_2756LAF_2756 LAF_2899LAF_2899 LAF_2919LAF_2919 LAF_3038LAF_3038 LAF_3076LAF_3076

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) jackson laf lines photography michigan portraits senior portraits seniors Tue, 08 May 2018 20:31:58 GMT
Sharing the Love Congrats to the cast, crew, staff and pit of GUYS AND DOLLS produced by Lumen Christi. Oh, high school theatre. So much goes on during rehearsals, back stage and on stage. The skills that everyone involved learn cannot be measured or foretold. I was struck as I read the program at how many kids mentioned in their bio that they wished they had tried theatre sooner. Another common theme was encouraging peers and audience members to try something new, even if they’re afraid.

I was thrilled when my oldest auditioned for a play one year ago. My first love: theatre. Gosh, did I have fun. Anyone I knew back then remember the atomic fireball friendship club? Or when the bag of pretzels exploded before my big scene? 

I photographed the cast of GUYS AND DOLLS for a show poster to be in the lobby and I photographed the final dress rehearsal so the thespians would have still momentos and see what the whole thing looked like from the audience perspective. The photos are my gift to the cast/crew and families. It’s nice to breathe the theatrical air and reflect on my play years. As the slower paced first quarter of they year comes to a close, I’m glad to have kept my skills sharp on a great group of students. I hope their love of theatre continues into college and their communities. 


LAF_1166LAF_1166 LAF_1308LAF_1308 LAF_1454LAF_1454 LAF_1514LAF_1514

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) guys and dolls jackson michigan theatre Mon, 19 Mar 2018 16:37:04 GMT
To Selfie or Not to Selfie Look, I've been taking selfies since I've ever owned a camera. This was before there was a screen to view. So, some of them were great close ups of my nose or the top of my head. I grew up in an age that selfie photos were for fun. Not for anything legit. Certainly not a headshot. Sure, I'm in the biz. I will always want you to hire a professional photographer. I'm not just saying it to give myself a boost. There are reasons you ought to consider having your photos professionally taken.


So, here's me. My arm is only so long. They don't Go-Go-Gadget and extend. Without wanting to get my arm in the photo, my angle choices are limited when going the selfie route. Not to mention the entire image is soft and lacks clarity. The self facing camera on a mobile device is not the sharpest tool in the shed. I'm not a fan of making fish lips or duck faces, that does nothing for anyone but affect ridicule.

Last year on vacation my sons and I watched a woman standing on the beach among lounge chairs taking repeated selfies. She made all the eyes and lips at the camera. She then put a bikini on over a bikini and took another series of photos. We thought that this was a colossal joke because she was taking her selfies a little too seriously. AND IN PUBLIC, no less. Alone selfies really should be done in private. The front seat of a car is not private. But do you know why people are inspired in the car? It's the lighting. Great diffused light coming from multiple directions softens the skin.


So, here's me again. With the guidance of my friend Jenny Mietelka, I have better shoulder positioning and a more flattering angle. This photo has more crispness and potential for printing power. (You never know when you might rent a billboard.) When considering what you want to put on your professional profile pic, skip the selfie. Even asking someone to take your photo would be a move in the right direction.

It is important to maintain an updated profile photo in professional situations. Ever been to a conference and the speaker looks like they ate the person on the poster? Ever walked into a room and thought someone looked vaguely familiar, but not been able to name them due to a major departure from their head shot? If your image is important in what you do, keep your profile photos updated. This isn't a vanity move. This speaks to your credibility and is an investment in your customer's trust.

When it's time for an updated profile photo, don't reach for the selfie mode of your cell phone. Use the phone to dial a photographer (517-917-4302) and schedule a session for your professional image!


[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) jackson michigan portraits profile photos selfies Fri, 09 Mar 2018 23:28:01 GMT
Class of 1993 2018 marks 25 years since I graduated from high school. There are moments that I feel “old”, but overall, I still feel youthful. Within this body is the soul of the girl that I was. I’m a little more seasoned, busy, patient and responsible- but I’m still me. It’s bizarre to quantify the number of years it’s been since I went through the doors of ole Marian High.

Freshman Year, 1989  

People fascinate me. I’ve always had a pull towards corresponding with friends. I used to look up long lost friends before Facebook existed and reach out. (It was possible to lose touch with people in the years before social media.) I like to know what they’re up to. I’m curious as to the paths they’ve chosen and how those choices have impacted their lives. 

In honor of my 25th high school reunion year, I’m feeling a project coming on! Remember my "Everyone Has a Story" project? I’d like to interview and photograph (no more than) 25 members of the class of 1993. I have a questionnaire ready, and I’d like to see what people my age are up to. To make things interesting, I’d love to catch up with my own schoolmates, and I’d also love to meet with people from any high school who graduated in 1993.

While going through it, high school is the biggest deal ever. I’m curious to see if it remains the biggest thing when looking back, 25 years later. There is no cost to participants, this is an artful project of my own imagination. Travel within a few hours of LAF Lines Photography headquarters is possible. Participants will be asked to sign a release so that I may use the images and answers in an ensemble yet to be designed. 1024x1024 images will be released to participants to be used as they’d like on their social media. 

If you graduated high school in 1993, let’s catch up! 517.917.4302 [email protected]

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) artful project laf lines photography portraits senior portraits seniors Fri, 02 Feb 2018 15:32:40 GMT
Studio Lovin' When it's too cold outside to even bother, I love having my studio as a casual and warm option for photos. This family had nothing but love to share during their session. They were funny and full of energy. Some were slow to warm up to the idea of portraits, and some dove right in. I'm totally okay with different warm up speeds. We go with the flow. In the end, the results show the love and relationships- always the goal!

LAF_9768LAF_9768 LAF_9721LAF_9721 LAF_9528LAF_9528 LAF_9852LAF_9852 LAF_9801LAF_9801


[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) family portraits in-studio jackson laf lines photography michigan portraits Mon, 29 Jan 2018 16:06:21 GMT
Funeral Photography LAF_8776LAF_8776

We like to document the joyful times of our lives. We hire photographers for weddings, births and other significant milestones. How about funerals? I grew up with parents who would receive photos from Lithuania of relatives standing beside caskets of loved ones. They were grim photos, but they documented the end of life, and showed the survivors. So, to me, photos at funerals aren't out of the ordinary. 

Before Christmas, a photographer I love passed away. His funeral was the 27th. My aunt didn't directly ask me to take photos, but I knew she was asking. Leave it to my mom to tell me bluntly that I should take photos. So I did. As with weddings, but perhaps even more so, funerals are a blur in hindsight. 

Joe had a successful career in photography. He took photos of my family throughout our significant milestones. He also did corporate work and weddings. Aside from that, he always had a camera at family functions. He documented our lives. My aunt, in her grief, so plainly stated "We lost our photographer." So true. It was actually an honor to capture his funeral for my family to have images to send back to the old country or just to keep to help remember the day. Maybe they'll look at them once, and never again. Totally okay.

Being responsible for photographing the day was a welcomed distraction. Over the course of his illness, I had to fill in for Joe a couple of times. They were challenges in the sense that he had previously made the task look easy, with his many years of experience- and because I didn't want to have to replace him because he no longer could take on the responsibilities. I knew we would lose him and that was not okay.

When Joe's body was brought to the altar of the church, I smiled to myself. He had stunning light. Photography is nothing more than capturing light. And at the funeral, his was beautiful. I'm not sure if anyone else noticed, or if it was just for me. But I snapped it up. It was tough to say good-bye to a mentor and fellow camera compadre. I grieve for my family members who still had plans and dreams to share, and for the community at large who lost a friend and a giver and a gentle, kind soul. As my cousin said in the eulogy, "Joe is the kind of person we need more of in the world, and cannot afford to lose."


[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) funeral laf lines photography michigan Thu, 28 Dec 2017 16:04:08 GMT
Family Time Originally, I was to meet up with this family during the Thanksgiving break. Illnesses and unexpected work shifts bumped us a week. The great news is that we had lovely weather to enjoy while hanging out at the Jackson Train Station! I enjoyed capturing this family as the kids are just about all grown up. Soon they'll be moving out and moving on from the nest. They'll at least have some nice portraits to remember the day by.

LAF_8188LAF_8188 LAF_8284LAF_8284 LAF_8315LAF_8315

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) family portraits jackson laf lines photography michigan portraits Mon, 04 Dec 2017 14:46:37 GMT
Senioritis: Artistic Flare This senior and I met for a pre-shoot consult. We developed a plan for what we wanted to capture in the allotted time. We hit the streets of downtown with purpose. We also swung by Art 634 and found a piece of the stonewall to sit on along Ella Sharp Park's border. We wanted to showcase this senior's artistic edge while honoring this rite of passage photo session. I dig the results because the clues are sometimes subtle, but they're there!

LAF_5539LAF_5539 LAF_5665LAF_5665 LAF_5707LAF_5707 LAF_5740LAF_5740

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) jackson laf lines photography michigan portraits senior portraits seniors Mon, 13 Nov 2017 16:22:55 GMT
Generations I love capturing multi-generational families. It's so great to see how relationships unfold. Those tales are best told by the kids who easily react to their surroundings. (They couldn't keep secrets if they tried.) Before taking pics with their aunt and uncle, I asked the boys if their relationship was really serious, or if they had fun. The boys said, "we have fun!" So my instruction was to let me see it. I love the results: we got traditionally nice family pics and combos, and then we let the fun shine!

LAF_4674LAF_4674 LAF_4629LAF_4629 LAF_4772LAF_4772 LAF_4797LAF_4797

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) autumn family portraits jackson laf lines photography michigan portraits Tue, 31 Oct 2017 15:48:31 GMT
Gee Farms The mission was to capture three generations at Gee Farms. We got a few whole-family shots and combinations. This client is super good with me just capturing what's going on. So I did. There was a lot of cuteness going on.

LAF_4458LAF_4458 LAF_4062LAF_4062 LAF_4074LAF_4074 LAF_4142LAF_4142 LAF_4239LAF_4239 LAF_4503LAF_4503

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) family portraits laf lines photography michigan portraits Tue, 31 Oct 2017 14:07:59 GMT
Senioritis: Sunday Afternoon Sunday afternoon I got to hang out with this senior. I've photographed her before for school events, but I loved getting to spend some one-on-one time with her and learn a bit about what makes her tick. We didn't go far from the studio, the weather wasn't so great. Once we took care of the yearbook requirement, we ventured around the block and shared some laughs and created some great images for her rite of passage photos.

LAF_5080LAF_5080 LAF_5293LAF_5293 LAF_5229LAF_5229 LAF_5329LAF_5329

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) jackson michigan portraits senior portraits seniors Tue, 31 Oct 2017 13:34:25 GMT
Senioritis: Studio Style You know... you just never know. We had this session scheduled several weeks ago. At the time it was probably 90 outside. We thought we'd have beautiful weather and gorgeous fall color. But, nope. It was super windy and rainy and gray outside. So, we stayed in-studio. I try not to pre-plan much, so that shoots stay fresh. Being limited to space requires a little furniture rearranging. I also used some of my fave go-tos. Like the stairwell in my building. It's just perfect for what I do. I dig the results. Thanks for flowing with me!

LAF_3697LAF_3697 LAF_3739LAF_3739 LAF_3847LAF_3847 LAF_3937LAF_3937


[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) autumn jackson laf lines photography michigan portraits senior portraits seniors Tue, 17 Oct 2017 18:51:10 GMT
In Between Raindrops Did you know that water is sprayed on the roads in movie sets before street scenes to make them look all shiny and pretty? Then, wouldn't the same be true for all around us? ? What does an entire day's worth of rain do to the vistas? If you're texting with your client, trying to decide if we really should do this whole session thing, and the forecast shows an hour break of rain at 4:00- then you go for it! And you take in the pops of color against the gray sky. I just feel bad for the bridal party that showed up as we were leaving and the rain had resumed...

LAF_3555LAF_3555 LAF_3524LAF_3524


LAF_3512LAF_3512 LAF_3482LAF_3482

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) autumn ella sharp park family portraits jackson laf lines photography michigan portraits Sat, 14 Oct 2017 22:14:09 GMT
Senioritis: Summer Camp Possibly the greatest compliment is when a client drives 3 hours to meet me for a session. Sure, it helps to have a mutually favorite place in my neck of the woods. ;) In a recent blog I wondered if winter would never come. It's not here yet- however, the temps have cooled and we're having more seasonally appropriate weather. This includes cloud cover and a gentle mist. We worked through it and captured this senior having our entire summer camp to himself!

LAF_2643LAF_2643 LAF_2665LAF_2665 LAF_2680LAF_2680 LAF_2760LAF_2760

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) autumn dainava laf lines photography michigan portraits senior portraits seniors Fri, 13 Oct 2017 00:30:16 GMT
Senioritis: Quick Trip Not every senior session is hours long with wardrobe and make up. Sometimes we just need to snap the necessary yearbook photo and a few other casual shots to satisfy. A bonus feature of being downtown is having the backdrop situation set up, and then getting down to street level for a quick tour. This senior wanted to allude to his football years without donning the uniform. I found his attire choice a clever way to sum it up in a shorter session! 

LAF_2145LAF_2145   LAF_2190LAF_2190 LAF_2212LAF_2212

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) jackson laf lines photography michigan portraits senior portraits seniors Wed, 11 Oct 2017 14:51:47 GMT
Still Summer Will winter never come? If you're not in the Mitten, we're having an unseasonably warm fall. I met this family for an autumn themed shoot, while donning my summer wardrobe. We're all a little confused as to what we should be wearing. I'm not complaining, I'd rather have my clients warm and comfortable rather than teeth-chattering-cold! It's been five years since I've last seen this crew. I loved catching up with the kids and finding out what they're up to and in to! They look the same, but not at all the same as the last time I saw them! :)

LAF_2045LAF_2045 LAF_1916LAF_1916 LAF_2111LAF_2111 LAF_1938LAF_1938 LAF_2087LAF_2087 LAF_2099LAF_2099

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) autumn family portraits jackson michigan portraits Tue, 10 Oct 2017 17:01:07 GMT
Fighting Crohn's This is Steph. She's young, vibrant and fun. She is organized and loves to travel. If you met her today, this is how she'd look. By outward appearances, she looks like she hasn't a care in the world.


