Tiburon Revisited

May 20, 2015  •  1 Comment

For my latest shoot I went to the Bay Area to hang out with some pretty cool people. You may recall, I've visited them before. I guess I did a good enough job, because I got to go back! :) We had so many great moments, that I think I have to break down the blog into different sections. First, let's catch up with the family. Since we've last seen them, the oldest has lost her first baby teeth. The boy has a shorter haircut and an adventuresome spirit. The baby is now an articulate little bundle of energy. AND... there's a fourth wee one. The baby is only a month old, so not every adventure was geared for her. 

The opportunities this family has in California are completely different than what we have here in Jackson. Where they hike, the organic foods offered etc. all make for a very interesting study in how other cities live. Let's begin with our first evening together. On Saturday the kids met me at the ferry from San Francisco and we had a chance to hang out. I got to meet the baby and take the mobile ones to fly kites. It made for an incredible end-of-day.

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Audra Zaranka(non-registered)
WOW!!!! Those photos are gorgeous!!!! Good eye!
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