LAF Lines Photography, INC: Blog en-us (C) 2018 LAF Lines Photography, INC (LAF Lines Photography, INC) Fri, 02 Feb 2018 15:33:00 GMT Fri, 02 Feb 2018 15:33:00 GMT LAF Lines Photography, INC: Blog 80 120 Class of 1993 2018 marks 25 years since I graduated from high school. There are moments that I feel “old”, but overall, I still feel youthful. Within this body is the soul of the girl that I was. I’m a little more seasoned, busy, patient and responsible- but I’m still me. It’s bizarre to quantify the number of years it’s been since I went through the doors of ole Marian High.

Freshman Year, 1989  

People fascinate me. I’ve always had a pull towards corresponding with friends. I used to look up long lost friends before Facebook existed and reach out. (It was possible to lose touch with people in the years before social media.) I like to know what they’re up to. I’m curious as to the paths they’ve chosen and how those choices have impacted their lives. 

In honor of my 25th high school reunion year, I’m feeling a project coming on! Remember my "Everyone Has a Story" project? I’d like to interview and photograph (no more than) 25 members of the class of 1993. I have a questionnaire ready, and I’d like to see what people my age are up to. To make things interesting, I’d love to catch up with my own schoolmates, and I’d also love to meet with people from any high school who graduated in 1993.

While going through it, high school is the biggest deal ever. I’m curious to see if it remains the biggest thing when looking back, 25 years later. There is no cost to participants, this is an artful project of my own imagination. Travel within a few hours of LAF Lines Photography headquarters is possible. Participants will be asked to sign a release so that I may use the images and answers in an ensemble yet to be designed. 1024x1024 images will be released to participants to be used as they’d like on their social media. 

If you graduated high school in 1993, let’s catch up! 517.917.4302

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Studio Lovin' When it's too cold outside to even bother, I love having my studio as a casual and warm option for photos. This family had nothing but love to share during their session. They were funny and full of energy. Some were slow to warm up to the idea of portraits, and some dove right in. I'm totally okay with different warm up speeds. We go with the flow. In the end, the results show the love and relationships- always the goal!

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Funeral Photography LAF_8776LAF_8776

We like to document the joyful times of our lives. We hire photographers for weddings, births and other significant milestones. How about funerals? I grew up with parents who would receive photos from Lithuania of relatives standing beside caskets of loved ones. They were grim photos, but they documented the end of life, and showed the survivors. So, to me, photos at funerals aren't out of the ordinary. 

Before Christmas, a photographer I love passed away. His funeral was the 27th. My aunt didn't directly ask me to take photos, but I knew she was asking. Leave it to my mom to tell me bluntly that I should take photos. So I did. As with weddings, but perhaps even more so, funerals are a blur in hindsight. 

Joe had a successful career in photography. He took photos of my family throughout our significant milestones. He also did corporate work and weddings. Aside from that, he always had a camera at family functions. He documented our lives. My aunt, in her grief, so plainly stated "We lost our photographer." So true. It was actually an honor to capture his funeral for my family to have images to send back to the old country or just to keep to help remember the day. Maybe they'll look at them once, and never again. Totally okay.

Being responsible for photographing the day was a welcomed distraction. Over the course of his illness, I had to fill in for Joe a couple of times. They were challenges in the sense that he had previously made the task look easy, with his many years of experience- and because I didn't want to have to replace him because he no longer could take on the responsibilities. I knew we would lose him and that was not okay.

When Joe's body was brought to the altar of the church, I smiled to myself. He had stunning light. Photography is nothing more than capturing light. And at the funeral, his was beautiful. I'm not sure if anyone else noticed, or if it was just for me. But I snapped it up. It was tough to say good-bye to a mentor and fellow camera compadre. I grieve for my family members who still had plans and dreams to share, and for the community at large who lost a friend and a giver and a gentle, kind soul. As my cousin said in the eulogy, "Joe is the kind of person we need more of in the world, and cannot afford to lose."