2017 has been a rough year for Steph. She's faced her own mortality- twice; in the name of Crohn's Disease. Her diagnosis came on December 25, 2015 at the age of 23 after she'd spent 22 hours vomiting. Since her diagnosis, she's never been in remission, and most of her time has been considered at a severe level. She had to modify her diet and take medications to try and simply carry on. 

One year after diagnosis, it was determined that to bring her intense level of pain and illness down to a more bearable state, she'd have to have surgery. Steph now lives with 8 inches less of ileum and 2 inches less of sigmoid in her digestive system. After a severe allergic reaction to her medication, she has been recovering.

This woman has had to explain to her family her wishes in the event that she didn't survive her surgery. And you know that YOLO chant? She lives it every single day, because Steph lives with the knowledge that her Crohn's can't be cured and she's likely to go for another round of surgery. But this girl isn't going down without a fight.

LAF_1715LAF_1715 LAF_1741LAF_1741 LAF_1634LAF_1634 LAF_1799LAF_1799 LAF_1629LAF_1629

Accepting her scars and paying tribute to her fight were the themes of our session. Steph ordered an old pair of boxing gloves that were shipped from the Ukraine. I was honored to be part of her recovery. Travel plans that were put on hold this past year are back on the schedule. Steph doesn't show signs of slowing down. She'll lead the way, and the Crohn's will have to follow her--- not the other way around.


[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) crohns' disease fighter jackson knock it out laf lines photography michigan portraits Sun, 08 Oct 2017 00:57:35 GMT
Senioritis: Taking Aim Normally people make jokes around me about "shooting" my subjects. I gotta tell ya, I made no such jokes with this senior. He really knows how to focus, aim and shoot. He's a precision air rifle and small-bore events shooter. He's competing in Olympic style events across the country. It isn't unusual for him to take off after a football game (where he plays the drums) and drive several hours away, to wake up and compete. He takes his precision onto the baseball field where he pitches for Lumen Christi. I love it when a photo session turns into a lesson. There's a whole world of events I've never been exposed to. I'll be watching for this guy at the Olympics!

LAF_0963LAF_0963 LAF_1036LAF_1036 LAF_1119LAF_1119 LAF_1183LAF_1183 LAF_1263LAF_1263 LAF_1349LAF_1349

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) jackson laf lines photography michigan portraits senior portraits seniors Mon, 02 Oct 2017 19:20:08 GMT
Party of Five This morning I met up with this family and explored their awesome property! We saw many frogs, and the boys were planning on fishing just as soon as the photos were taken care of. Even though it's October 1, we were comfortable and got to really enjoy this beautiful day! The boys didn't have shoes on, and the sun kept us warm. It was difficult to keep the boys clean, but we made it through the session as best as we could! :) 

LAF_0520LAF_0520 LAF_0690LAF_0690 LAF_0613LAF_0613 LAF_0643LAF_0643 LAF_0793LAF_0793


[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) family portraits jackson laf lines photography michigan portraits Sun, 01 Oct 2017 20:27:32 GMT
Baby Teeth and Eyelashes It's always so great to catch up with a "regular" LAF Lines family. I get to see what everyone is up to- and I get to check out all the amazing, brilliant new things the kids are up to and in to. This year, this little guy is six. I've been photographing him from the beginning. I was stuck on his teeth. (Hear me out.) Next year- they'll be different. Either he'll have missing teeth or he'll have traded in his baby chompers for his permanent teeth... Oh my gosh! I made to sure to capture his smile with all those beautiful pearly whites. And those eyelashes! Had to get those as well. This little guy is energetic and wonderful. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to keep up with him!

LAF_9275LAF_9275 LAF_9371LAF_9371 LAF_8915LAF_8915 LAF_8976LAF_8976 LAF_8992LAF_8992

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) family portraits jackson michigan portraits Tue, 12 Sep 2017 18:25:41 GMT
A Couple of Years What a difference a couple of years makes in our lives! Since I last photographed this family: TWO more members have joined the party! Two kids now wear glasses. Teeth have been lost and grown in! I absolutely loved catching up with this extended family. We picked the same spot and the family chose the same colors to wear. Even with those factors, when they compare these photos side-by-side they're going to see some major differences! I loved snapping them up!

LAF_8318LAF_8318 LAF_8126LAF_8126 LAF_8796LAF_8796 LAF_8586LAF_8586 LAF_8446LAF_8446 LAF_8769LAF_8769

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) family portraits michigan portraits Sat, 12 Aug 2017 19:45:56 GMT
College Bound When one of the birds prepare to fly from the next, it's time to snap up some photos of the family. Mama just wanted some photos of her family as they are. Nothing fancy. I love the freedom of that instruction. We had a very un-structured session to snap up this family as we're just a week and five days from the oldest moving out for college. What a bittersweet time! I'm glad this family paused and allowed me to Capture the Love!

LAF_7736LAF_7736 LAF_7879LAF_7879 LAF_7964LAF_7964 LAF_7994LAF_7994

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) ella sharp park family portraits jackson michigan portraits Sat, 12 Aug 2017 19:40:07 GMT
Picture Perfect The more people in a photo, the more difficult it is to coordinate smiles and blinks and movement. When members of the family are under 5, it's doubly more difficult. To me, the joy is in capturing where everyone is at in life. You have to take into consideration personalities. When those personalities come through, the photo becomes more dynamic. I love the results of this session. In another couple of years when everyone can sit still long enough, we'll snap that picture perfect family. For now we've captured personalities galore.

LAF_7408LAF_7408 LAF_7423LAF_7423 LAF_7452LAF_7452 LAF_7323LAF_7323 ​​​​​​

LAF_7296LAF_7296 LAF_7212LAF_7212 LAF_7278LAF_7278 LAF_7363LAF_7363

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) family portraits jackson laf lines photography michigan portraits Fri, 11 Aug 2017 15:16:57 GMT
Senioritis: Ballin' at Dainava As I said in the previous blog entry, Camp Dainava is a special place. We wake up to foggy mornings on the lake and it is completely picturesque. It was my pleasure to snap up this basketball player in her various favorite spots around the campus. She had an idea to incorporate basketball into her session. She was completely agile and easily sat herself into the basketball hoop of the outdoor court. I was so nervous! But she handled the task with complete ease. I'm so glad that she'll have these photos to remind her of her summer days at Camp Dainava!

LAF_6551LAF_6551 LAF_6649LAF_6649 LAF_6484LAF_6484 LAF_6833LAF_6833 LAF_6858LAF_6858 LAF_6953LAF_6953

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) laf lines photography michigan portraits senior portraits seniors Thu, 10 Aug 2017 16:15:23 GMT
Senioritis: Camp Dainava For those of you who know me personally, you know that for one week a year I return to the place of my childhood dreams. I volunteer at Camp Dainava, which is a Lithuanian Heritage Camp. Within those acres we study and celebrate our roots. Whereas I was once a camper, I am now a teacher. I watch many children pass through our weeks together with the same awe and joy that I had as a child. It's no wonder, then, that it is a popular location for Senior Portraits. 

As the seniors (and I) are workers, we wake up mighty early to fit in photos before the camp awakens and the full day of activities begin. I had the pleasure of snapping up this guy bright and early- while donning a suit! I loved the idea of him wearing a suit in our woodsy locale. He also changed into one of his own creations. He is using his artful eye and creative mind to design t-shirts that celebrate our Lithuanian ties! (The one he is wearing is a total mind bending Gedimino Stulpas (Coat of Arms). If you need this great shirt, let me know and I'll pass on your contact info.) 

LAF_6095LAF_6095 LAF_6044LAF_6044 LAF_7168LAF_7168 LAF_6267LAF_6267 LAF_6373LAF_6373

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) laf lines photography michigan portraits senior portraits seniors t-shirt designer Tue, 08 Aug 2017 18:53:25 GMT
Senioritis: Doubled Up This morning's photo session included TWO seniors! First cousins graduating from the same high school saw benefit in scheduling their session at the same time. (It was cost effective also! Get in touch to find out how!) Both guys are football players, so that was a theme throughout our time together. We even found a football painted rock! Now that I know what positions these guys play, I'll for sure look for them on the field!

LAF_5123LAF_5123 LAF_5336LAF_5336 LAF_5358LAF_5358 LAF_5268LAF_5268 LAF_5085LAF_5085

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) jackson laf lines photography michigan portraits senior portraits seniors Tue, 25 Jul 2017 16:47:39 GMT
A Birthday Gift This photo shoot has been in my schedule for months. It is a birthday gift for the Wife/Mother and "Nana" of this family! Everyone flew/drove/trained in to Jackson to make this happen. Of course, when you pick a date so far ahead of time, you cannot be certain of the weather in Michigan. We had to make a couple of little changes to the appointment time and location to accommodate the threatening skies. Ultimately we chose wisely, and were able to stay dry from the rain! We did a more formal shoot and once we got all the groupings done, captured some more casual style shots. I appreciate this family thinking of me in February to make this matriarch's birthday gift come to fruition in July! :)

LAF_4391LAF_4391 LAF_4458LAF_4458 LAF_4569LAF_4569 LAF_4813LAF_4813

LAF_4817LAF_4817 LAF_4953LAF_4953


[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) ella sharp park family portraits jackson laf lines photography michigan portraits Sun, 23 Jul 2017 13:45:00 GMT
Senioritis: Sports I'm so excited to be beginning the Senioritis series with a bit more regularity now. This senior went along with the flow and we had some fun. We wanted to showcase his sports: football and track (shot put). But I didn't want to make the usual sports photo that he'll get on picture day with his team. Mom wanted to make a stop at "Touchdown Jesus" where the Lumen Christi athletes meet to pray. All in all this "kid" (at 6'5") was a great kick-off to my local senior shoots!

LAF_3923LAF_3923 LAF_3943LAF_3943 LAF_4137LAF_4137 LAF_4211LAF_4211 LAF_4281LAF_4281

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) jackson michigan portraits senior portraits seniors Sat, 22 Jul 2017 19:12:48 GMT
When? It feels like the kids have just begun their summer vacations. Summer camps, sports clinics, movies, swim days, shifts at their jobs and senior portraits. Wait, what? Is it time to think about senior pictures in the middle of all this? Well, Yea, kind of. Here are some answers to the questions and concerns I hear the most!

1. When do I need to start thinking about senior pictures? 
Some parents (and students) have been planning for this right-of-passage event for years. Others would rather not. Many students opt to have their portraits done the summer before senior year. Some kids want summer greens and blues as their backdrops. Some prefer the tones of autumn. Some want their photos taken, selected and ordered before the first day of school. What season does your senior like best? What suits their mood? When can we showcase their happiest season? Once you have a sense of that, let's schedule a date. It's never too soon to get on my schedule.


2. Location, location, location??!?

Based on the above, where is the best spot to showcase your senior's joy? Is your kid an indoor or outdoor spirit? Is there a family property or favorite spot that has special meaning to your senior? Is your student more country or more city? Perhaps the backyard is the most comfortable place with all the amenities of wardrobe/hair and make up. Let's not forget my studio space as an option also!

3. My kid really doesn't want to make a big fuss.

Totally get it. I've had moms "drag" their kids in for senior photos. They sit through their session because mom wants it done, not because they do. And that's okay, too. We'll make the best of it. I usually end up surprising the kids by being so laid back, that they nearly forget why they're hanging out with me. The results show them relaxing and ultimately engaging in the process.

LAF_2783LAF_2783 LAF_1700LAF_1700 LAF_4735LAF_4735

4. This sounds like a great excuse to go shopping!

My sessions are based on time, not poses or outfits. So, bring as many ensambles as you'd like. My recommendation is for at least two, covering a more dressy look and a more casual look. I like clothes that are simple so that the model stays the focal point. Shop for clothes that accentuate the positives, or just bring your favorite classics that your best friends know you by. We can go over specifics during our pre-shoot consultation. 

LAF_5729LAF_5729 LAF_5474LAF_5474 LAF_5735LAF_5735

If you've ended up with more questions after reading this, no sweat. Let's set up a pre-shoot consultation to review ideas and wardrobe and what props to bring. Bring your student so they can get to know me, too. If you're busy, call me and we'll spend some time talking through the questions. 517.917.4302


[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Jackson LAF Lines Photography Michigan portraits senior portraits seniors Thu, 29 Jun 2017 16:20:22 GMT
Senioritis: Garden Guitar I kicked off the 2018 Senioritis season in Elmhurst, Illinois. This senior and his guitar kept me entertained in the family backyard. The incredible outdoor space will be featured in the Elmhurst Garden Tour this July- and lent itself as a fabulous back drop. We talked mostly about music and his future potential majors. No matter what he chooses for the talent show or as a major, I'm pretty sure this senior is going to ROCK!

LAF_3070LAF_3070 LAF_3146LAF_3146 LAF_3090LAF_3090 LAF_3267LAF_3267 LAF_3302LAF_3302  

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) LAF Lines Photography portraits senior portraits senioritis seniors Tue, 20 Jun 2017 13:43:18 GMT
Love in Lemont My second wedding of 2017 took me to Lemont, Illinois. There, I photographed this very loving and fun couple. The weather was hot. And humid. It didn't rain until well into the reception. For this, I think everyone was grateful, since the reception was in a tent! The decorations were simple and striking, featuring sunflowers and elephants. The bride chose me as her photographer because of my philosophy. I try to stay out of the way, yet be everywhere. I don't force myself onto the wedding party and the photos are representative of the day as it unfolded. The story is best told by the love of the couple. I couldn't orchestrate that if I wanted to.

LAF_0775LAF_0775 LAF_0927LAF_0927 LAF_1119LAF_1119 LAF_1240LAF_1240 LAF_1636LAF_1636 LAF_2165LAF_2165

LAF_2821LAF_2821 LAF_2260LAF_2260 LAF_2429LAF_2429 LAF_2722LAF_2722

LAF_2968LAF_2968 LAF_2839LAF_2839

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Illionis LAF Lines Photography Lemont wedding Mon, 19 Jun 2017 15:56:55 GMT
A Taste of Tiburon in Michigan My San Francisco clients are visiting in Michigan! I had the opportunity to celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary with them at the location of their wedding! Now, four kids later, life looks a little different. It was my pleasure to document their return to the scene of their nuptials. We took a few "staged" photos, recreating some wedding snaps- but with a twist. Well, with four little additions to the photos! The last time I photographed this family, the baby of the family was still an infant. She graced most of our photos in a carseat. It was fun to see her in action, trying to keep up with her older sibs!

