New Years Resolutions

January 17, 2016  •  2 Comments

In 2015 I didn't do much shooting for "sport" as I like to say. The results of these explorations are the images I choose from to print and show in various displays and sell at markets. I made a resolution for 2016 to venture out with the express purpose of clicking away once a month. Today was my first scheduled shoot day. I had planned to get out of town, but the weather kept me close to home. It was frigid! Despite the cold, it felt so great to get out and snap it up in 2016. Can you guess where I was? 

LAF_0350LAF_0350 LAF_0358LAF_0358 LAF_0372LAF_0372 LAF_0480LAF_0480 LAF_0505LAF_0505 LAF_0647LAF_0647 LAF_0653LAF_0653


LAF Lines Photography, INC
Your encouragement is paramount!
These are some cool photos. I love your work.
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