Four Legged Photo Bombers

July 24, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Saturday morning I drove out to capture this family. The goal was to take some nice photos of mom and dad (a Christmas gift from their daughter). We were able to capture some nice photos of the pair and family. Once we went back to where the animals were hiding in the shade, though, it was game on! These friendly animals stole the shoot by photo-bombing. And I loved it! Honestly, I'm not sure I've ever been so close to a cow who wasn't in a barn or stall of some kind! I got to capture all kinds of love during this shoot!

LAF_6251LAF_6251 LAF_6419LAF_6419 LAF_6379LAF_6379 LAF_6457LAF_6457 LAF_6519LAF_6519 LAF_6589LAF_6589 LAF_6623LAF_6623



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