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May 15, 2014  •  1 Comment

I love to get the call that someone needs a publicity photo because they are being honored, featured, published or applying for new projects. This was the case for Elizabeth Walker whose volunteer work with RESOLVE is being recognized. She is also thinking about moving her exhibit, The ART of IF: Navigating the Journey of Infertility to other communities. This exhibit is currently shown at Ella Sharp Museum of Art and History in Jackson through June 21.

Liz is also the wedding photographer I assisted for two years. It was an honor to snap a few photos of my mentor. She taught me invaluable lessons on how to treat clients and maintain a level of professionalism and caring in everything I do. Thanks, Liz.

LAF_7190LAF_7190 LAF_7082LAF_7082 LAF_7223LAF_7223


Elizabeth Walker(non-registered)
Thanks so much Lid, for the great photos and also for the link to the exhibit and my support groups! It was great catching up with you in the rain yesterday! We'll have to plan a drier, warmer get together where we'll have more time to catch up, soon. Also, thanks for your help with weddings the two years we worked together. You maintained excellent control over the shot list, sang goofy songs to make the kids smile and always protected my wedding cake from being cleared from the table before I had a chance to eat it :).
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