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Family Time Originally, I was to meet up with this family during the Thanksgiving break. Illnesses and unexpected work shifts bumped us a week. The great news is that we had lovely weather to enjoy while hanging out at the Jackson Train Station! I enjoyed capturing this family as the kids are just about all grown up. Soon they'll be moving out and moving on from the nest. They'll at least have some nice portraits to remember the day by.

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Senioritis: Artistic Flare This senior and I met for a pre-shoot consult. We developed a plan for what we wanted to capture in the allotted time. We hit the streets of downtown with purpose. We also swung by Art 634 and found a piece of the stonewall to sit on along Ella Sharp Park's border. We wanted to showcase this senior's artistic edge while honoring this rite of passage photo session. I dig the results because the clues are sometimes subtle, but they're there!

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Generations I love capturing multi-generational families. It's so great to see how relationships unfold. Those tales are best told by the kids who easily react to their surroundings. (They couldn't keep secrets if they tried.) Before taking pics with their aunt and uncle, I asked the boys if their relationship was really serious, or if they had fun. The boys said, "we have fun!" So my instruction was to let me see it. I love the results: we got traditionally nice family pics and combos, and then we let the fun shine!

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Gee Farms The mission was to capture three generations at Gee Farms. We got a few whole-family shots and combinations. This client is super good with me just capturing what's going on. So I did. There was a lot of cuteness going on.

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Senioritis: Sunday Afternoon Sunday afternoon I got to hang out with this senior. I've photographed her before for school events, but I loved getting to spend some one-on-one time with her and learn a bit about what makes her tick. We didn't go far from the studio, the weather wasn't so great. Once we took care of the yearbook requirement, we ventured around the block and shared some laughs and created some great images for her rite of passage photos.

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Senioritis: Studio Style You know... you just never know. We had this session scheduled several weeks ago. At the time it was probably 90 outside. We thought we'd have beautiful weather and gorgeous fall color. But, nope. It was super windy and rainy and gray outside. So, we stayed in-studio. I try not to pre-plan much, so that shoots stay fresh. Being limited to space requires a little furniture rearranging. I also used some of my fave go-tos. Like the stairwell in my building. It's just perfect for what I do. I dig the results. Thanks for flowing with me!

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In Between Raindrops Did you know that water is sprayed on the roads in movie sets before street scenes to make them look all shiny and pretty? Then, wouldn't the same be true for all around us? ? What does an entire day's worth of rain do to the vistas? If you're texting with your client, trying to decide if we really should do this whole session thing, and the forecast shows an hour break of rain at 4:00- then you go for it! And you take in the pops of color against the gray sky. I just feel bad for the bridal party that showed up as we were leaving and the rain had resumed...

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Senioritis: Summer Camp Possibly the greatest compliment is when a client drives 3 hours to meet me for a session. Sure, it helps to have a mutually favorite place in my neck of the woods. ;) In a recent blog I wondered if winter would never come. It's not here yet- however, the temps have cooled and we're having more seasonally appropriate weather. This includes cloud cover and a gentle mist. We worked through it and captured this senior having our entire summer camp to himself!

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Senioritis: Quick Trip Not every senior session is hours long with wardrobe and make up. Sometimes we just need to snap the necessary yearbook photo and a few other casual shots to satisfy. A bonus feature of being downtown is having the backdrop situation set up, and then getting down to street level for a quick tour. This senior wanted to allude to his football years without donning the uniform. I found his attire choice a clever way to sum it up in a shorter session! 

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Still Summer Will winter never come? If you're not in the Mitten, we're having an unseasonably warm fall. I met this family for an autumn themed shoot, while donning my summer wardrobe. We're all a little confused as to what we should be wearing. I'm not complaining, I'd rather have my clients warm and comfortable rather than teeth-chattering-cold! It's been five years since I've last seen this crew. I loved catching up with the kids and finding out what they're up to and in to! They look the same, but not at all the same as the last time I saw them! :)

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Fighting Crohn's This is Steph. She's young, vibrant and fun. She is organized and loves to travel. If you met her today, this is how she'd look. By outward appearances, she looks like she hasn't a care in the world.