LAF_0061LAF_0061 LAF_0158LAF_0158 LAF_0283LAF_0283 LAF_0419LAF_0419




[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) LAF Lines Photography Michigan family portraits portraits Tue, 30 May 2017 18:51:41 GMT
In-Town Wedding One year ago I was in Traverse City photographing a wedding. Today I spent the day snapping a wedding within walking distance of the studio! That was a novel change! It was my honor to capture the day for this newly wedded couple. If I open the studio windows I think I can hear the music playing for the reception! During the homily, Father Tim mentioned the photographs from the wedding. He said that we want memories of the wedding to go back to for all time. (No pressure.) I hope this sneak peek do the day justice as mementos of such a joyful occasion. 

LAF_8058LAF_8058 LAF_8140LAF_8140 LAF_8400LAF_8400 LAF_8436LAF_8436 LAF_8425LAF_8425 LAF_8477LAF_8477 LAF_8840LAF_8840 LAF_9004LAF_9004 LAF_9050LAF_9050

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Ella Sharp Park Jackson Michigan portraits wedding wedding day Sun, 21 May 2017 02:44:40 GMT
Three Little Brothers I have had the honor of photographing this family as they've been growing up. Now the sister is in high school and the three brothers are flying through elementary school. Today we mixed things up with a downtown backdrop. The family is super chill and enjoy the photos of the kids being themselves. That takes a lot of pressure off. So we simply had fun! Dad was entertaining in the background. And we all cheered and jumped for the beginning of summer! Happy Mother's Day to the matriarch of this beautiful crew!

LAF_7086LAF_7086 LAF_7418LAF_7418 LAF_7210LAF_7210 LAF_7483LAF_7483 LAF_7550LAF_7550

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Jackson LAF Lines Photography Michigan family portraits portraits Sat, 13 May 2017 18:24:36 GMT
Girls in White Dresses II A couple of years ago, I photographed this First Communicant's big sister. She wore a sticker from her photoshoot to her sisters'. (Yes, your images can be made into stickers) I was careful not to mimic big sister's shoot all over again. Little sister had  her own ideas, though. She knew where she wanted to be photographed. We had fun creating pretty and significant images while logging in many steps in Downtown Jackson!

LAF_6312LAF_6312 LAF_6039-2LAF_6039-2

LAF_6295LAF_6295 LAF_6170LAF_6170 LAF_6331LAF_6331

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) First Communicant First Communion Jackson Michigan portraits Thu, 11 May 2017 00:23:47 GMT
Girls in White Dresses Next weekend, this second grader will be making her First Communion. This weekend, however, we simply wanted to snap her up in her pretty dress. We ranged from prayerful to playful and story telling. Any way you slice it, little girls in white dresses are just adorable.

LAF_5618LAF_5618 LAF_5807LAF_5807 LAF_5720LAF_5720 LAF_5875LAF_5875

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Jackson Michigan portraits Sun, 30 Apr 2017 16:12:46 GMT
PROM: Three Tips for Great Pics If you've got kids heading off to prom this year, it's time to get your camera ready! Charge the batteries! Clear the memory cards! Prepare your kids by letting them know photos ARE going to happen. And give the attendees time to mentally prepare. Prom is a fabulous rite of passage. Treat documenting the event as such with these helpful tips LAF Lines Photography.

1) Choose shade. If you're lucky enough to have a bright, beautiful sunny day for prom, your subjects might be better photographed in the shade. It might seem counterintuitive, however, the sun causes discomfort to those standing in it AND produces harsh shadows. Nothing shuts down the photo taking window faster than making your subjects feel uncomfortable before the first shutter has snapped.


2) Neutralize your background. Avoid lamp posts that might appear to be sprouting out of Davey-the-date's head. Be careful not to put Gloria-the-gorgeous in a situation where there is a window reflection of all the parents taking photos. Pay attention to what's going on behind the subjects. Try using a step ladder to change the angle. A little height goes a long way to clearing our the background clutter.


3) Try not to say "smile". Though also likely counterintuitive, allow your subjects to be themselves. Perhaps they're nervous or uncomfortable with all the attention. Maybe the bowtie is too tight, or the pantyhose are slipping down. (Does anyone even wear hose anymore?) When your subjects arrive in their photo spot, try not to descend upon them with commands of "look here" or "smile." They might need a minute to take it all in. Prom is a big deal, after all.


Have your attendee interact with the other kids who are in the group. Engage with them by asking them questions or making them laugh while having the camera on the ready. Snap candids. They'll appreciate the true expressions that tell the story of the day. Let me know how it goes!! 


[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Jackson Michigan Three tips great pics portraits prom seniors Sat, 22 Apr 2017 16:59:47 GMT
Senioritis: Political Ambition I love photographing seniors. I love learning who they are and what they aspire to accomplish in their lifetime! This member of the class of 2017 is not waiting for graduation to get a job. He's working in city offices already. He has aspirations to follow a career in local and state government! I'm so impressed with his clarity and ambition. I don't know that I had that when I was 17. He'll be attending EMU in the fall and I'll keep an eye out for him on my future ballots!

LAF_5369LAF_5369 LAF_5497LAF_5497 LAF_5509LAF_5509 LAF_5423LAF_5423

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Jackson LAF Lines Photography Michigan portraits senior portraits seniors Sun, 02 Apr 2017 18:53:42 GMT
Little Three It's always a pleasure to catch up with a little client. During this session I got to catch up with the three year old AND her big brother. Such sweetness. Big brother was a great role model for his sister. He helped me coax her into poses. Being three, she kind of did her own thing. And that is always okay by me!

LAF_4624LAF_4624 LAF_4665LAF_4665 LAF_4825LAF_4825


[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Jackson Michigan portraits studio photography' Sun, 12 Mar 2017 17:57:43 GMT
No Make-over Required Remember the glamor photo studios that popped up in the nineties? You'd show up with washed hair and they'd take it from there. You'd have a photo session with a feathery boa and a big ole head of a hairdo. Those studios still exist. (Not in Michigan, if you were wondering.) I was always tempted to go into one, but I never had the extra money for it. I was curious to see how the team would interpret me.  Surely the result would have been a made up, poofed up, glammed up doppelgänger version of me.

Wedding Day 1Wedding Day 1

I've worn boy-short hair for 88% of my life. I grew out my hair for my wedding. It was the 90's. I didn't trust I'd be able to find a hairpiece for my short hair. Immediately upon returning from the honeymoon, I chopped off my hair. It just wasn't me. And though lovely, my wedding photos aren't really representative of who I truly was, either. I mean, I look like a kid playing dress up. I grew out my hair for one day; possibly the most photographed day of my life. (This was way before cell-cameras. We put disposable film cameras on the tables. Ha, remember those?) 

So, my point? As a photographer, my goal is to photograph you. Not an interpretation of you. Not a version of you. But truly you. You are the person that those around you love. And that's who they want to see represented on their mantle, on their desk at work or on the wall in their home. They want quality images that best show the person they adore. The reality is, there is no better time to capture the essence of you as you live this incredible journey. It is the absolutely perfect time for portraits. No make-over required.



[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Come as you are Jackson LAF Lines Photography Michigan family portraits portraits senior portraits seniors Sat, 11 Mar 2017 01:09:49 GMT
That First Year That first year of parenthood... pfew! What a wonderful time for celebration and absolute exhaustion! It was my pleasure to capture this one year old and his mama in-studio. He was super curious and active, so I just followed him around and snapped photos when I could. Totally typical for a photo session with a wee one who has already learned to walk. Of course I love the photos of his sparkling eyes or the various faces of cuteness that he gave me. I do believe, however, that my favorite photo is the one of mom hugging her son. Look at the expression on her face. Baby boy isn't looking at her. Her expression isn't for him. It's entirely hers. It's entirely genuine. And I love it!

LAF_4017LAF_4017 LAF_4269LAF_4269 LAF_4038LAF_4038 LAF_4212LAF_4212

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Blake Building Jackson Michigan Studio Photography family portraits in-studio portraits Sun, 26 Feb 2017 23:45:56 GMT
Blooming This is my third (and hopefully not final) time photographing Amy. A few years ago she started a healthy, whole-food eating approach. She's lost quite a bit of weight, and changed her hairstyle. We've updated her website images along the way and now it was time for an updated profile photo for an upcoming conference. During her pre-session consult, Amy shared that she really wanted a casual and fun session to simply capture her. She's feeling good, looking good, and celebrating it all! It was my pleasure to capture Amy to kick off the 2017 portrait year! 

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[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) LAF Lines Photography Michigan portraits Tue, 07 Feb 2017 23:43:39 GMT
Playing With Light Each year I photograph my sons around their birthdates. I send out updated photos of my guys in their thank you notes. Because #2's birthday is so close to Christmas, it usually takes me a while to recover from the celebrating frenzy before I remember that I need to get him in front of the camera. A couple of weeks ago, he and I were going on a date to the Michigan Theater. It was already dark outside, and I had him come to the studio so I could snap him up. He thought this was weird. If you've been following me for a while, you know that I am an available-light-photographer. 

For 2017 I made a New Year's resolution to learn more, to take different pictures, to expand my horizons. So, in the dark, I took these photos of my son. I absolutely loved playing with light, turning a flash on, using a strobe and some base lights... The results were so much fun. Because my photo shoot had more set up work involved, I gave my son props to help him wait out my different experimentations. I need to take advantage of the early darkness yet this winter- I have lots of time to experiment without having to wait up past my bedtime! :) 

LAF_3200LAF_3200 LAF_3211LAF_3211 LAF_3269LAF_3269 LAF_3321LAF_3321

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Jackson Michigan experimenting in-studio lighting lights portraits studio work Sun, 05 Feb 2017 20:11:36 GMT
Go Big and Take it Home In the spirit of full disclosure: a level was not used in the making of these photos. 

In my last blog I touched on the concept of printing big. And I meant it! I had a photo session with my 12 year old recently and I absolutely love some of the images because they completely represent him. (I will write a blog post about his shoot soon.) Since I've been updating the images in the studio, I thought why not print one of someone I love so dearly. I ordered a 24"x36" canvas wrap and eagerly awaited its delivery.

Before we get to that, let's talk space. I had a blank wall in mind to hang this canvas on. It's above the couch in the studio. The couch is six feet long (with some additional for the arms.)


Now, how would it look if I hung an 8x10 which is matted and framed so it is more like 11x14. An 8x10 is a common choice for my clients. And in a tiny space or on a desk, it would look fantastic. But hanging on a wall? 


What do you think? Is that enough? Even in a collection of several images, the photo is lost. It's so small. And to view it well, you'd practically need to stand on the couch. So, let's hang the 2'x3' canvas wrap and take in the view. 


Wow! Now we've made impact. You can clearly see the photo from the other side of the room. No question. There is no glare since the photo is printed on canvas. Imagine filling your home or workspace with photos of people you love the most. The day after I hung this, I went into the above photographed room first upon returning to the studio. I wanted to take in the photo again. There's my boy. (Now I need to hurry and order another big print of my oldest- just to keep things even.) :) 


[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Jackson LAF Lines Photography Michigan engagement family portraits portraits senior portraits wedding Fri, 03 Feb 2017 18:27:35 GMT
2017 Oh hi there. And happy 2017! I can't believe we're already wrapping up January. This year is on pace to be the world record's fastest year. SLOW DOWN! Eek. January is traditionally a quiet month for photographers. I've been using this time to refresh my space, my equipment and my philosophy. I've been doing this photography thing for 8 years now. I've learned a lot along the way and hope to use it all to improve what I am able to provide for you.

INTRODUCING a pre-shoot consultation. Whether on the phone or in-studio, let's get to know each other before shoot day! I have already done this with many of my clients, but in order to meet expectations, I have a few more questions I'd like to ask. The more you know of how my operation works before we get going, the more likely you'll be pleased in the end.

I've had a few clients struggle with my website when it comes to ordering their prints. From now on, you can come to the studio and we can order prints together. I want to be sure you get what you need out of the session to hang in your home or to send to grandma. I'm here to help guide you through the many choices that my terrific lab offers! If you're out of town, no worries, we can still use my online private album option. Just know that I am available to help walk you through your selections.


This year, I really want to encourage my clients to print their photos. And not just by way of an 8x10 that you have to squint at from across the room. Let's go big! Let's decorate your home with the beautiful moments we capture together. Your portraits can serve as very personal art for your walls. I've spoken with Wendy who owns "A Frame Above" on the first floor of "my" building. She's offering a 20% discount on materials for any of my clients that get their LAF Lines Photography photos framed with her. 


I've done some research and have discovered some remarkably modern and fresh albums. We can put your photoshoot in its own book to keep and treasure for years to come. If someone you love is out of town, they'd love to see the images from our time together in a beautifully assembled album. 


The bottom line is: I am here for you. I want you to take away completed works of art from my studio, into your home. I hope not to see LAF Lines boxes stacked up with photos still in them because the chore of finding the right frame is too time consuming. Believe me, I understand in how many different directions you're being pulled. And that feeling that life is going by too quickly... Let's stop time with my camera. Let's enjoy the now- and create fabulous works of love for you to cherish in your home for many years to come!


If you've got a mind to book photo shoot, it is never too soon to get something scheduled! 517.917.4302

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) A Frame Above Jackson LAF Lines Photography Michigan family portraits portraits senior portraits Tue, 31 Jan 2017 19:14:54 GMT
Two and Seven This sibling duo has been subjected to be my subjects since they were each born. They are keeping their parents busy. It was, as it always is, my pleasure to catch up with them. Little sister is two, and that means not really sitting still for a photoshoot. Which is fine. Big brother is used to the drill and was mega helpful in guiding her and protecting her. There was much cuteness to capture during our shoot this past weekend.

LAF_0651LAF_0651 LAF_0684LAF_0684 LAF_0792LAF_0792 LAF_0811LAF_0811 LAF_0907LAF_0907

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Jackson Michigan family portraits portraits Tue, 15 Nov 2016 18:39:45 GMT
The Mother-Daughter Connection I had the pleasure of catching up with this duo since the daughter's senior photos. A lot has changed since we last met. Mom has loved and lost her husband. It was nice for me to hear about him and to honor him by including him in a few photos. Otherwise we spent time celebrating the women's enduring and evolving relationship. Their unity is practically tangible. We shared laughs and tears and truly captured the love. 

