Growing Out and Growing Up

August 12, 2016  •  1 Comment

My youngest son decided to grow out his hair in hopes of making a donation to a children's hair charity. The school he attends has a tight dress-code and his hair will need to be cut before school begins regardless of whether or not he's met his goal. I totally understand, I signed him up for this school knowing about the policies. So, no hard feelings. In order to celebrate his growth, we scheduled a mini-session before the scissors undo his do.

His grandmothers have vocalized their dislike of my son's hair. There have been pantomimed scissors in the direction of his head. So, I think they'll be glad it's haircut time! Personally, I think this hair is pretty fabulous. He's only eleven. I admire his sense of self, and his courage to go against the mainstream. We had a great time during our shoot. We discussed modeling, contact lenses and the heat! (Which kept us indoors) 

I suppose I won't have to make prints from this shoot for the grandmas. With the money I save, I'll make a donation in honor of O's attempt to Children with Hairloss- a Michigan charity. :)

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the wheelers(non-registered)
it's a shame he can't keep it… I think it looks great! regardless, hope he keeps that individual style and uniqueness intact!
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