PROM: Three Tips for Great Pics

April 22, 2017
If you've got kids heading off to prom this year, it's time to get your camera ready! Charge the batteries! Clear the memory cards! Prepare your kids by letting them know...
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Senioritis: Political Ambition

April 02, 2017
I love photographing seniors. I love learning who they are and what they aspire to accomplish in their lifetime! This member of the class of 2017 is not waiting for gradu...
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Little Three

March 12, 2017
It's always a pleasure to catch up with a little client. During this session I got to catch up with the three year old AND her big brother. Such sweetness. Big brother wa...
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No Make-over Required

March 10, 2017
Remember the glamor photo studios that popped up in the nineties? You'd show up with washed hair and they'd take it from there. You'd have a photo session with a feathery...
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That First Year

February 26, 2017
That first year of parenthood... pfew! What a wonderful time for celebration and absolute exhaustion! It was my pleasure to capture this one year old and his mama in-stud...
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