Senioritis: Double Dose

August 05, 2019  •  1 Comment

I had the privilege of photographing these two upcoming seniors. We were hanging out at a lush camp in Manchester for the week, and because the location is so meaningful, the girls opted to use it as their backdrop. These sisters are indeed twins. And while they share a common sense of kindness, and mindfulness,  they are different in terms of career goals. etc. I loved starting my day with them as we took in the sights of our beloved camp. 

When photographing twins, it's important for me to pick up on the nuances- of what differentiates the siblings. I need this insight to better approach them for their portraits. It helps to draw out their personalities and best showcase them in their images. They are collectively and individually beautiful and bright! I'm so glad I got to know them better during our session.

LAF_0629LAF_0629 LAF_07662LAF_07662 LAF_0870LAF_0870 LAF_1064LAF_1064 LAF_1088LAF_1088


Beautiful pics.
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