April: Gilmore Car Museum

April 03, 2016  •  1 Comment

I admit, I'm not a car enthusiast. I appreciate the aesthetics of beautiful vehicles, but I have no clue how a motor works. To keep myself going with my new years resolution of shooting for sport, Mark and I headed to The Gilmore Car Museum. The challenge of going to a location that I know nothing about, is figuring out how to tell the story in the LAF Lines Photography way. We faced many lighting challenges in that there were reflections on the shiny cars and light bouncing all over the place. I had to be really careful how I angled my camera. We spent three hours looking at the amazing collection, and still didn't see all the cars. Upon returning home, I found a nap impossible to resist. 

LAF_1813LAF_1813 LAF_1837LAF_1837 LAF_1858LAF_1858 LAF_1874LAF_1874 LAF_1880LAF_1880


I love the double decker pic.
And the Stop photo does not show how difficult of a lighting problem it was.
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