Six Helpful Hints

October 14, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

In about a month, I'll be celebrating a decade as a photographer. Through my years, I've come across a few things on the repeat. I thought I'd share with you six personal helpful hints to successful portraits. 


1. Bring lip care. Even for guys. If we're hanging out for an hour or so, we'll be gabbing and smiling and laughing. Your lips might get dry, and when you smile, they might not look so luscious. Bring with you your favorite gloss, lip balm or the like. A touch up midway through our session is a great idea.

2. Floss your teeth. Don't eat a burrito on your way over here unless you're ready to floss upon arrival. Trust me.

3. If you're bringing wardrobe changes, consider a lint brush or lint roller. Goodness knows we all love to snuggle with our fur babies, but their hair in your portraits isn't necessarily the look you might be going for.

4. Bring extra haircare products with you, especially if we're heading outside. A little wind can do a lot of damage to a perfectly coiffed head of hair. 


5. Avoid the shine. I love this Up & Up (Target brand) oil absorbing product. If you're wearing powder, it helps. But if the day is humid, or you were in a hurry to get to our session, eliminate the glow with these handy things. I carry them in my purse always! Even when not in front of the lens, I find these to really help save face!

6. If you're not sure if you should, bring it! I am often inspired by the props, clothes and concepts my clients bring to me. Even if you think it's silly or impossible, try me. You might be right- or we might just create some magic. If you're not a prop kind of person, that's totally cool, too. I roll with them all.

If you have any questions, ever, of course feel welcome to reach out. Your photographer should be open to the possibilities that you bring to the table, even unscripted. It's impossible to know exactly what to expect, and by the time your session is over, it's too late to consider something else. So, plan accordingly and let's have some fun! 




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