August 11, 2013  •  2 Comments

As you may have noticed, i do not excel at nature photography. It's by choice. i like urban decay and irony and old worn inanimate objects. This morning, while cruising around with a member of CLIQUE, nature surrounded us. She wanted to find some sunflowers to photograph. i knew where i had seen some. So, we went. She was bummed that she didn't bring a different lens with her and i gave her the suggestion, "Either consider carrying all your equipment with you at all times, or, consider it a challenge to make the equipment you do have work for you." i followed the same advice in as much as i didn't find the subject matter i love to photograph, so i loved what was available to me and made the best of it.

DSCN9884 DSCN9815 DSCN9922 DSCN9925



Teresa Boguta(non-registered)
Your portraiture instincts and eye serve you well indeed. these are stunning and exhilarating. Sunflowers are people too :-))
These are actually awesome. Seriously, your 'eye' works for nature too!
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