My 14

April 25, 2016  •  3 Comments

Every year for my children's birthdays, I take their "official" birthday portraits. I have one son who will go to different locations with me. My oldest is difficult to drag out beyond our property boundaries. He isn't a fan of having his photos taken. But this year, he turned 14. He's almost finished with 8th grade. And he's the inspiration for the new Senioritis Booster Shots series. (Photo shoots before high school, and again as seniors.)

This year, my 14 told me he wanted to go to his favorite spot in the world: Our beloved Lithuanian Summer Camp. He wanted to bring his guitar and his dog. Away we went. He stuck with me for an entire hour- posing and creating suggestions, just like a regular client. I am thankful I will have these photos to remember this special pre-high school time. More, I am thankful for the memories we created in taking these photos. This is my boy.

LAF_2151LAF_2151 LAF_2308LAF_2308 LAF_2003LAF_2003 LAF_2029LAF_2029 LAF_2085LAF_2085


Vilija Marshall(non-registered)
Beautiful photographs Lidija ... So special!
Heather Stevens(non-registered)
What a Handsome young man!! He is a kind hearted boy, he will always have a special place with me because of his kindness to my little Ollie.
Mary Ann Tatarunas(non-registered)
Simply beautiful-each and every one! You definitely have an artist's eye and he is a gorgeous model. SO impressed with your work!
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