My First Portrait

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1992-08 Mandy Portrait1992-08 Mandy Portrait

Picture it: Interlochen Arts Camp, 1992. A girl in cabin 25 unknowingly used conditioner instead of shampoo for 8 weeks. She wore the same flannel shirt every day. (Tied around her waist if it was warm out, otherwise over her uniform shirt.) (So how dirty was it, really?) She wore electric blue Doc Martens with her light blue uniform socks. She was studying piano, acting, singing and photography. Otherwise described as a "Main Camp Major." To her there were too many interesting things to learn about to pick only one concentration.

She thought photographers were the coolest. Her friend Jaime was also studying photography, but at a more advanced level. He was so cool. The way he saw the world was so interesting to the girl.

The assignment: Portraits. The student asked her cabin mate, Mandy to pose for her. But not really pose for her. (Above) was the result. The student had to process the photo in the dark room. Because it was taken on film. It was so much to learn in 8 weeks. 

Fast forward to today. I tell this story because recently a few people have talked about their dreams of pursuing photography as a career. And I'm going to be honest: it wasn't a dream of mine. I never wanted to own my own business. It looked too confusing and complicated. I wanted to wash car windows at a gas station. Or be a waitress. (I came so close, being a hostess at Smokehouse 52) And a job in photography? Yea! Right! I never thought I was good enough. Or cool enough.

Many people encouraged me along the way to "do something" with my photography. I tell my clients all the time that I see them differently than they see themselves. They are way too hard on themselves. The same can be said for talent. I didn't always see what was so special about my photos. Enough people said that I had something unique. And here I am. I was booking my first jobs before I even hung out my shingle.

After six years of LAF Lines Photography, I do believe that I am in the right place. With my camera I have met VPOTUS Joe Biden and Jill Biden. (Don't know who they are? Google them.) I have travelled across the country by the request of people who believe in me. My photos hang in many homes and fill many albums. I have met so many interesting people, and shown them how beautiful they truly are.

Thanks to those who believed in me before I knew to. Thanks for allowing me to live a dream I was too afraid to have.


love still learning your stories! ❤️
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