Little Three

March 12, 2017
It's always a pleasure to catch up with a little client. During this session I got to catch up with the three year old AND her big brother. Such sweetness. Big brother wa...
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No Make-over Required

March 10, 2017
Remember the glamor photo studios that popped up in the nineties? You'd show up with washed hair and they'd take it from there. You'd have a photo session with a feathery...
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That First Year

February 26, 2017
That first year of parenthood... pfew! What a wonderful time for celebration and absolute exhaustion! It was my pleasure to capture this one year old and his mama in-stud...
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February 07, 2017
This is my third (and hopefully not final) time photographing Amy. A few years ago she started a healthy, whole-food eating approach. She's lost quite a bit of weight, an...
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Playing With Light

February 05, 2017
Each year I photograph my sons around their birthdates. I send out updated photos of my guys in their thank you notes. Because #2's birthday is so close to Christmas, it...
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