LAF Lines Photography, INC
is lidija A. Fremeau ("Lydia")

It's time to tell your story. If you're looking to create images that represent where you are on this incredible journey, then lidija is your photographer. She uses her camera to capture the beauty and passion you already possess. The photos are a result of mutual effort from both subject and photographer.

In business since 2008, lidija has a track record of professionalism, patience, and flexibility when working with her clients. You don't have to wonder where she's at in the process. She's open and frank. The beautiful images you receive are just a part of the experience. If you're looking for a photographer who sees the true you, can meet you where you are at, then contact lidija today! 517.917.4302

Enjoy the ordinary moments, turned into extraordinary images, to celebrate your life- as you live it every single day.

No make-over required.

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