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Sharing the Love

March 19, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Congrats to the cast, crew, staff and pit of GUYS AND DOLLS produced by Lumen Christi. Oh, high school theatre. So much goes on during rehearsals, back stage and on stage. The skills that everyone involved learn cannot be measured or foretold. I was struck as I read the program at how many kids mentioned in their bio that they wished they had tried theatre sooner. Another common theme was encouraging peers and audience members to try something new, even if they’re afraid.

I was thrilled when my oldest auditioned for a play one year ago. My first love: theatre. Gosh, did I have fun. Anyone I knew back then remember the atomic fireball friendship club? Or when the bag of pretzels exploded before my big scene? 

I photographed the cast of GUYS AND DOLLS for a show poster to be in the lobby and I photographed the final dress rehearsal so the thespians would have still momentos and see what the whole thing looked like from the audience perspective. The photos are my gift to the cast/crew and families. It’s nice to breathe the theatrical air and reflect on my play years. As the slower paced first quarter of they year comes to a close, I’m glad to have kept my skills sharp on a great group of students. I hope their love of theatre continues into college and their communities. 


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