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Who remembers exchanging photos with friends? Who had plastic photo sleeves in their wallets to quickly and easily show off family and friends? There was a tradition when I was in high school of signing the backs of photos. Many were thoughtfully inscribed with comments, compliments and memories. I recently found my little wallet sized album and delighted in the images of my friends and the words they dedicated to me. It’s funny to look back and see how I was perceived and certain memories have been triggered with the combination of images and words.


I have many parents ask me now, “Do the kids exchange photos anymore?” The answer seems to be a no. Kids these days live in digital images. They like to keep their memories in their phones or in social media. I just wonder where those will be in a few years. We live in a physical world.

The current crew of young ones likely don’t remember floppy disks. They barely know about CDs. With the advancement of technology, things are changing at a fast pace. Do kids back up their phones? Do they have hard drives of images? (Frankly, do they really need to keep them all?) And what happens when the hard drives are no longer adaptable?

What about the classics? Shouldn’t some images be brought into the light of day and hung on the wall or kept in a physical album that has proven to withstand the test of time? In an age when we take too many snaps of ourselves, series and multiples of the same thing because it’s digital and “free,” I suggest taking the time to print those which are significant. Select a wall in your home and put up reminders of those relevant and wonderful moments. 

When the kids insist on digital files, so that they can easily broadcast their images, it makes sense to grant that. But, be sure to print some photos as well. After all, when they’re out exploring the world, wouldn’t you, yourself like some momentos of their time at home? Perhaps a wall full of memories that can be added to as the kids begin families of their own?

The struggle is real when having to search through old phones, computers or flash drives to find the images that represent our lives. Print them out. Date the back. Hang them up. Photos are moments of perfection. Those moments deserve to be on display and cherished. They're conversation starters and memory holders. Don't let your precious captures get lost in the digital abyss.


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