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Go Big and Take it Home

February 03, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

In the spirit of full disclosure: a level was not used in the making of these photos. 

In my last blog I touched on the concept of printing big. And I meant it! I had a photo session with my 12 year old recently and I absolutely love some of the images because they completely represent him. (I will write a blog post about his shoot soon.) Since I've been updating the images in the studio, I thought why not print one of someone I love so dearly. I ordered a 24"x36" canvas wrap and eagerly awaited its delivery.

Before we get to that, let's talk space. I had a blank wall in mind to hang this canvas on. It's above the couch in the studio. The couch is six feet long (with some additional for the arms.)


Now, how would it look if I hung an 8x10 which is matted and framed so it is more like 11x14. An 8x10 is a common choice for my clients. And in a tiny space or on a desk, it would look fantastic. But hanging on a wall? 


What do you think? Is that enough? Even in a collection of several images, the photo is lost. It's so small. And to view it well, you'd practically need to stand on the couch. So, let's hang the 2'x3' canvas wrap and take in the view. 


Wow! Now we've made impact. You can clearly see the photo from the other side of the room. No question. There is no glare since the photo is printed on canvas. Imagine filling your home or workspace with photos of people you love the most. The day after I hung this, I went into the above photographed room first upon returning to the studio. I wanted to take in the photo again. There's my boy. (Now I need to hurry and order another big print of my oldest- just to keep things even.) :) 



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