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June 07, 2020  •  2 Comments

I've had this wedding on my calendar for several months. When the global pandemic hit the United States, we weren't certain what would come of the day. This couple really wanted to keep their date. I'm not exactly sure how many versions of a wedding plan they went through. Talk of moving the ceremony to a different state floated around. As it turned out, they were able to maintain their date and ceremony venue (which I appreciated so much when I saw the bride's wedding band), with some pretty stringent restrictions. We were allowed onto the woodsy property with just enough time to put out some flowers. While the outdoor chapel was adorned, I got to snap a photo of the couple reading exchanged letters before they wed. Only immediate family was allowed to attend, and they were separated based on living arrangements. We had just enough time to snap a celebratory photo on the way out as the decorations were gathered.

We went from having a detailed shot list (months ago) to absolutely winging it. I know the couple suffered enough uncertainty getting to this day. My goal was to meet them where they were at and keep my camera ready.

The ceremony was beautiful, and though not rushed, it lacked live music which would have extended the mass. Their original guest list was held up and referred to a couple of times, as if welcoming the love and support of those whose physical presence was restricted. The applause for the new Mr. & Mrs. was as lively as though every seat was full. There was a sigh of relief that they pulled it off after months of worry. It wasn't exactly the day they dreamed of. Their wedding was simple and quiet, however, in the end, they made each other's dreams come true simply by saying "I do."

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Maryann Tatarunas(non-registered)
Congratulations to Aleksa and Tomas! Lidija, you did a fabulous job capturing the true beauty of their love. ❤️
Lidija Polikaitis(non-registered)
It’s early Monday morning, which is good, because I’m looking at these pictures and tears of joy are streaming down my face. What a beautiful couple, beautiful ceremony, beautiful day. I wish we all could have been there. I’m so happy for Tomas and Aleksa. Aleksa, you looked so radiant and sweet. Tomai, you looked handsome and calm. You both look content and whole. You’ll remember this day forever.
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