Guest Blog Post: My Teenager's Perspective

May 10, 2016  •  2 Comments

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'I personally, do not like getting my photos taken. And I've given a hard time to my mom about it. Just having all the attention on me, even if it's my closest family, makes me uncomfortable. This photo shoot was different. 

I grabbed what I would wear and props. It's always good to have chapstick, I don't know exactly why, but the professional told me so. I told Miss lidija my favorite location and we chose a nice day to go. 

lidija put me in spots that would be cool, and I came up with spots that would be cool. It was a no-stress time, and we had nothing to worry about. In the end, I had lots of fun, and the photos turned out great. She's the best photographer I know and a fun person to be with."

[Editor's Notes] Colin speaks the truth: he's always given me a hard time during photo time. Something changed this year, and he really went for it. He chose his favorite clothes (Although I did suggest the Jackson, Michigan shirt because that's where we live) and he brought his guitar. I told him to bring a Lippy because smiling dries out the lips and keeping them moist during a photo shoot is practical. 

I gave Colin my usual pre-game speech. I tried to treat him like any client. So, I told him I would give him suggestions, and I wanted his as well. I have a very open policy when I shoot. My goal is for the images to always reflect the subject, so input matters. Even though some are nervous about their photo shoots, I try my best to get them to relax and almost forget that they were nervous about it at all. I often hear from my clients that they had fun, that it wasn't as "bad" as they thought it would be etc. These are always a sign to me that I'm doing my job. 

His conclusion that I'm the best photographer he knows... well, that's a good boy. An extra meatball on his spaghetti tonight. ;) 


Alexa DeVita(non-registered)
Oh, what beautiful photos! And what a great location :)
He is so grown up and handsome! Great job lidjia!!!
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