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In my line of work, when I mention a father-to-be, most would assume there's a baby on the way. Not for this blog post. It was my honor to spend some time in Berkeley with my friend who is weeks away from becoming ordained as a priest. That kind of Father. He has spent the past three years in Berkeley and will soon be moving to Chicago where he'll become ordained. (Look for photos from his first mass at the end of June)

We've known each other for years, but always meet on the neutral grounds of our commonly beloved summer camp, Dainava. So, it was super cool to see where he's been living and what he's been doing lately. When not studying, he's been working as the Chaplain for the Berkeley Fire Department. Since I know Lukas personally, I know that he's warm and funny and open. You can have deep, meaningful conversation with him, and then you can heckle him and have some laughs. What made my heart swell was hearing some of the fire fighters he's been working with express their loss at his moving.

He's made impact. He'll do that wherever he goes. Not that I needed to be convinced of anything, because, who am I? But I really truly saw that he's on the right path, and that he'll do amazing things with his life and dedication as a Jesuit Priest. 

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Thank you for your comments! Mom of Lukas- you have an amazing son. I'm so excited to see what he does next! :)
MaryAnn Tatarunas(non-registered)
What a beautiful tribute! Lukas is an amazing soul-touching lives in his path. Anyone who is lucky enough to meet and share words about life will be forever changed for the better.
Mom of Lukas(non-registered)
As great as the photos are, your words are what touched the depths of my heart, so beautifully expressing what so many of us feel. Aciu, lidija.
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