LAF_0381LAF_0381 LAF_0440LAF_0440 LAF_0509LAF_0509 LAF_0476LAF_0476 LAF_0541LAF_0541 LAF_0432LAF_0432

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Downtown Jackson Jackson Michigan family portraits portraits Sun, 13 Nov 2016 15:42:27 GMT
Wedding Bells in Vero Beach Have camera, will travel. I was thrilled to get away to Vero Beach, Florida the first weekend of November. (Of course, it happened to be in the high 60s that weekend in Michigan.) Nonetheless, Michigan does Not have palm trees, not even on the warmest of days. This bride and groom's ocean side themed wedding was beautifully celebrated and the guests were well treated at the Kimpton Vero Beach Inn and Spa. I was honored to be asked, and happy to get a taste of the beach life. 

LAF_9248LAF_9248 LAF_9288LAF_9288 LAF_9553LAF_9553 LAF_9584LAF_9584 LAF_9596LAF_9596 LAF_9770LAF_9770 LAF_9805LAF_9805 LAF_9828LAF_9828 LAF_9867LAF_9867

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Florida Kimpton Kimpton Vero Beach Vero Beach Vero Beach Florida beach wedding destination wedding wedding Thu, 10 Nov 2016 00:35:19 GMT
5 Year Old Energy There isn't a product on the market that sells the energy a five year old puts out! It's infectious, fun and exhilirating! I loved meeting this young man and his parents at Ella Sharp campus. He was naturally curious and enthusiastic. And when it was time for a photo, he totally obliged. It was such a great mix of personality! To make the session more adventurous, I gave him clues as to where we were headed, and he led the way. He was our line leader and idea maker. So. Much. Fun!

LAF_7879LAF_7879 LAF_7759LAF_7759 LAF_8101LAF_8101 LAF_8004LAF_8004 LAF_8217LAF_8217

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Ella Sharp Park Jackson Michigan family portraits portraits Tue, 01 Nov 2016 22:58:12 GMT
Senioritis: Ella Style I have felt so glad this fall when the weekend weather has been conducive to photo shoots! It makes my clients happy and I'm relieved! This past weekend was no exception. I was glad to get to know this senior as we walked around the beautiful Ella Sharp campus. This girl has a great sense of style and a quiet demeanor that I think will serve her so well as a nurse in her future years! She'll bring her creative flare to nursing and cheer up all of those around her! YEA!

LAF_7205LAF_7205 LAF_7326LAF_7326 LAF_7449LAF_7449 LAF_7538LAF_7538

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Ella Sharp Park Jackson LAF Lines Photography Michigan portraits senior portraits seniors Tue, 01 Nov 2016 18:06:25 GMT
The Littlest Sister This family welcomed their littlest wonder just 2 days before I met her! There was much cuteness to take in during the shoot. We got the middle-little to hold her baby sister for the first time, and I was glad to capture the moment. These little tiny miracles never cease to amaze me. I was happy for the opportunity to breathe in some new-baby air!

LAF_8624LAF_8624 LAF_8762LAF_8762 LAF_8814LAF_8814 LAF_8886LAF_8886 LAF_8939LAF_8939 LAF_8949LAF_8949

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Michigan Newborn Newborn portraits family portraits portraits Mon, 31 Oct 2016 20:06:13 GMT
To Be Wed Today turned out to be a beautiful, albeit chilly day. I got to meet this to-be-wed couple and celebrate their engagement with them. We found a cute little park to take some cute little engagement photos! The bride let me know that the only photos she has of them in their five year couple-hood are the ones she's taken selfie-style on vacation. I was happy to give them a new take on their relationship. I wish them a laughter filled future, which I think will be easy as their session was full of laughs.

LAF_6888LAF_6888 LAF_7049LAF_7049 LAF_7103LAF_7103 LAF_6947LAF_6947

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Michigan engagement engagement session portraits Mon, 24 Oct 2016 20:24:18 GMT
Shooting Let me be clear: when I say I'm shooting, 99.9% of the time I mean my camera. I like to make puns by saying "I'm going to shoot somebody today" on the days I have photo sessions scheduled. My husband once said that he hopes nobody can read our calendar because it says "9:00 shoot: Smith Family." If I were a hitman, I could see that being a problem. My entire crime life would be right there for police to get me with. But for me, shooting with my camera is therapy. 

Today was a brilliant autumn day. I had to do paperwork for LAF Lines. And then I was itching to get out and take some people-less photos. I wanted to be outside. I took a quick drive to my favorite summer spot, Camp Dainava. To me this is the land of many joys. I find much inspiration here. And on a day like today, much peace. 

Remember in the beginning of the year I made a resolution to go out and shoot for sport every month? Well, I was really good about it until about June. I have been shooting, but not necessarily with intent. And once school started I kept very busy photographing my son's marching band and cross country team. So, today my shooting was very personal. All the while I was snapping these photos, I could hear shooting from a distance- from a gun. It must be hunting season.

LAF_5541LAF_5541 LAF_5549LAF_5549 LAF_5592LAF_5592 LAF_5600LAF_5600 LAF_5602LAF_5602 LAF_5640LAF_5640 LAF_5647LAF_5647

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Camp Dainava Lithuanian shooting Mon, 24 Oct 2016 00:05:24 GMT
Senioritis: Nature Scenes This is this girls' second shoot. Her first session was around downtown Jackson in the summer. She mentioned then that she'd want to do photos again when the colors started to change for a more nature-oriented shoot. We had practically summer-like weather while capturing the changing season this morning. It was great to spend a little more time with this stupendous senior. 

LAF_5848LAF_5848 LAF_5944LAF_5944 LAF_6013LAF_6013 LAF_6104LAF_6104


[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Jackson Michigan portraits senior portraits seniors Sun, 16 Oct 2016 17:15:31 GMT
Action Typically for 2-3 year old photo shoots, I chase kids. They don't exactly sit still. I know I have to do a lot of shadowing. I wasn't expecting any different from this two year old. She was non-stop action and exploring. Her story is best told by the photos I was able to capture of her in constant motion. Her parents wanted this story captured, so that they would remember that this is how their daughter was at two. 

LAF_6210LAF_6210 LAF_6343LAF_6343 LAF_6588LAF_6588 LAF_6680LAF_6680 LAF_6254LAF_6254

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Jackson Michigan family portraits portraits Sat, 15 Oct 2016 23:27:16 GMT
Senioritis: Chilly Wind I really can't complain about the weather this "busy season." Aside from a rainy wedding day (that produced beautiful images), it's been pretty good. And, I won't complain about Saturday's shoot either. But I did feel bad for my senior. She had some outfits picked out for a different kind of day. Autumn decided to show up on her shoot day. We combated a brisk and chilly wind. It did artful things to her hair, which I appreciated. Good thing photos don't show temperature. But this senior was a trooper!

LAF_5474LAF_5474 LAF_5521LAF_5521 LAF_5729LAF_5729 LAF_5735LAF_5735

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) LAF Lines Photography Michigan portraits senior portraits seniors Mon, 10 Oct 2016 19:35:57 GMT
Party of Six When there are four children in the family, it's difficult to coordinate the family photo. Not in terms of clothes, date or time, rather in terms of getting everyone to cooperate. Little kids have their own ideas. They don't always want to look, smile or even be in the photo. Someone wants to hold the baby or snuggle up to mom when the baby and mom's lap are accounted for. But you know what? We roll with it. We do what we have to do. And in the process, we laugh and have a good time. I enjoyed my time exploring the Dahlem Center with this adorable and fantastic family!

LAF_4601LAF_4601 LAF_4870LAF_4870 LAF_4872LAF_4872 LAF_5138LAF_5138


[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Dahlem Center Jackson Michigan family portraits portraits Sun, 09 Oct 2016 13:54:02 GMT
Senioritis: Hit the Road This senior had her locations and outfits all figured out. We went on a bit of a drive to hit all the destinations and it was perfectly synched with the setting sun. It was an adventure in rocks, dogs, trains and fields. I loved this senior's spunk and creativity!

LAF_2841LAF_2841 LAF_2936LAF_2936 LAF_3010LAF_3010 LAF_3249LAF_3249


[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) LAF Lines Photography Michigan portraits senior portraits Sun, 25 Sep 2016 16:34:10 GMT
Senioritis: Sunrise There was something ethereal about my senior shoot this weekend. We were in a beautiful location, and my senior gave great pose. All of her images have a dreamlike state to them. In part because of the sunrise light, and partly because of her gentle nature. I have many great images to work up for her, but here is a peek at my first favorites. I find them simple, yet striking.

LAF_2562LAF_2562 LAF_2639LAF_2639 LAF_2759LAF_2759 LAF_2797LAF_2797

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Michigan portraits senior portraits seniors Tue, 06 Sep 2016 23:18:06 GMT
What's Rain Got To Do With It? Saturday was another wedding day of note for LAF Lines Photography. This was #3 of 4 for 2016. (One was unpublished, if you're counting.) The forecast was looking quite wet. The ceremony and reception were scheduled to be outdoors at our beloved Camp Dainava. I can't say enough about how impressed I was with the bride, groom and entire bridal party for being such amazing sports about the rain. I overheard the bride say to someone, "We knew this was a possibility when we chose an outdoor wedding." She didn't let it get her down.

And the show went on!

The ceremony was in a lovely, wooded outdoor chapel. For the most part, we were protected by the trees. The rain did stop for a little while after mass, so we quickly snapped family portraits and started on bridal party photos. When it rained again, we ducked under a 300 year old oak tree. It kept us dry, and we kept on clicking. 

The ceremony and reception had lovely Lithuanian customs mixed in. The bride and groom arrived by boat to their reception. On the shore they were greeted by their friends holding a canopy of woven sashes for the newlyweds to walk under. Some sashes came down and the couple were forced to kiss in order to be let through. 

The reception went on long after I packed up and headed home. I left impressed by the spirit of love that defined the day and made a bigger showing than the rain clouds.

LAF_1065LAF_1065 LAF_1088LAF_1088

LAF_1127LAF_1127 LAF_1422LAF_1422 LAF_1260LAF_1260

LAF_1465LAF_1465 LAF_1674LAF_1674

LAF_1991LAF_1991 LAF_2107LAF_2107




[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Camp Dainava Wedding Dainava LAF Lines Photography Lithuanian Wedding Michigan Tue, 23 Aug 2016 02:23:58 GMT
One Year Old This little lady will be celebrating her first birthday soon. It was my pleasure to catch up with her and her mom and capture her growth. She has two big brothers who were pretty busy soaking in the end of summer. Seeing her and snapping her up was a great way to kick off the weekend!

LAF_0290LAF_0290 LAF_0345LAF_0345 LAF_0382LAF_0382 LAF_0540LAF_0540

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Jackson Michigan baby baby portraits portraits Mon, 22 Aug 2016 02:33:22 GMT
Blowing Bubbles This family selected Ella Sharp Park for their family photos. This is where the parents had their wedding photos taken. I caught some nice moments for the family. And then... it was bubble gum time! Dad had once told me he was a bubble gum blowing contest winner. Actually, I think he said champion. So, in the spirit of the Olympics, I thought a family bubble blowing photo was of course necessary. 



LAF_9999LAF_9999 LAF_9813LAF_9813 LAF_9803LAF_9803 LAF_0174LAF_0174 LAF_0147LAF_0147

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Ella Sharp Park Jackson Michigan family portraits portraits Tue, 16 Aug 2016 21:12:16 GMT
Starting School I can't believe this little nugget is starting Kindergarten--- ON HIS FIFTH BIRTHDAY! I have been snapping up this family his whole life! We had our annual photo shoot: special school edition! I remember when each of my kids turned five. It was a magical age. I am eager to learn how this little dude does as he trots into school.

LAF_9310LAF_9310 LAF_9407LAF_9407 LAF_9554LAF_9554 LAF_9633LAF_9633

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Jackson Michigan family portraits kindergarten portraits Mon, 15 Aug 2016 23:21:53 GMT
Redefining Caroline Wright Caroline Wright has changed the way she gets things done. The poet in our first project Chemistry, Not Science has evolved and grown and changed as life has had her do. So, it was time for an updated profile photo. We wanted something edgy, a little sophisticated and to honor this girl skateboarder!


LAF_8987LAF_8987 LAF_9006LAF_9006 LAF_8886LAF_8886 LAF_9245LAF_9245

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Ann Arbor Grafitti Alley Michigan Profile portrait Sun, 14 Aug 2016 21:06:59 GMT
Growing Out and Growing Up My youngest son decided to grow out his hair in hopes of making a donation to a children's hair charity. The school he attends has a tight dress-code and his hair will need to be cut before school begins regardless of whether or not he's met his goal. I totally understand, I signed him up for this school knowing about the policies. So, no hard feelings. In order to celebrate his growth, we scheduled a mini-session before the scissors undo his do.

His grandmothers have vocalized their dislike of my son's hair. There have been pantomimed scissors in the direction of his head. So, I think they'll be glad it's haircut time! Personally, I think this hair is pretty fabulous. He's only eleven. I admire his sense of self, and his courage to go against the mainstream. We had a great time during our shoot. We discussed modeling, contact lenses and the heat! (Which kept us indoors) 

I suppose I won't have to make prints from this shoot for the grandmas. With the money I save, I'll make a donation in honor of O's attempt to Children with Hairloss- a Michigan charity. :)

LAF_8625LAF_8625   LAF_8713LAF_8713 LAF_8742LAF_8742

LAF_8780LAF_8780 LAF_8846LAF_8846

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Hair donation Jackson Michigan children with hairloss portraits Sat, 13 Aug 2016 02:52:45 GMT
Senioritis: Around Town We had a delayed start (by a week) to our photo session due to a storm that blew through J-Town. But I was glad for the weather we did get on photo day! This senior is my Lumen Senior Spokesmodel. So, ask her how her session was, if you're still trying to figure out who to hire for your senior pics. An avid reader, we had to make the beautiful Carnegie Branch a stop on the photo tour! We had a great session! I'm taking her photos with me to work on during camp next week! :)

LAF_7261LAF_7261 LAF_7299LAF_7299 LAF_7509LAF_7509 LAF_7490LAF_7490 LAF_7587LAF_7587

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Jackson Michigan portraits senior portraits seniors Sun, 31 Jul 2016 00:40:48 GMT
Four Legged Photo Bombers Saturday morning I drove out to capture this family. The goal was to take some nice photos of mom and dad (a Christmas gift from their daughter). We were able to capture some nice photos of the pair and family. Once we went back to where the animals were hiding in the shade, though, it was game on! These friendly animals stole the shoot by photo-bombing. And I loved it! Honestly, I'm not sure I've ever been so close to a cow who wasn't in a barn or stall of some kind! I got to capture all kinds of love during this shoot!

