2023: Twins

September 26, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

When I was in high school, I had friends who were identical twins. I could tell them apart from from the backs of their head, down the hallway, around the corner, in another room... They were sisters, so they were similar, but they were also completely different from one another. Now, this set of twins has a special place in my world, as they're buds with my senior. My son has always said that these twins don't look that much alike, that it's easy to tell them apart. I'm a bad friend mom, in that I have to ask them to identify themselves. HOWEVER, after studying their images after their session, I can totally see that they have differences. Can you tell them apart? Do you know who is who? I will likely wait for cues and clues before calling them by a name, because I'd rather be quiet then be wrong, but I feel like I'm much more prepared to guess than I ever was before! Better late than never?

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