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It feels like the kids have just begun their summer vacations. Summer camps, sports clinics, movies, swim days, shifts at their jobs and senior portraits. Wait, what? Is it time to think about senior pictures in the middle of all this? Well, Yea, kind of. Here are some answers to the questions and concerns I hear the most!

1. When do I need to start thinking about senior pictures? 
Some parents (and students) have been planning for this right-of-passage event for years. Others would rather not. Many students opt to have their portraits done the summer before senior year. Some kids want summer greens and blues as their backdrops. Some prefer the tones of autumn. Some want their photos taken, selected and ordered before the first day of school. What season does your senior like best? What suits their mood? When can we showcase their happiest season? Once you have a sense of that, let's schedule a date. It's never too soon to get on my schedule.

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2. Location, location, location??!?

Based on the above, where is the best spot to showcase your senior's joy? Is your kid an indoor or outdoor spirit? Is there a family property or favorite spot that has special meaning to your senior? Is your student more country or more city? Perhaps the backyard is the most comfortable place with all the amenities of wardrobe/hair and make up. Let's not forget my studio space as an option also!

3. My kid really doesn't want to make a big fuss.

Totally get it. I've had moms "drag" their kids in for senior photos. They sit through their session because mom wants it done, not because they do. And that's okay, too. We'll make the best of it. I usually end up surprising the kids by being so laid back, that they nearly forget why they're hanging out with me. The results show them relaxing and ultimately engaging in the process.

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4. This sounds like a great excuse to go shopping!

My sessions are based on time, not poses or outfits. So, bring as many ensambles as you'd like. My recommendation is for at least two, covering a more dressy look and a more casual look. I like clothes that are simple so that the model stays the focal point. Shop for clothes that accentuate the positives, or just bring your favorite classics that your best friends know you by. We can go over specifics during our pre-shoot consultation. 

LAF_5729LAF_5729 LAF_5474LAF_5474 LAF_5735LAF_5735

If you've ended up with more questions after reading this, no sweat. Let's set up a pre-shoot consultation to review ideas and wardrobe and what props to bring. Bring your student so they can get to know me, too. If you're busy, call me and we'll spend some time talking through the questions. 517.917.4302



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