LAF_6251LAF_6251 LAF_6419LAF_6419 LAF_6379LAF_6379 LAF_6457LAF_6457 LAF_6519LAF_6519 LAF_6589LAF_6589 LAF_6623LAF_6623


[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) LAF Lines Photography Michigan family portraits portraits Sun, 24 Jul 2016 17:06:45 GMT
Homeward Bound I knew this mom when she lived in Jackson five years ago! She moved away, got married and brought this little guy into the world! On the family's whirlwind Michigan tour, I was delighted to be a stop along the way. We met at the ever fabulous Ella Sharp Museum Campus (Mom's old stomping grounds). We snapped a multi-generational photo and just enjoyed the campus and this adorable little boy. 

LAF_5684LAF_5684 LAF_5791LAF_5791 LAF_5722LAF_5722 LAF_6066LAF_6066 LAF_6243LAF_6243

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Ella Sharp Park Jackson Michigan portraits Tue, 19 Jul 2016 17:32:28 GMT
Senioritis: Stormy Skies I am guessing that this senior was my sister in a previous life. We had some great laughs during our shoot, while dodging some suspicious looking clouds. We were windblown, pelted with road sand and hot in the end- all within a two hour window. She's interested in photography and I hope to have her assisting me on a shoot or two this summer!



LAF_5010LAF_5010 LAF_5285LAF_5285

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Downtown Jackson Ella Sharp Park Jackson LAF Lines Photography Michigan portraits senior portraits seniors Sun, 10 Jul 2016 17:02:26 GMT
Senioritis: Wheels It is that wonderful time of the year when Seniors begin their journey into their final year of high school. I was happy to begin my journey with the class of 2017 tonight. This senior was open minded about his right-of-passage photo session. I simply wanted to capture him. He brought some large props with him, and I'm so glad I was able to capture him with his wheels. What a cool kid. I'm glad he wears a helmet. :)

LAF_4652LAF_4652 LAF_4521LAF_4521 LAF_4693LAF_4693 LAF_4735LAF_4735

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Jackson LAF Lines Photography Michigan portraits senior portraits seniors Thu, 07 Jul 2016 00:36:14 GMT
Destination Wedding: Mission Point My website says I don't really market myself as a wedding photographer. And this remains true. Some photogs love to do weddings every weekend/month. The right bride will find me and hire me. A chill bride. Our photographic philosophies have to line up, since we'll be spending a lot of time together on one very significant day...

If you live around Michigan- hopefully you enjoyed the gorgeous weather this past weekend. The previous weekend it was snowing in some parts. The trip up to Traverse City was beautiful. While not everything was yet in bloom, the entire northern area was electric and alive with spring. A perfect backdrop for a May wedding.

The dinner tables in the Penninsula Room at  Jolly Pumpkin were decorated with hand crafted table numbers, flower boxes and beer: bottled and labeled with utmost consideration to the special event. The dessert table was filled with scrumptious traditional Lithuanian cakes and tortes. The bride and groom? They need no description. Their style and their love speak for themselves in the images. It was my utmost pleasure to spend their wedding day with them, Capturing the Love.


LAF_0085LAF_0085 LAF_0643LAF_0643

LAF_0841LAF_0841 LAF_0955LAF_0955


LAF_1615LAF_1615 LAF_1651LAF_1651 LAF_2041LAF_2041

LAF_0536LAF_0536 LAF_0534LAF_0534 LAF_0369LAF_0369

LAF_2196LAF_2196 LAF_2395LAF_2395

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Jolly Pumpkin Michigan Mission Point Traverse City Wedding Photography wedding Tue, 24 May 2016 02:05:50 GMT
Baby Girl When I last met with this family, I had no idea they were expecting baby #3. It was a joy to meet their precious baby girl. She was born just a couple of weeks ago with a full head of hair. (And no, Mom didn't have heartburn, in case you were wondering. Because I was.) Baby is already so loved by her big brother and sister! Many times new moms don't want to be photographed, because their bodies are still recovering. To me, a newborn shoot is about Capturing the Love: documenting the tenderness of a new relationship. 

LAF_2767LAF_2767 LAF_2784LAF_2784 LAF_2812LAF_2812 LAF_3155LAF_3155 LAF_3234LAF_3234

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Jackson Michigan family portraits portraits Sat, 14 May 2016 23:32:50 GMT
Guest Blog Post: My Teenager's Perspective LAF_2029-2LAF_2029-2 LAF_2308-2LAF_2308-2 LAF_1986-2LAF_1986-2

'I personally, do not like getting my photos taken. And I've given a hard time to my mom about it. Just having all the attention on me, even if it's my closest family, makes me uncomfortable. This photo shoot was different. 

I grabbed what I would wear and props. It's always good to have chapstick, I don't know exactly why, but the professional told me so. I told Miss lidija my favorite location and we chose a nice day to go. 

lidija put me in spots that would be cool, and I came up with spots that would be cool. It was a no-stress time, and we had nothing to worry about. In the end, I had lots of fun, and the photos turned out great. She's the best photographer I know and a fun person to be with."

[Editor's Notes] Colin speaks the truth: he's always given me a hard time during photo time. Something changed this year, and he really went for it. He chose his favorite clothes (Although I did suggest the Jackson, Michigan shirt because that's where we live) and he brought his guitar. I told him to bring a Lippy because smiling dries out the lips and keeping them moist during a photo shoot is practical. 

I gave Colin my usual pre-game speech. I tried to treat him like any client. So, I told him I would give him suggestions, and I wanted his as well. I have a very open policy when I shoot. My goal is for the images to always reflect the subject, so input matters. Even though some are nervous about their photo shoots, I try my best to get them to relax and almost forget that they were nervous about it at all. I often hear from my clients that they had fun, that it wasn't as "bad" as they thought it would be etc. These are always a sign to me that I'm doing my job. 

His conclusion that I'm the best photographer he knows... well, that's a good boy. An extra meatball on his spaghetti tonight. ;) 

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) LAF Lines Photography Michigan family portraits portraits Tue, 10 May 2016 13:55:49 GMT
Mother's Day What do moms really want for Mother's Day? Family photos. This family granted Mom's request. Adding a cutie patootie puppy to the mix was a total melt of the heart and show stealer. Sometimes giving mom what she really wants is just as easy as posing for a few photos. 

LAF_2273LAF_2273 LAF_2350LAF_2350 LAF_2417LAF_2417 LAF_2546LAF_2546 LAF_2661LAF_2661

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Jackson Michigan family portraits portraits Mon, 09 May 2016 01:08:16 GMT
All Dressed Up On the occasion of his First Communion, this guy was looking quite dapper. His parents, sisters and grandparents were celebrating the Communicant when I caught up with them to update their portraits. My clients appreciate a well posed photo, but on their walls hang the photos that display their personalities. And this guys has personality in abundance!



LAF_1689LAF_1689 LAF_1473LAF_1473 LAF_1531LAF_1531 LAF_1513LAF_1513

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) First Communion Michigan family portraits portraits Mon, 02 May 2016 01:41:12 GMT
My 14 Every year for my children's birthdays, I take their "official" birthday portraits. I have one son who will go to different locations with me. My oldest is difficult to drag out beyond our property boundaries. He isn't a fan of having his photos taken. But this year, he turned 14. He's almost finished with 8th grade. And he's the inspiration for the new Senioritis Booster Shots series. (Photo shoots before high school, and again as seniors.)

This year, my 14 told me he wanted to go to his favorite spot in the world: Our beloved Lithuanian Summer Camp. He wanted to bring his guitar and his dog. Away we went. He stuck with me for an entire hour- posing and creating suggestions, just like a regular client. I am thankful I will have these photos to remember this special pre-high school time. More, I am thankful for the memories we created in taking these photos. This is my boy.

LAF_2151LAF_2151 LAF_2308LAF_2308 LAF_2003LAF_2003 LAF_2029LAF_2029 LAF_2085LAF_2085

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) DAINAVA Manchester Michigan portraits seniority's booster shots Tue, 26 Apr 2016 01:21:30 GMT
What's the Buzz!? I've always felt a little pulled in two directions with photography. People often ask what my favorite thing to photograph is, and the truth is always "Whatever I'm working on at the moment." I adore photographing people and capturing them in the act of being cute, funny, loving, mischievous, gorgeous and present. I also really enjoy photographing inanimate objects and attempting to show them as relevant and interesting.

In this world of constant change, I find myself growing as a person within my art. I cross promote what I do and sometimes wonder if it's confusing to see cute little baby Jimmy's photos on my blog followed by images of an abandoned hospital. But both of those dualities make me whole. And now enter my latest craze of creating notecards and having them in stores around me. (I'm up to four now!) 


I created the (above) flow chart in an attempt to define LAF Lines and what I do. I now have two Facebook pages for each branch. (I thought of starting a second business, but that seemed so overwhelming and expensive.) 

Look for blog posts to be posted about portraits on LAF Lines Photography. News and sightings of my still work and notecards can be found with LAF Lines. The newest printed products have this new form of my logo. All content will point to my current website. Follow one page or both, based on what you'd like to see more of!

Thank you for your continued support of my little business. I love creating and evolving and hope that you'll continue to grow with me!

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Art Duality Portrait Photographer Portraits Products Tue, 19 Apr 2016 19:55:10 GMT
April: Gilmore Car Museum I admit, I'm not a car enthusiast. I appreciate the aesthetics of beautiful vehicles, but I have no clue how a motor works. To keep myself going with my new years resolution of shooting for sport, Mark and I headed to The Gilmore Car Museum. The challenge of going to a location that I know nothing about, is figuring out how to tell the story in the LAF Lines Photography way. We faced many lighting challenges in that there were reflections on the shiny cars and light bouncing all over the place. I had to be really careful how I angled my camera. We spent three hours looking at the amazing collection, and still didn't see all the cars. Upon returning home, I found a nap impossible to resist. 

LAF_1813LAF_1813 LAF_1837LAF_1837 LAF_1858LAF_1858 LAF_1874LAF_1874 LAF_1880LAF_1880

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) LAF Lines Photography Michigan Still life cars Sun, 03 Apr 2016 22:50:34 GMT
Turning Two This little lady has been a subject of mine since her days in her mama's belly. Her big brother gave me a great hug before we got started. For the most part, he did his own thing while she did hers. At the two year old level, photo sessions are more about catching the subject in action, as opposed to having them smile and pose. (Really, that doesn't happen until about senior year ;) I think this little one has a career as a model for raisins and board games!

LAF_0719LAF_0719 LAF_0865LAF_0865 LAF_0806LAF_0806 LAF_0945LAF_0945 LAF_1053LAF_1053

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Jackson Michigan family portraits portraits Sat, 02 Apr 2016 22:34:35 GMT
Meeting Baby #3 Quite possibly the coolest feeling is one that I get walking into a client's home and seeing our previous photographs on the walls. I was so excited to meet baby #3 of this adorable family! We hung out, captured the love, and even successfully posed all three boys! The oldest read us a story, and I jokingly said to the parents, "this is how we'll tell people it always is at the house." (Just previously the 3 year old was photo bombing mom's precious moments with her littlest little.)

LAF_0126LAF_0126 LAF_0289LAF_0289 LAF_0386LAF_0386

LAF_0317LAF_0317 LAF_0626LAF_0626

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Michigan Newborn Newborn shoot family portraits portraits Sat, 19 Mar 2016 23:30:53 GMT
March: US-12 I'm so glad that at least for the first quarter, I kept up with my New Year's Resolution to go out in pursuit of photographic adventure! Today was a rainy day. A constant stream of raindrops fell which made it difficult to stay motivated. We took a long way around to get to Manchester, but upon arriving found the main street torn up. The construction plus the rain had Mark and I quitting early and ending the day with some delicious Chinese food! Here's what we saw:

LAF_1652LAF_1652 LAF_1657LAF_1657 LAF_1694LAF_1694 LAF_1739LAF_1739

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Irish Hills LAF Lines Photography Michigan Shooting for Sport US-12 Mon, 14 Mar 2016 01:17:14 GMT
Last Minute Senioritis I'm not going to lie, a last minute dose of Senioritis for the class of 2016 totally hit the spot. I was glad to put the studio to use, as the weather in Michigan is still quite unpredictable. This athlete was easy and fun to photograph. We'll get her yearbook photo submitted before her April 1 deadline and she'll be just a step away from graduation! 

LAF_9341LAF_9341 LAF_9492LAF_9492 LAF_9614LAF_9614 LAF_9672LAF_9672

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Jackson LAF Lines Photography Michigan portraits senior portraits seniors Sun, 06 Mar 2016 01:32:15 GMT
Senioritis Booster Shots If you've read my blog, perhaps you've picked up on my love for meeting youngsters and watching them grow. Seniors are so much fun to shoot because they're just about done growing, and they're preparing to take on the world! I'm preparing to send my own child to high school next fall. We registered him for his classes last week, and it got me thinking. Many more-seasoned parents have warned me that high school goes by in a blink. As a photographer, I savor moments and time with images. So, I'm going to take my 14 year old out for a photoshoot and snap him up. I'm not waiting until he's about to graduate!

Once I told my son about his pre-Senioritis Booster Shots he got excited and started telling me about where, when and how we should take these pre-right of passage photos. 

Then I thought, perhaps others would appreciate an opportunity like this for their own soon-to-be-high-schoolers. So I created a special value package, just for those about to hop onto the high school wagon! 

