No Make-over Required

March 10, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Remember the glamor photo studios that popped up in the nineties? You'd show up with washed hair and they'd take it from there. You'd have a photo session with a feathery boa and a big ole head of a hairdo. Those studios still exist. (Not in Michigan, if you were wondering.) I was always tempted to go into one, but I never had the extra money for it. I was curious to see how the team would interpret me.  Surely the result would have been a made up, poofed up, glammed up doppelgänger version of me.

Wedding Day 1Wedding Day 1

I've worn boy-short hair for 88% of my life. I grew out my hair for my wedding. It was the 90's. I didn't trust I'd be able to find a hairpiece for my short hair. Immediately upon returning from the honeymoon, I chopped off my hair. It just wasn't me. And though lovely, my wedding photos aren't really representative of who I truly was, either. I mean, I look like a kid playing dress up. I grew out my hair for one day; possibly the most photographed day of my life. (This was way before cell-cameras. We put disposable film cameras on the tables. Ha, remember those?) 

So, my point? As a photographer, my goal is to photograph you. Not an interpretation of you. Not a version of you. But truly you. You are the person that those around you love. And that's who they want to see represented on their mantle, on their desk at work or on the wall in their home. They want quality images that best show the person they adore. The reality is, there is no better time to capture the essence of you as you live this incredible journey. It is the absolutely perfect time for portraits. No make-over required.




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