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I often show up to a shoot not having seen the location, whether in someone's home or being invited to a different town or unexplored spot. It's a challenge and an adventure. When this client suggested a CASTLE (!?!) in Owasso, I knew that it would be a perfect spot. I arrived a little early to Curwood Castle and walked the grounds. There was so much variety! It WAS perfect.

The senior I was to photograph, however, was only having her portraits taken per the request of her parents. She wasn't too excited about it at all. I asked her about a quarter of the way through, "On a scale of one to ten- ten being torture and one being heaven- how bad is this?" She replied with a hearty five. We chatted and she went with the flow. We had her dad help hold up a screen for me- and laughed as he nearly blew away. (It was windy.) At the end of the shoot, I asked her again how bad it was, and she generously gave me a "three." That meant everything to me! :)

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