2017 has been a rough year for Steph. She's faced her own mortality- twice; in the name of Crohn's Disease. Her diagnosis came on December 25, 2015 at the age of 23 after she'd spent 22 hours vomiting. Since her diagnosis, she's never been in remission, and most of her time has been considered at a severe level. She had to modify her diet and take medications to try and simply carry on. 

One year after diagnosis, it was determined that to bring her intense level of pain and illness down to a more bearable state, she'd have to have surgery. Steph now lives with 8 inches less of ileum and 2 inches less of sigmoid in her digestive system. After a severe allergic reaction to her medication, she has been recovering.

This woman has had to explain to her family her wishes in the event that she didn't survive her surgery. And you know that YOLO chant? She lives it every single day, because Steph lives with the knowledge that her Crohn's can't be cured and she's likely to go for another round of surgery. But this girl isn't going down without a fight.

LAF_1715LAF_1715 LAF_1741LAF_1741 LAF_1634LAF_1634 LAF_1799LAF_1799 LAF_1629LAF_1629

Accepting her scars and paying tribute to her fight were the themes of our session. Steph ordered an old pair of boxing gloves that were shipped from the Ukraine. I was honored to be part of her recovery. Travel plans that were put on hold this past year are back on the schedule. Steph doesn't show signs of slowing down. She'll lead the way, and the Crohn's will have to follow her--- not the other way around.


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Senioritis: Taking Aim Normally people make jokes around me about "shooting" my subjects. I gotta tell ya, I made no such jokes with this senior. He really knows how to focus, aim and shoot. He's a precision air rifle and small-bore events shooter. He's competing in Olympic style events across the country. It isn't unusual for him to take off after a football game (where he plays the drums) and drive several hours away, to wake up and compete. He takes his precision onto the baseball field where he pitches for Lumen Christi. I love it when a photo session turns into a lesson. There's a whole world of events I've never been exposed to. I'll be watching for this guy at the Olympics!

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Party of Five This morning I met up with this family and explored their awesome property! We saw many frogs, and the boys were planning on fishing just as soon as the photos were taken care of. Even though it's October 1, we were comfortable and got to really enjoy this beautiful day! The boys didn't have shoes on, and the sun kept us warm. It was difficult to keep the boys clean, but we made it through the session as best as we could! :) 

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Baby Teeth and Eyelashes It's always so great to catch up with a "regular" LAF Lines family. I get to see what everyone is up to- and I get to check out all the amazing, brilliant new things the kids are up to and in to. This year, this little guy is six. I've been photographing him from the beginning. I was stuck on his teeth. (Hear me out.) Next year- they'll be different. Either he'll have missing teeth or he'll have traded in his baby chompers for his permanent teeth... Oh my gosh! I made to sure to capture his smile with all those beautiful pearly whites. And those eyelashes! Had to get those as well. This little guy is energetic and wonderful. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to keep up with him!

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A Couple of Years What a difference a couple of years makes in our lives! Since I last photographed this family: TWO more members have joined the party! Two kids now wear glasses. Teeth have been lost and grown in! I absolutely loved catching up with this extended family. We picked the same spot and the family chose the same colors to wear. Even with those factors, when they compare these photos side-by-side they're going to see some major differences! I loved snapping them up!

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College Bound When one of the birds prepare to fly from the next, it's time to snap up some photos of the family. Mama just wanted some photos of her family as they are. Nothing fancy. I love the freedom of that instruction. We had a very un-structured session to snap up this family as we're just a week and five days from the oldest moving out for college. What a bittersweet time! I'm glad this family paused and allowed me to Capture the Love!

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Picture Perfect The more people in a photo, the more difficult it is to coordinate smiles and blinks and movement. When members of the family are under 5, it's doubly more difficult. To me, the joy is in capturing where everyone is at in life. You have to take into consideration personalities. When those personalities come through, the photo becomes more dynamic. I love the results of this session. In another couple of years when everyone can sit still long enough, we'll snap that picture perfect family. For now we've captured personalities galore.

LAF_7408LAF_7408 LAF_7423LAF_7423 LAF_7452LAF_7452 LAF_7323LAF_7323 ​​​​​​

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