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Class of 1993

February 02, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

2018 marks 25 years since I graduated from high school. There are moments that I feel “old”, but overall, I still feel youthful. Within this body is the soul of the girl that I was. I’m a little more seasoned, busy, patient and responsible- but I’m still me. It’s bizarre to quantify the number of years it’s been since I went through the doors of ole Marian High.

Freshman Year, 1989  

People fascinate me. I’ve always had a pull towards corresponding with friends. I used to look up long lost friends before Facebook existed and reach out. (It was possible to lose touch with people in the years before social media.) I like to know what they’re up to. I’m curious as to the paths they’ve chosen and how those choices have impacted their lives. 

In honor of my 25th high school reunion year, I’m feeling a project coming on! Remember my "Everyone Has a Story" project? I’d like to interview and photograph (no more than) 25 members of the class of 1993. I have a questionnaire ready, and I’d like to see what people my age are up to. To make things interesting, I’d love to catch up with my own schoolmates, and I’d also love to meet with people from any high school who graduated in 1993.

While going through it, high school is the biggest deal ever. I’m curious to see if it remains the biggest thing when looking back, 25 years later. There is no cost to participants, this is an artful project of my own imagination. Travel within a few hours of LAF Lines Photography headquarters is possible. Participants will be asked to sign a release so that I may use the images and answers in an ensemble yet to be designed. 1024x1024 images will be released to participants to be used as they’d like on their social media. 

If you graduated high school in 1993, let’s catch up! 517.917.4302


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