Destination Wedding: Mission Point

May 23, 2016  •  1 Comment

My website says I don't really market myself as a wedding photographer. And this remains true. Some photogs love to do weddings every weekend/month. The right bride will find me and hire me. A chill bride. Our photographic philosophies have to line up, since we'll be spending a lot of time together on one very significant day...

If you live around Michigan- hopefully you enjoyed the gorgeous weather this past weekend. The previous weekend it was snowing in some parts. The trip up to Traverse City was beautiful. While not everything was yet in bloom, the entire northern area was electric and alive with spring. A perfect backdrop for a May wedding.

The dinner tables in the Penninsula Room at  Jolly Pumpkin were decorated with hand crafted table numbers, flower boxes and beer: bottled and labeled with utmost consideration to the special event. The dessert table was filled with scrumptious traditional Lithuanian cakes and tortes. The bride and groom? They need no description. Their style and their love speak for themselves in the images. It was my utmost pleasure to spend their wedding day with them, Capturing the Love.


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Amazing pictures ! Of course beautiful newlyweds !
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