February 07, 2017
This is my third (and hopefully not final) time photographing Amy. A few years ago she started a healthy, whole-food eating approach. She's lost quite a bit of weight, an...
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Playing With Light

February 05, 2017
Each year I photograph my sons around their birthdates. I send out updated photos of my guys in their thank you notes. Because #2's birthday is so close to Christmas, it...
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Go Big and Take it Home

February 03, 2017
In the spirit of full disclosure: a level was not used in the making of these photos. In my last blog I touched on the concept of printing big. And I meant it! I had a p...
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January 31, 2017
Oh hi there. And happy 2017! I can't believe we're already wrapping up January. This year is on pace to be the world record's fastest year. SLOW DOWN! Eek. January is tra...
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Two and Seven

November 15, 2016
This sibling duo has been subjected to be my subjects since they were each born. They are keeping their parents busy. It was, as it always is, my pleasure to catch up wit...
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