What's Rain Got To Do With It?

August 22, 2016  •  7 Comments

Saturday was another wedding day of note for LAF Lines Photography. This was #3 of 4 for 2016. (One was unpublished, if you're counting.) The forecast was looking quite wet. The ceremony and reception were scheduled to be outdoors at our beloved Camp Dainava. I can't say enough about how impressed I was with the bride, groom and entire bridal party for being such amazing sports about the rain. I overheard the bride say to someone, "We knew this was a possibility when we chose an outdoor wedding." She didn't let it get her down.

And the show went on!

The ceremony was in a lovely, wooded outdoor chapel. For the most part, we were protected by the trees. The rain did stop for a little while after mass, so we quickly snapped family portraits and started on bridal party photos. When it rained again, we ducked under a 300 year old oak tree. It kept us dry, and we kept on clicking. 

The ceremony and reception had lovely Lithuanian customs mixed in. The bride and groom arrived by boat to their reception. On the shore they were greeted by their friends holding a canopy of woven sashes for the newlyweds to walk under. Some sashes came down and the couple were forced to kiss in order to be let through. 

The reception went on long after I packed up and headed home. I left impressed by the spirit of love that defined the day and made a bigger showing than the rain clouds.

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LAF Lines Photography, INC
Thank you all for your kind comments! :) I really like the boat photo myself. I think it belongs over the bride & groom's fireplace! :) More from me soon...
Kat Holtz(non-registered)
Just stunning!! Wow what beauty everywhere!
Vaiva Cyvas(non-registered)
This is just a taste and they're already amazing! You are so talented and fun to work with! Aciu!!
Andy Kaknevicius(non-registered)
Magnificent Photographs by a true professional! Did I say Magnificent? Yes I did!
Grazina Kamantas(non-registered)
This was truly an exceptional wedding ! These few photos capture some very special beautiful moments ! They're great ! Looking forward to seeing more !
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