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Oh hi there. And happy 2017! I can't believe we're already wrapping up January. This year is on pace to be the world record's fastest year. SLOW DOWN! Eek. January is traditionally a quiet month for photographers. I've been using this time to refresh my space, my equipment and my philosophy. I've been doing this photography thing for 8 years now. I've learned a lot along the way and hope to use it all to improve what I am able to provide for you.

INTRODUCING a pre-shoot consultation. Whether on the phone or in-studio, let's get to know each other before shoot day! I have already done this with many of my clients, but in order to meet expectations, I have a few more questions I'd like to ask. The more you know of how my operation works before we get going, the more likely you'll be pleased in the end.

I've had a few clients struggle with my website when it comes to ordering their prints. From now on, you can come to the studio and we can order prints together. I want to be sure you get what you need out of the session to hang in your home or to send to grandma. I'm here to help guide you through the many choices that my terrific lab offers! If you're out of town, no worries, we can still use my online private album option. Just know that I am available to help walk you through your selections.


This year, I really want to encourage my clients to print their photos. And not just by way of an 8x10 that you have to squint at from across the room. Let's go big! Let's decorate your home with the beautiful moments we capture together. Your portraits can serve as very personal art for your walls. I've spoken with Wendy who owns "A Frame Above" on the first floor of "my" building. She's offering a 20% discount on materials for any of my clients that get their LAF Lines Photography photos framed with her. 


I've done some research and have discovered some remarkably modern and fresh albums. We can put your photoshoot in its own book to keep and treasure for years to come. If someone you love is out of town, they'd love to see the images from our time together in a beautifully assembled album. 


The bottom line is: I am here for you. I want you to take away completed works of art from my studio, into your home. I hope not to see LAF Lines boxes stacked up with photos still in them because the chore of finding the right frame is too time consuming. Believe me, I understand in how many different directions you're being pulled. And that feeling that life is going by too quickly... Let's stop time with my camera. Let's enjoy the now- and create fabulous works of love for you to cherish in your home for many years to come!


If you've got a mind to book photo shoot, it is never too soon to get something scheduled! 517.917.4302


LAF Lines Photography, INC
Thanks, Amy! Looking forward to snapping you up super soon! :)
Amy Lynn Smith(non-registered)
LOVE all the cool new ideas and services you're introducing for 2017. Excited for our upcoming shoot!
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