To Selfie or Not to Selfie

March 09, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Look, I've been taking selfies since I've ever owned a camera. This was before there was a screen to view. So, some of them were great close ups of my nose or the top of my head. I grew up in an age that selfie photos were for fun. Not for anything legit. Certainly not a headshot. Sure, I'm in the biz. I will always want you to hire a professional photographer. I'm not just saying it to give myself a boost. There are reasons you ought to consider having your photos professionally taken.


So, here's me. My arm is only so long. They don't Go-Go-Gadget and extend. Without wanting to get my arm in the photo, my angle choices are limited when going the selfie route. Not to mention the entire image is soft and lacks clarity. The self facing camera on a mobile device is not the sharpest tool in the shed. I'm not a fan of making fish lips or duck faces, that does nothing for anyone but affect ridicule.

Last year on vacation my sons and I watched a woman standing on the beach among lounge chairs taking repeated selfies. She made all the eyes and lips at the camera. She then put a bikini on over a bikini and took another series of photos. We thought that this was a colossal joke because she was taking her selfies a little too seriously. AND IN PUBLIC, no less. Alone selfies really should be done in private. The front seat of a car is not private. But do you know why people are inspired in the car? It's the lighting. Great diffused light coming from multiple directions softens the skin.


So, here's me again. With the guidance of my friend Jenny Mietelka, I have better shoulder positioning and a more flattering angle. This photo has more crispness and potential for printing power. (You never know when you might rent a billboard.) When considering what you want to put on your professional profile pic, skip the selfie. Even asking someone to take your photo would be a move in the right direction.

It is important to maintain an updated profile photo in professional situations. Ever been to a conference and the speaker looks like they ate the person on the poster? Ever walked into a room and thought someone looked vaguely familiar, but not been able to name them due to a major departure from their head shot? If your image is important in what you do, keep your profile photos updated. This isn't a vanity move. This speaks to your credibility and is an investment in your customer's trust.

When it's time for an updated profile photo, don't reach for the selfie mode of your cell phone. Use the phone to dial a photographer (517-917-4302) and schedule a session for your professional image!



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