Booster ShotsBooster Shots

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) 9th graders Jackson Michigan Senioritis Booster Shot portraits senior portraits seniors Tue, 01 Mar 2016 16:31:34 GMT
February: South Haven In keeping up with my New Year's resolution to "shoot for sport," my buddy Mark and I headed to South Haven, Michigan. It was a brilliantly sunny and beautiful day in Michigan. Unseasonably warm, yet windy in Jackson, we were expecting big ole waves crashing into the shore. We were met with very gentle and mild waters from Lake Michigan. The ice was quickly melting, so we took no chances stepping where we shouldn't. I am happy to report no photographers were harmed in the making of these photos.

LAF_0705LAF_0705 LAF_0819LAF_0819 LAF_0896LAF_0896 LAF_0891LAF_0891 LAF_1032LAF_1032

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Michigan South Haven South Haven Pier shooting for sport Sun, 21 Feb 2016 16:56:34 GMT
Celebrating One It was most delightful to take a break from note card sales and general hibernation to meet this little man! He just celebrated his first birthday, and was on the go. I pre-set some spots in the studio for him to wander around to. I did what I have to in little mobile dude situations: I followed him around. I let mom know he was doing exactly what one year olds do. Even with all of his exploring, he allowed me to capture some great moments! 

LAF_8926LAF_8926 LAF_9131LAF_9131 LAF_9175LAF_9175 LAF_9208LAF_9208 LAF_9242LAF_9242

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Jackson Michigan One year old in-studio portraits Sat, 13 Feb 2016 20:08:08 GMT
New Years Resolutions In 2015 I didn't do much shooting for "sport" as I like to say. The results of these explorations are the images I choose from to print and show in various displays and sell at markets. I made a resolution for 2016 to venture out with the express purpose of clicking away once a month. Today was my first scheduled shoot day. I had planned to get out of town, but the weather kept me close to home. It was frigid! Despite the cold, it felt so great to get out and snap it up in 2016. Can you guess where I was? 

LAF_0350LAF_0350 LAF_0358LAF_0358 LAF_0372LAF_0372 LAF_0480LAF_0480 LAF_0505LAF_0505 LAF_0647LAF_0647 LAF_0653LAF_0653

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Jackson Michigan Sport photography Still life Mon, 18 Jan 2016 01:28:01 GMT
Loving Jackson FullSizeRenderFullSizeRender When I moved to Jackson 12 years ago, I noticed a self deprecating mentality in town. It didn't affect me too much while I was busy with my little boys. Once I stepped back into the world and planted myself downtown, it really started to bother me. I can see why Jackson is so down on itself. There are people jonesing for a change. There are some who see nothing wrong with the way this town is. There is quite a bit of flight. There are many reasons to want to leave.

The economic struggles that hit Michigan punched Jackson. We're recovering, so it seems. Many of our industries have moved or shut down, so we need to reimagine Jackson. 

I've watched and admired the Pure Detroit campaign from afar. Whenever in Detroit, I pick up some pro-Detroit gear for myself and my boys. I'm a fan of a pro-Detroit message. When I was a kid, the t-shirts you could don from Detroit showed images of a smiley face with a bullet hole in the head that said "have a nice day." Now, Pure Detroit is working hard along with several other brands and groups that I follow on social media, and they've made Detroit cool again.

I want to make Jackson cool again. I have limited time and resources, so I've channeled my energy in creating notecards. Notecards are things we drop in the mail and send to loved ones near and far. We send friends notes of cheer and sorrow. I want to spread the word to the world that Jackson is more than a prison city. I want us to acknowledge and celebrate our culture. I want us to turn around the way we think about this place. 

Some of us are stuck here. Some of us choose to live here. Let's make the best of it, shall we?

(Notecards are $4 each and can be ordered by calling 517.917.4302 or emailing [email protected])

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Anchor Initiative Jackson Michigan Pure Detroit Think Positive Mon, 11 Jan 2016 16:59:39 GMT
Art Thief image1image1

As a one-woman operation, I wear many hats. I am the LAF Lines Photography photographer, president, marketing department, accounting department, inventory keeper, office cleaner etc. It looks like in 2016 I'll need to add Loss Prevention Department to my list. 

I was so excited when I noticed that one of my canvas prints was gone from my Artitude display. Of course I assumed that someone had purchased it. But when I noticed the blank look on the "cashier" my enthusiasm dimmed. There was no record of sale of my JACKSON Train Station print. It was stolen.

When you shop local, you directly impact the business and the community around it. I think the same goes for when you steal local. I am not a big box store. I don't have mass quantities of my products. It's what makes small businesses like mine unique and special. When something is lost, or stolen, it has direct impact.

I won't let something like this keep me down. As my 13 year old stated, "Be flattered that someone liked your work so much they were risking jail to have it." Thanks, buddy. 

In the meanwhile, if you happen to be enjoying company somewhere and see the above (missing) 8x12 2.5" canvas print- know that it was stolen.

It's a one of a kind.

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) art art thief stealing stolen thief Thu, 31 Dec 2015 16:43:55 GMT
Senioritis: Studio Style I was happy to get another dose of Senioritis at this quiet time of year! This senior wanted to hang out in-studio and avoid the wintry elements. Totally fine in my book! We knocked out the yearbook requirement and then spent some time capturing original furniture-rearranging looks within my four studio walls!

LAF_8562LAF_8562 LAF_8724LAF_8724 LAF_8752LAF_8752 LAF_8833LAF_8833

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Jackson Michigan portraits senior portraits seniors Tue, 29 Dec 2015 00:44:22 GMT
Christmas Cheer The day after a holiday is a great day for a photo shoot! Everyone is gathered from near and far, and hopefully in good cheer! On the 26th I ventured out to meet up with this crew to snap them up for a gift for grandma. I enjoyed catching up with these "cousins" and we mixed up our shoot to include different combos of people. I relied heavily on my philosophy that we try to capture everyone smiling and looking at the same time. The keyword being "try." Yoda would be so disappointed. 

LAF_8031LAF_8031 LAF_8095LAF_8095 LAF_8227LAF_8227


LAF_8440LAF_8440 LAF_8464LAF_8464



[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Jackson LAF Lines Photography Michigan family portraits portraits Mon, 28 Dec 2015 17:38:24 GMT
On Turning Seven  


By the time I was seven years old, I had cracked my skull and broken my arm. I had lost my two front teeth and was beginning the journey to my adult form.

I was learning about faith, loyalty and friendships. It was an awkward time of change and growth; physically and emotionally. Who I would eventually be was still unclear to me, though the writing was surely on the walls.

As I celebrate seven years of LAF Lines Photography, I am grateful for the many relationships I have developed as a photographer. I have learned from mistakes and celebrated many great moments from behind the lens.

My journey is not yet complete, and I feel tremendous excitement at the continued possibilities. Thank you for your many cheers. Thank you for the opportunities. Thank you for hiring me when you said you would. Thank you for telling your friends about me. Thank you for keeping me around these past seven  years. 

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Jackson LAF Lines Photography Michigan Seventh Anniversary Seventh birthday Tue, 17 Nov 2015 15:51:55 GMT
A Walk About It is my custom to have the kids help create their family's photo session. I take their input and use it. I left the choices for this shoot up to the sister. And I am ever so glad I did. We ended up exploring a corner of Ella Sharp Park I hadn't seen before. The personalities of this family shine through, like the sun we were so grateful to see on shoot-day.

LAF_9462LAF_9462 LAF_9530LAF_9530 LAF_9859LAF_9859



[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Ella Sharp Park Jackson Michigan family portraits portraits Mon, 02 Nov 2015 19:10:06 GMT
Senioritis: Books and Views This senior had two things on her list: books and a view. We were able to accommodate both requests by getting roof top access to one of the tallest buildings downtown and then hitting going to the Carnegie Branch of the Jackson District Library. We fought the wind and the chill in the air while outside, which made the inside seem too hot to handle. I'm excited for this senior whose acceptance letters are rolling in from the colleges she applied to! Congrats!

LAF_8922LAF_8922 LAF_9119LAF_9119 LAF_9317LAF_9317 LAF_9343LAF_9343

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Jackson Michigan portraits senior portraits seniors Mon, 02 Nov 2015 17:40:53 GMT
Celebrating One Year These parents and I were in total agreement that the only way we'd succeed at snapping up this little one would be on the move. And she was! This wee one year old got a double dose of celebration: Halloween and her birthday! I'm so glad I got to be part of the celebrations!


LAF_8462LAF_8462 LAF_8505LAF_8505 LAF_8533LAF_8533 LAF_8774LAF_8774

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Jackson Michigan family portraits portraits Sat, 31 Oct 2015 17:29:11 GMT
Rori's Big Day This mom-to-be loves Autumn. She was bumming she wouldn't be showing enough for full on maternity photos. So, to celebrate her favorite season and her big news, we scheduled pregnancy announcement/gender reveal photos. There's a very special baby in this momma's life already; her dog, Rori. And it was time to break the news to Rori that she'd be a big sister.

LAF_8109LAF_8109 LAF_8146LAF_8146 LAF_8210LAF_8210 LAF_8231LAF_8231 LAF_8380LAF_8380

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Michigan gender reveal portraits pregnancy announcement Sat, 31 Oct 2015 16:04:42 GMT
Wedding Day in Libertyville I have known this bride for a several years. I met her (now) husband during their engagement session. At that time I tried to convince them that I am not a wedding photographer. Yet, they persuaded me to photograph their wedding anyway. ;) It was a chilly, windy day at Independence Grove in Libertyville, Illinois, but it was a beautiful day just the same. With a touch of sentimental, sexy and Stone Cold, it was the perfect blend to make for a touching and fun celebration!





LAF_7538LAF_7538 LAF_6435LAF_6435 LAF_6630LAF_6630



[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Independence Grove Libertyville Wedding wedding day Mon, 19 Oct 2015 16:03:36 GMT
Engagement Photos While at college, this couple met and fell in love. Now they are planning their wedding! I enjoyed getting to meet them. Meeting engaged couples is not just a photo session, it's an interview. It's so important for the couple to feel comfortable with the photographer with whom they'll be spending a big chunk of time on one of the most significant days of their lives. (Pfew! That was a long sentence.) Hopefully I passed, and you'll be seeing more from them (and me) next May!

LAF_6742 - Version 2LAF_6742 - Version 2 LAF_6905LAF_6905 LAF_6932LAF_6932 LAF_7006LAF_7006 LAF_7158LAF_7158

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Michigan engagement engagement photo session engagements portraits Sun, 11 Oct 2015 23:06:40 GMT
Forest Fun This family and I met at the Dahlem Center. The season's colors are running a little late this year, but we certainly did enjoy the warmer temps! It was nice to see this family in action, and it didn't hurt that we hiked over a mile!

LAF_6133LAF_6133 LAF_6416LAF_6416 LAF_6464LAF_6464 LAF_6584LAF_6584

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Dahlem Center Jackson Michigan family portraits portraits Sun, 11 Oct 2015 17:49:25 GMT
Family Giggles This weekend I got to catch up with this family on the go! Now that baby sister is mobile, it's hard to keep up! I loved the way big brother entertained her. 

LAF_4710LAF_4710 LAF_4776LAF_4776 LAF_5029LAF_5029 LAF_5128LAF_5128 LAF_5233LAF_5233

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Jackson McCourty Park Michigan family portraits portraits Tue, 29 Sep 2015 14:35:42 GMT
Senioritis: Ann Arbor Explorers This senior came to me with a bucket list that included dinosaurs, a library and the colors of Autumn. We had fun exploring Ann Arbor to find these elements. Fall colors aren't in peak season quite yet, but two out of three isn't so bad. She was a good sport, walking around downtown in her homecoming dress where we knew we'd find some graffiti. And as all seniors seem to be able to, she changed while nobody noticed, into her grandfather's sweater. Her portraits are a collection of sassy, smart and sentimental. It was a pleasure snapping her up.

LAF_4318LAF_4318 LAF_4337LAF_4337 LAF_4425LAF_4425 LAF_4577LAF_4577 LAF_4624LAF_4624

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Ann Arbor Graffiti Alley LAF Lines Photography Michigan Senioritis portraits senior portraits seniors Sun, 27 Sep 2015 23:27:21 GMT
Relationships While capturing portraits of this family, I enjoyed turning the camera to capture to some unsuspecting moments. Of course our goal was to capture a nice family photo, which we did. But there were so many moments during our time together when the relationships of this family shined through. I'd be photographing mom and son, and turn to see dad and daughter dancing. Or I'd be photographing daughter to see mom and son watching the freight train roll by. It's these shots, where you can see the caring that tell the great love story of this family!

LAF_3655LAF_3655 LAF_3744LAF_3744 LAF_3867LAF_3867



[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Jackson Michigan Train Station family portraits portraits Sun, 27 Sep 2015 14:11:22 GMT
Newborn Love Today I got to meet a new member of the world. This precious little one is just one week old. While still so dependent on her mom, her life is so brilliantly simple. It was a great dose of babyhood for me to enjoy! She slept through much of our session and woke up just enough to show the camera her eyes! Sigh. Loved it!

LAF_2956LAF_2956 LAF_3003LAF_3003 LAF_3039LAF_3039



[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Jackson Michigan newborn newborn photography portraits Wed, 23 Sep 2015 20:35:52 GMT
Theatre Style Wedding When the venue is an old movie theatre, and the maid of honor is a pug, you know you're in for a great wedding! This bride and groom invited me to photograph their big day in Bowling Green, Ohio at the Clazel Theatre. The couple was laid back, and the love was free flowing. It was a great reason to explore Bowling Green and to hang out with a super cool couple!

LAF_2121LAF_2121 LAF_4895LAF_4895 LAF_2173LAF_2173 LAF_2211LAF_2211 LAF_2288LAF_2288 LAF_4991LAF_4991 LAF_2333LAF_2333 LAF_2549LAF_2549 LAF_2882LAF_2882 LAF_2906LAF_2906

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Bowling Green Clazel Theatre wedding wedding photos wedding portraits Mon, 21 Sep 2015 20:03:16 GMT
Senioritis: Rainless The weather forecast today was bleak. When my eighth grader came in for breakfast, he couldn't figure out why it was so dark in the house. "It's raining" I told him forlornly. I knew I had a shoot this afternoon, and according to the hourly forecast, we were only going to have one rainless hour between 1:00-2:00. Our shoot was scheduled for 1:00, so I had my fingers crossed. At 12:30 I got a call requesting a later start. My afternoon was open, so I didn't have a problem with that, except for my concerns for the weather.

At 1:30 the clouds spaced out and the sun shined upon us! We had a beautiful couple of hours together to snap up this senior! I LOVE when that happens! This senior deserved a sunshine-y afternoon for her special session!

LAF_1682LAF_1682 LAF_1708LAF_1708 LAF_1813LAF_1813 LAF_2000LAF_2000

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Jackson Michigan portraits senior portraits seniors Sat, 19 Sep 2015 02:29:21 GMT
Lake Living There was no question where this family should pose for their photos. When you live on a gorgeous lake, you ought to capture it! The family posed and played while soaking in the last days of summer.

LAF_0554LAF_0554 LAF_0782LAF_0782 LAF_1033LAF_1033 LAF_1150LAF_1150 LAF_1197LAF_1197

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Jackson Michigan family portraits portraits Thu, 17 Sep 2015 16:47:07 GMT
Senioritis: Golf Boy There is still enough light in the evenings to capture some great portraits in September! This senior and I met up and hit the links. Well, not really. We went to the driving range. He's a golfer and is considering a few schools where he might continue his sport on the collegiate level! We chatted and captured some images to commemorate his right-of-passage photo shoot!

LAF_0094LAF_0094 LAF_0194LAF_0194 LAF_0216LAF_0216


[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Ella Sharp Park Jackson Michigan Senioritis portraits senior portraits seniors Wed, 16 Sep 2015 18:09:26 GMT
Farm House Wedding Saturday turned out to be a chilly and wet day, but spirits were not dampened as we celebrated a newly wedded couple! I was glad to return to Hill Top Manor to capture a beautiful bride marry her groom. There were many tender moments, and plenty of happy laughs between rain drops. It's a good thing the bridal party was sporting boots!

DSC_0077DSC_0077 LAF_8110LAF_8110 LAF_3639 - Version 2LAF_3639 - Version 2 LAF_3742LAF_3742 LAF_8704 - Version 2LAF_8704 - Version 2 LAF_8778LAF_8778 LAF_4071LAF_4071 LAF_4289LAF_4289 DSC_0627DSC_0627 LAF_9085LAF_9085 LAF_9646LAF_9646 LAF_4396LAF_4396 LAF_9522LAF_9522  



[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Hill Top Manor Michigan photographer wedding wedding photographer Mon, 14 Sep 2015 01:09:41 GMT
A Photographer Turns Forty Yesterday I celebrated four decades on this Earth! I was excited and grateful for the entire day. I planned a few events to commemorate this fine time of life. One of my plans included having a camera turned onto me. 

One of the first things 70% (Editor's note: not really a mathematical statistic, I made it up) of my clients tell me is, "I hate having my pictures taken." I agree with them. I'm not a fan myself. So, of course, I challenged myself to have my photos done for my 40th birthday!

My photographer (who asked to remain anonymous) is a friend. So, I did have an advantage in feeling comfortable with this person with no warm-up. I promised myself I would go with the flow during our time. I wouldn't resist the process or let my insecurities get the best of me. 

I always ask my clients to trust me. I will only show them the best photos of themselves. If I release a proof, it means: YOU LOOK MARVELOUS! I had to put that same trust in my photographer. I was surprised that I totally dig the results. What do you see?


I love this photo of me! Do you see all of my "flaws"? Were you looking for them? Or only after I told you? They are the flaws that make my face mine. The angle of the photo is flattering. It's a great photo of me: flaws and all. When you first looked at my photo, it's how others look at yours. They're looking to see how you've been captured. They're not out to criticize your crooked tooth or deep set laugh lines. Er, I mean LAF Lines... Especially not your parents, spouse, children or siblings. They just want great shots of you that capture you in your now.

Trust your photographer to capture you in the most flattering lights and angles. Their education and experiences lead them to make great choices to best suit you. I often hear "I'll call you when I lose 20 pounds." Guess what? Your kids don't care about that. When they grow up and out (and they will!) they'll be glad to have great captures with you in them.

I threw myself into my clients' shoes to make sure I wasn't asking the impossible. I'm thrilled that I have nice photos of me at 40. Heck, I make my kids pose for me every year for their "birthday photos." I think we should continue this tradition into adulthood! :)

DSC_0347DSC_0347 DSC_0022DSC_0022 DSC_0387DSC_0387

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Jackson Michigan portraits Fri, 11 Sep 2015 16:54:26 GMT
First Birthday This family thought to update their portraits to celebrate baby's first birthday! She was cruising and a-moving! We tried to get some "posed" shots, but left most of our time up to Little Miss and her agenda. When the subject is one, there really isn't much containing to be done. Babies have to explore. And that's completely fine, I work around it. Her parents told me that if someone shouts "touchdown" she'll throw her arms up in the air! This simply had to be featured in a photo!

LAF_7292LAF_7292 LAF_7240LAF_7240 LAF_7301LAF_7301 LAF_7586LAF_7586 LAF_7826LAF_7826

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Jackson LAF Lines Photography Michigan family portraits portraits Sat, 29 Aug 2015 16:10:35 GMT
In Studio and on the Street This family came to the studio to celebrate their four year old with annual photos. We spent a little time in the studio, and then hit the street where downtown Jackson hosted a Cruise-In night with classic cars and music to enjoy. It was a nice mix of "posed" portraits and live action fun.

LAF_6492LAF_6492 LAF_6632LAF_6632 LAF_6834LAF_6834 LAF_6679LAF_6679 LAF_6732LAF_6732

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Jackson Michigan family portraits portraits Sat, 29 Aug 2015 00:06:05 GMT
Senioritis: Camp Dainava It seems that having a loyalty for summer camp is a common theme for those of us who spent our youth at Camp Dainava. This graduated camper is facing her senior year of high school. Her mom told me that she's been planning to have me take her photos at Dainava for the past four years! It's a trend I am loving because it gets me back to the place that I love with people who have shared the same summer joys as I. To take these right-of-passage photos at such a meaningful place puts a stamp of approval on childhood summers!

LAF_5679LAF_5679 LAF_5865LAF_5865 LAF_5917LAF_5917 LAF_6081LAF_6081


[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Michigan portraits senior portraits senioritis seniors Fri, 28 Aug 2015 17:46:29 GMT
Senioritis: All Grown Up I haven't seen this senior since she was in sixth grade. While photographing her, I could see the features in her that were familiar from her childhood. Then I really enjoyed getting to see the woman she has grown into! She has big plans for life after graduation and I believe she'll recognize all of her goals and dreams!

LAF_4999LAF_4999 LAF_5035LAF_5035 LAF_5193LAF_5193 LAF_5453LAF_5453

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Jackson LAF Lines Photography Michigan portraits senior portraits senioritis seniors Fri, 21 Aug 2015 16:44:59 GMT
In-Studio Adorable This family joined me in-studio because it was threatening storms on photo day. Watching this little dude cruise around my digs made me so happy I made the move. He had plenty of space and plenty of furniture to explore. I was totally trigger happy snapping him up. His mama brought cute props and outfits and we just had a ball! 

LAF_4112LAF_4112 LAF_4132LAF_4132 LAF_4212LAF_4212 LAF_4263LAF_4263 LAF_4538LAF_4538

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) In-Studio Jackson Michigan The Blake Building family portraits portraits Thu, 20 Aug 2015 15:11:55 GMT
Family Updated This family has been photographed by LAF Lines since the oldest was in utero. (Before I was officially in business!) We've come a long way since then! Each boy has a whole lot of personality. It was a hot and humid day, so we made quick of our "work" so that the boys could then go and get dirty!

LAF_3699LAF_3699 LAF_3737LAF_3737 LAF_3754LAF_3754 LAF_3896LAF_3896 LAF_3952LAF_3952

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Jackson Michigan family portraits portraits Tue, 18 Aug 2015 16:10:33 GMT
Bar Mitzvah A few years ago, I was not hired for a Bat Mitzvah because the client wanted someone with more experience. I was not offended. When a Bar Mitzvah client approached me, I suggested she look at someone else, since I (still) had no Mitzvah experience. She shopped around and came back to me. She insisted on hiring me. She and I met and talked about the ceremony. She provided me with a vocabulary list and timeline. It was all I could do to prep.

My tag line is "Capturing the Love" for a reason. It's something I look to do, no matter where I am. And, as unfamiliar as the Bar Mitzvah ceremony was to me, I knew where to look to find the love. The ceremony was beautiful. I couldn't use a flash, so I was nervous about not having enough light. But I was able to hit the key moments throughout the ceremony.

Then, for the reception- hello Harry Potter! The Country Club of Jackson was decked out in well executed Harry Potter themed decorations. The party was kid-centric. And I wished to be 13 again! The kids had a blast playing games, dancing and loading up on sweets from Honeydukes.


LAF_1964LAF_1964 LAF_2113LAF_2113 LAF_2194LAF_2194 LAF_2676LAF_2676


CollageCollage LAF_2912LAF_2912 LAF_3222LAF_3222


[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Bar Mitzvah Harry Potter Jackson LAF Lines Photography Michigan portraits Tue, 11 Aug 2015 15:11:18 GMT
Senioritis: Camp Style Did you go to summer camp as a kid? Did you go repeatedly? For some of us, summer camp was really the best experience. It's the place where none of our baggage fits, and we're all in it to have a great time. We get to be with our special friends that we only see once a year. There's something magical about summer camp. And that's why this senior chose to have her photos taken at hers.

LAF_1182LAF_1182 LAF_1235LAF_1235 LAF_1635LAF_1635 LAF_1698LAF_1698

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Michigan portraits senior portraits seniors Sat, 08 Aug 2015 18:55:39 GMT
Girls in White Dresses Three generations gathered on the beautiful campus of Kensington Metropark for an hour of photo combinations. It was so much fun to talk to these kids (and their parents) and learn about what they're up to. There's something to be said about color coordinating for a portrait shoot. I loved the girls in white dresses. And of course, the lone dude cousin with his red sneaks had me at hello. :)

LAF_9970LAF_9970 LAF_0075LAF_0075 LAF_0324LAF_0324 LAF_0526LAF_0526 LAF_0888LAF_0888

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Kensington Metropark LAF Lines Photography Michigan family portraits portraits Sat, 01 Aug 2015 23:16:58 GMT
Senioritis: Downtown This senior was quintessentially cool. I mean, he wore a sweater, jeans and boots while I was melting in the July heat. But if he was uncomfortable, he never let on. We talked music. And sports. And how great his senior year will be. I am glad to have shared this right of passage photo session with him.

LAF_8723LAF_8723 LAF_8631LAF_8631 LAF_8823LAF_8823 LAF_8955LAF_8955

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Jackson Michigan portraits senior portraits seniors Mon, 27 Jul 2015 13:29:13 GMT
To: You From: Me Dear Future Client,

If we haven't met yet, my name is pronounced Lydia From-o. I know, I've got all kinds of extra letters in my spelling. I've been doing this photography thing for a while now, over six years. It's been such a cool journey. I've gotten to experience and witness many great moments in people's lives. I've met some incredible people. And I've realized how much of this life's journey is universal.

When I was 14 I started reading Leo Buscaglia. He's all about Love. Loving ourselves. Loving each other. Being kind and accepting. And I really think he shaped the way I see the world.

Upon meeting so many of my clients, I am immediately told their insecurities. They ask that I digitally shave off some poundage, a bump in their nose or only photograph them from one side. And I often laugh. Because I don't see these "issues." I see the whole person. I see a mom doing a brilliant job raising her kids. Or a talent that we all admire from the audience. 

We postpone and neglect to be in photos because we think we are the sum total of our insecurities. But the truth is, nobody in the world sees us the way we see ourselves. Grandma would love a mantle full of photos of the people she loves. She doesn't care who has gained 10 pounds, or 20. Or 50. 

My style of photography is very natural. It's just us and the camera. And we talk. And we forget about the fact that we're taking pictures. My past clients have walked away enjoying the experience. And then being happy with the results. I won't show you a photo that I don't think you look good in. It does take a leap of faith to believe your photographer. To trust that she will showcase you in the most perfect light. I know that is part of the process. I will take good care of you.

When you're ready, call me. We'll take some photos. We'll "Capture the Love" and make some memories in the process.

Until then, be good to yourself.

lidija A. Fremeau

LAF Lines Photography


[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Jackson Michigan family portraits portraits senior portraits Wed, 22 Jul 2015 18:49:01 GMT
Senioritis: Irish Style I got to wander around downtown with this senior. I had mapped out a walk for us to take. The best part was, one of the buildings downtown was somewhere he grew up going to. So, of course we had to stop and take a few photos there. He told me at the beginning of our session that he doesn't love having his photo taken. At the end of our time together I asked if I ranked higher than getting a shot at the doctor's. He said yes. (Thankfully.) His photos look great, and even though it wasn't his favorite thing to do, he was awesome to work with!

LAF_7868LAF_7868 LAF_8202LAF_8202 LAF_8162LAF_8162 LAF_7916LAF_7916

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) 2016 Jackson Michigan class of 2016 portraits senior portraits senioritis seniors Tue, 21 Jul 2015 17:36:59 GMT
First Birthday Party First birthdays are so special. I congratulate parents for surviving what is usually the most difficult year. It's such a whirlwind of change and growth. Anytime, as a parent, you feel like you've got the hang of something, baby's needs change and the old plan is out the window! So, it was a joy to capture the first birthday of this cutie. Her parents used the occasion to gather with family and friends, and squeeze in a meal in everyone's hectic schedules. She's so close to walking, but crawling remains a faster mode of transportation. It won't be long, and she'll be cruising on two feet! 

LAF_7336LAF_7336 LAF_7320LAF_7320 LAF_7462LAF_7462 LAF_7723LAF_7723 LAF_7727LAF_7727

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) family portraits first birthday portraits Tue, 21 Jul 2015 15:54:26 GMT
Summer Reunion When the family is reunited from three different cities, that's a great reason to have a photographer snap a few photos. That way EVERYONE can be IN said photos! This family was preparing to help one member (I won't specify who) blow out 98 candles, and another 8 candles. July birthdays seem a great reason to reunite and celebrate! 

LAF_6368LAF_6368 LAF_6843LAF_6843 LAF_6934LAF_6934 LAF_6586LAF_6586 LAF_7062LAF_7062

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Jackson Michigan family portraits portraits Sun, 19 Jul 2015 21:53:25 GMT
Senioritis: Jackson Style My third senior of the season is a Jackson one! It's always an honor to be asked back by a family. So, I was thrilled to return to a familiar back yard to snap up some senior pics for the "younger brother" of a previous LAF Lines senior! Because the siblings have similar interests, it was fun to recreate some photos, so the parents have matching ones for each child. But, it was also great to get creative and make some unique and individual photos at the same location. This senior is going to have a busy year with all of his interests and pursuits! 

LAF_5702LAF_5702 LAF_5899LAF_5899 LAF_6057LAF_6057 LAF_6000LAF_6000 LAF_6240LAF_6240

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) 2016 Jackson Michigan portraits senior portraits seniors Fri, 17 Jul 2015 16:36:49 GMT
Senioritis: Lisle I remember talking to my best friend from college about taking my photography on the road this year. She said, "My mom wanted me to tell you that you're taking my sister's senior photos!" Once we got over the realization that her babiest sister is going to soon be graduating, we loosely figured out when I would next be in the Chicago area. 

This baby girl was announced to us as we were graduating from St. Mary's College. So, to me, it's fitting that that's where this senior aspires to attend! She'll be attending forensics camp at SMC soon and is planning to create her own major upon her arrival in South Bend. While her sister and I have been busy raising our own babies, she has grown into a fine young woman. It was my honor to photograph her.

imageimage imageimage imageimage imageimage



[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Chicago Lisle portraits senior portraits seniors Thu, 09 Jul 2015 13:47:38 GMT
Senioritis: Morton Arboretum I can't quite explain how great it feels to have an out of state client get in touch for senior photos. Originally they were going to take a trip to Jackson, but then I offered up a day of my pre-planned trip in Chicago-land. It worked out better this way since this senior had his newborn portraits taken at the Morton Arboretum. So we had the great, beautiful backdrop of a familiar place to make the photos more meaningful. 

This senior begins touring collegiate campuses next week and I can't wait to find out where he'll land.

imageimage imageimage





[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Chicago Class of 2016 Morton Arboretum portraits senior portraits Thu, 09 Jul 2015 03:47:24 GMT
Wedding Bells This couple is just a couple of months away from their wedding day! They made the supremely wise decision to hire LAF Lines for their big day. :) We met to snap up some engagement and family photos. The couple showed signs of the expected pre-wedding excitement. And their daughter won me over with her general adorableness. I have no doubt that their wedding will be full of special and beautiful moments. I am honored to have been chosen to capture them.

LAF_2736LAF_2736 LAF_2671LAF_2671 LAF_2783LAF_2783 LAF_3025LAF_3025 LAF_2835LAF_2835 CollageCollage

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Ella Sharp Park Michigan engagement engagement photos family portraits portraits Thu, 02 Jul 2015 01:52:51 GMT
Three Key Points to tell your Photographer LAF_7894LAF_7894

Keeping your photographer informed is the best thing you can do to ensure a smooth photo session. ESPECIALLY in a long shoot, such as a wedding, with many key players. Your photographer should ask you for this sort of information. In case she doesn't, be sure to make a point of telling her these three key points:

1. FRIEND OR FOE: To avoid any uncomfortable moments, let your photographer know the marital statuses and friendly-status of parents and in-laws. Inform her of who you suspect might give the photographer a hard time, ahead of time. The more your photographer knows, the more she can do to try and prevent any awkward moments in posing. 

2. SPECIAL PEOPLE/THINGS:  If there are significant people that you want photographed at your event, let your photographer know who they are, and how they are special. Likewise, if your decorations were made by Aunt Bev, or the wine glasses belonged to mom, tell your photographer so that these significant items can get their due photo.

3. TIMELINE: Keep your photographer abreast of any changes in the schedule of events. If you want certain moments captured, the photographer has to know they're happening and when. Your photographer might use the timeline provided to choose an appropriate time to use the bathroom. If something changes, it could really create a moment lost.

In order for your photos to reflect you best, keep your photographer informed. An experienced professional won't leak any surprises and will know how to handle your toughest guest. When you've planned a special day for months, guide your photographer to showcase the love and thoughtfulness of the day!

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Event planning Michigan event tips portraits wedding wedding tips Wed, 01 Jul 2015 17:05:32 GMT
Taking a Walk This morning I took a walk with this family. We were all tuckered out in the end, and the smallest of us needed help getting back to the car! Along the way we stopped and took some photos. Perhaps we even picked a flower for mom and dad. I have a special affection for this family, as they are so good to my ten year old son. We'd been talking about doing photos for a while, and I am glad the day finally came!

LAF_2114LAF_2114 LAF_2280LAF_2280 LAF_2502LAF_2502 LAF_2342LAF_2342 LAF_2240LAF_2240

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Jackson LAF Lines Photography Michigan family portraits portraits Fri, 26 Jun 2015 19:47:39 GMT
A Priest Some kids play teacher. I'm guessing fewer play priest. And make their siblings attend mass during play time. And give them vanilla wafers for the pretend host. But this guy did. And look at him now! Ordained on June 13 as a Jesuit Priest, he celebrated his first mass on June 20, 2015. I was honored to spend the day with him and get back-stage access to someone fulfilling his dream.

The day was full of emotion. And love. And most of all, JOY! After mass he met with family groups and offered a special blessing. Eventually he was able to enjoy a wonderful reception where many remained to share a delicious meal. The day felt much like a wedding and reception. And whereas a couple leaves a wedding to enjoy a honeymoon, Father Lukas is already off to work. 

LAF_0862LAF_0862 LAF_1023LAF_1023 LAF_1099LAF_1099 LAF_1188LAF_1188 LAF_1227LAF_1227 LAF_1149LAF_1149 LAF_1333LAF_1333 LAF_1193LAF_1193 LAF_1530LAF_1530 LAF_1400LAF_1400 LAF_1571LAF_1571 LAF_1755LAF_1755 LAF_1808LAF_1808

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) First Mass Jesuit Priest Jesuits Michigan portraits Mon, 22 Jun 2015 16:24:55 GMT
50 Years My parents celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary. My mom asked that I take "just a few" photographs. My sister-in-law created the beautiful centerpieces. My cousin made a traditional Lithuanian "Napoleonas" (torte) and it took the energy and love of everyone in the room to create a great evening!

I believe my parents are the cutest couple in the world. I always have. And when I saw my mom in her dress, I gasped. Her beauty shined. My father looked so dapper in his suit. It was my honor to snap photos for them to have and to share.

LAF_9659LAF_9659 LAF_9742LAF_9742 LAF_9774LAF_9774 LAF_9925LAF_9925 LAF_9888LAF_9888


[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) 50th Anniversary Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary Michigan Mon, 15 Jun 2015 16:19:56 GMT
Bunny Visits While grocery shopping yesterday, a woman behind me in line (who knows me as a photographer) caught me staring at an elderly woman. She guessed, "I bet you'd like to photograph her." She was spot on. Sometimes I see people who captivate me, and I itch to get a camera out. I admire adorable kids and distinguished adults whom I'd love to capture. I compose photos while doing the mundane, such as grocery shopping.

I've seen photos of this morning's subject on social media through a mutual "friend." I've often thought that I wish she lived closer and that I'd love to snap her up! Well, she came to visit and said mutual friend thought to have me out to ClarkLake Beach & Boat Club to do just that!

This little nugget was adorable, engaging and a pleasure to photograph. Though tempted by the lake and the playground, she posed for a few photos and then we released her to the beach!

LAF_8969LAF_8969 LAF_9093LAF_9093 LAF_9375LAF_9375 LAF_9240LAF_9240

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Jackson Michigan portraits Tue, 09 Jun 2015 17:34:09 GMT
Photo Credit Photos seem like fair game for anyone to grab now that we can make screen shots and copy images into our albums from social media. Richard Prince cashing in on other people's Instagram photos is really blurring the line as to who owns what. The simplest way I can explain photo credit is like this: If you publish a photo that you did not take, you ought to tell your audience who took it. 

I remember having to learn how to write a bibliography in high school. We had to include just the right order of name, date, book with the correct punctuation in between. I kept a cheat sheet for years because I could never keep it straight.

It is really quite simple to give photo credit for your fantastic images! Either: don't crop out the logo of the proofs when posted. Or mention who your fabulous photographer was! It is a small and courteous act that makes a photographer feel so good! (And in some cases will keep them from pushing legal action!)

Shout out of love to some of my clients who insist on including LAF Lines Photography in their credits!

From Rima Designs:

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 11.42.45 AMScreen Shot 2015-06-04 at 11.42.45 AM From Amy Lynn Smith: (Even when Amy is featured on other sites- she takes me with her!)

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 11.45.43 AMScreen Shot 2015-06-04 at 11.45.43 AM

From Kellogg and Latz Dentistry

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 11.50.59 AMScreen Shot 2015-06-04 at 11.50.59 AM

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Jackson Michigan Photo credit copyright portraits Thu, 04 Jun 2015 16:00:03 GMT
My First Portrait 1992-08 Mandy Portrait1992-08 Mandy Portrait

Picture it: Interlochen Arts Camp, 1992. A girl in cabin 25 unknowingly used conditioner instead of shampoo for 8 weeks. She wore the same flannel shirt every day. (Tied around her waist if it was warm out, otherwise over her uniform shirt.) (So how dirty was it, really?) She wore electric blue Doc Martens with her light blue uniform socks. She was studying piano, acting, singing and photography. Otherwise described as a "Main Camp Major." To her there were too many interesting things to learn about to pick only one concentration.

She thought photographers were the coolest. Her friend Jaime was also studying photography, but at a more advanced level. He was so cool. The way he saw the world was so interesting to the girl.

The assignment: Portraits. The student asked her cabin mate, Mandy to pose for her. But not really pose for her. (Above) was the result. The student had to process the photo in the dark room. Because it was taken on film. It was so much to learn in 8 weeks. 

Fast forward to today. I tell this story because recently a few people have talked about their dreams of pursuing photography as a career. And I'm going to be honest: it wasn't a dream of mine. I never wanted to own my own business. It looked too confusing and complicated. I wanted to wash car windows at a gas station. Or be a waitress. (I came so close, being a hostess at Smokehouse 52) And a job in photography? Yea! Right! I never thought I was good enough. Or cool enough.

Many people encouraged me along the way to "do something" with my photography. I tell my clients all the time that I see them differently than they see themselves. They are way too hard on themselves. The same can be said for talent. I didn't always see what was so special about my photos. Enough people said that I had something unique. And here I am. I was booking my first jobs before I even hung out my shingle.

After six years of LAF Lines Photography, I do believe that I am in the right place. With my camera I have met VPOTUS Joe Biden and Jill Biden. (Don't know who they are? Google them.) I have travelled across the country by the request of people who believe in me. My photos hang in many homes and fill many albums. I have met so many interesting people, and shown them how beautiful they truly are.

Thanks to those who believed in me before I knew to. Thanks for allowing me to live a dream I was too afraid to have.

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Business IAC IAC 1992 Interlochen Arts Camp Jackson Main Camp Major Michigan Photography VPOTUS Wed, 27 May 2015 14:59:25 GMT
Father-To-Be In my line of work, when I mention a father-to-be, most would assume there's a baby on the way. Not for this blog post. It was my honor to spend some time in Berkeley with my friend who is weeks away from becoming ordained as a priest. That kind of Father. He has spent the past three years in Berkeley and will soon be moving to Chicago where he'll become ordained. (Look for photos from his first mass at the end of June)

We've known each other for years, but always meet on the neutral grounds of our commonly beloved summer camp, Dainava. So, it was super cool to see where he's been living and what he's been doing lately. When not studying, he's been working as the Chaplain for the Berkeley Fire Department. Since I know Lukas personally, I know that he's warm and funny and open. You can have deep, meaningful conversation with him, and then you can heckle him and have some laughs. What made my heart swell was hearing some of the fire fighters he's been working with express their loss at his moving.

He's made impact. He'll do that wherever he goes. Not that I needed to be convinced of anything, because, who am I? But I really truly saw that he's on the right path, and that he'll do amazing things with his life and dedication as a Jesuit Priest. 

LAF_8377LAF_8377 LAF_8459LAF_8459 LAF_8392LAF_8392 LAF_8527LAF_8527

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Berkeley portraits Fri, 22 May 2015 15:12:50 GMT
Tiburon Revisited, Part III: Berkeley I was so excited when upon arriving to my clients' home, that the baby was awake! I wanted to snap a close up of her before we set out. (And it's a good thing I did, she slept the rest of our time together.) We packed up the car and headed to Berkeley. The mom of this family has ties to Berkeley, so we visited some of her childhood hang outs. Once everyone had their morning fuel from the ORIGINAL Peets, we headed to the Berkeley Rose Garden where the kids could expend some energy. It was here that we parted.

I spent the rest of the day in Berkeley with a friend (See next blog post). But now, days later, I miss the family and their explorer spirit! I love to make beautiful photos of ordinary moments, and with this family, in this setting, it was a task easily accomplished. 

LAF_7888LAF_7888 LAF_7937 - Version 2LAF_7937 - Version 2 LAF_8054LAF_8054 LAF_8147LAF_8147 LAF_8216LAF_8216 LAF_8294LAF_8294

[email protected] (LAF Lines Photography) Berkeley Garden LAF Lines Photography Peets Rose family portraits portraits Fri, 22 May 2015 14:46:04 GMT
Tiburon Revisited Part II Day two together with my Northern California clients prompted a trip to Sonoma and Napa. Our first stop was CornerStone Sonoma. What an inventive place for the kids to keep busy. It was aesthetically pleasing and interesting. Our second stop was Chandon. Both locations had favorite spots for the kids. They knew their way around, and the parents had a chance to have a few sips of their favorite adult beverages.

The kids slept all the way home to Tiburon. After naps, just a few of us walked a trail that led to the most incredible views of the Bay Area. The girls were very familiar with the path, and were comfortable navigating their way down and back up the mountain. It was inspiring to note that this was their childhood story, and these amazing places, the backdrop.

LAF_7003LAF_7003 LAF_7295LAF_7295 LAF_7398LAF_7398 LAF_7614LAF_7614 LAF_7731LAF_7731 LAF_7798LAF_7798